WIW: Soft and saturated

When I looked at the Alanis album cover, I saw "soft" and saturated tones.  So I chose my soft flowy shirt in a saturated blue, and paired it with white, for the white on the upper left portion.

I wore my darkest lipstick, but really only for the photo.

And I had wore a pendant with swirled colors, like in the bottom of the album cover.  (shown in pic 3, where my lipstick looks much brighter than it really was)

I added my burgundy boots, because I liked the way they looked with it.  

Before leaving, I added on a plum vest (that's actually almost exactly the color of the boots) for warmth, and because I thought the colors mimicked the album reasonably well.   And I changed the swirly colored pendant to a longer chain (which length is better?)

I felt pretty good in this today - it's a fun challenge!


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WIW: Beatles' Abbey Road

I was inspired by the colors: blue sky, black road, with white stripes, as well as by the attire: flared pants, bare feet and white shoes.

So I wore a light blue shirt (new to me) and black flared jeans with off-white sparkly flats that felt just a little festive and are almost my "nude".  I topped it off with my black/white striped bag and white coat.  

Sorry for the poor lighting in the photos.

I think I like the combo - what do you think?


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No-Repeat November wrap-up (lots of pics)

As others have been doing, I thought I'd do a wrap-up of No-Repeat November.  I spent the first two weeks trying to weed out orphans.  Then I had a change of heart, tossed the orphans, and decided to wear all favorites.  

To take stock of my favorites, I used pinterest and realized that I prefer reds and blues for colors - just about every shade of those two (including purple and teal).  And Black, gray and white for neutrals.  For patterns, I like things with straight lines (stripes or plaids).  So I went through my closet and moved everything that didn't fit that (rather narrow, I thought) criteria into my probation bin. (My camo jeans are an exception to this criteria.  They're too fun for probation still).

I still have LOTS of clothes.  And I like the colors I kept so much (though I think I'll add back in a dash of orange, and maybe a green or two here or there) - I really think this has good potential to become a permanent (maybe seasonal though, not sure) color palette.  

So here's the month.  

Purged are tops from  #5, #6, #9
In "probation" are tops from  #1, #7, #18, the jeans in #6
Tops I repeated are:  cardi in #1 and #14 
                                  burgundy sweater in #10 and #27
                                  black sweater in #12, #19 and #28
                                  white layering tee in #8, #24, and  #25

A "purchases for 2013 f/w" post should be coming in the next few days - most of the new things are pictured here :)


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