WIW: california winter with a belt

Paired my new super-faded jeans with equally faded colors today, and I think it worked pretty well - they're with my winter-white cable sweater (by far my warmest one), and some cream Goodwill'd perforated oxfords (that are very RATE - they have linen shreds around the openings!?) I rolled them up to see if they function as boy-friend jeans - do they?

And, due to today's blog post, added the new-to-me leopard belt as a sort of focal.

Does it work? It feels "california casual" to me - due to the faded, distressed look.

What are your suggestions for improvement?


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WIW for Valentines day (lace)

In accordance with the InsideOut style blog challenge, and for my night out with my hubby, I'm wearing lace!

It's a plum lace t-neck, and I'm wearing it with new-to-me distressed jeans (are they boyfriends? I suspect they're too narrow for that, right?), and burgundy boots.

The top is a little chilly, so I may be wearing a jacket over it most of the day. But I like it anyway.

These jeans are from Clothing Exchange. They were very flared (almost bell bottoms)! I think they'll be fun spring-summer jeans with the super-light wash, now that I've tamed the bottom half of the legs.

Suggestions for improvement?


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WIW: red jeans, lotsa ways (and lotsa pics)

I've had the red jeans about 2 weeks now, and tried them on with almost everything that I can imagine will work.

So I thought I'd post my results. I'm amazed at how versatile these are.

#1 with chambray and red/violet/orange striped sweater
#2 with black/orange/fuchsia abstract floral top
#3 with black/white sweater (collar and cuffs are attached to sweater)
#4 with checks and black knit jacket
#5 with plum top, orange cardi and burgundy boots.
#6 with brown sweater and red/brown scarf
#6 with cream cabled sweater, brown leather jacket
#7 with cream/gold sparkly striped sweater
#9 with plum top (may be too baggy to wear on its own with jeans)
#10-11 with navy polka dots - too childish?
#12 With bright floral shirt
#13 with red sweater and hounds-tooth knit jacket
#14 with orange tee, aqua puffy vest
#15 with paisley top, jean jacket
#16 with paisley top, black knit jacket
#17 with dark stripes
#18 with white stripes
#19 with new-to-me white top (does it fit properly? I see it could use a cami under)
#20 with blue sparkles (don't think it really works that well, sparkly sweater too short)
#21 with black/white sweater and tan jacket
#22-24 with black dress (closed or open)
#25-26 with new-to-me Harley Davidson shirt (and red stripe on sleeve) - keep or donate?
#27 with gray sweater
#28 with navy jacket, white shirt and orange/navy/white scarf (doesn't work)
#29 with bright flowers and jean jacket (also doesn't work, not sure why)
#30 with cream cable-knit sweater (no leather jacket on top)

I also just picked up a leopard-print belt in muted browns. I'm thinking it would go great in #3, #7, #18 and #30 and maybe #27

And I notice some holes: I didn't try the chambray shirt on it's own, tucked with a belt, for example, and I have 2-3 aquas and teals that would probably work. I'd love to try my mustard sweater with them too. They would look just fine with my black batwing top too. And I was too chicken to try any greens.... I also didn't try anything that seemed more "spring" than "winter" to me. I'll save those for when it's actually spring weather. I have lots of ideas there too.

Okay, yeah. Kudos to you for reading so long and looking through so many photos. What works? What doesn't? More suggestions?


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WIW: Layers

Still trying to keep up with the FABruary challenges at InsideOutStyle:

Today is layers.

Since I pretty much live in layers during the winter, I decided to try layering a little more extreme. So I layered stripes over plaid. (#1) I liked it, but then I remembered that I'd be seeing my mother this afternoon, and she would be horrified by such a combination.

So I changed into something calmer, and wore my new-to-me ombre sweater with skinny jeans (and a layered jean jacket, #2) for the afternoon. I tried to up the sass a little with my oxfords (with socks - I was too much of a wimp to go out without them).

Then it turned out that I didn't see my mother after all. Oh well.

Suggestions for improvement? Do these work? I think #2 would work better without the jacket, probably. But then it wouldn't be layers....


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WIW: Dark floral

Feeling dark and moody after a strange weekend, and didn't want to wear my bright sunny floral shirt for InsideOutStyle's FABruary challenge.

So I chose a gray floral scarf instead, and paired it with dark wide-leg jeans, a gray tee and a black sweater. I like the combo, it suits my mood. (I'm wearing my 2 inch heels again too, with the round toes that I wish were almond shape. They're so comfy that I'm continuing to wear them while I look for a good replacement).

What do you think? Suggestions for improvement?


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WI might W: help me with blue-green colorblock ETA: more topper option

Tomorrow is "Color Block" for the FABruary challenge on the InsideOutStyle blog. I'd like to join in (I really can't resist a challenge!), but want feedback on my idea.

It's also church for me - I like to dress up for church (even though I'm about the only one in our church who does).

So I'm considering this combo. But something feels off to me - does it need something? Is the contrast too stark? Proportions or shape wrong? Should I just go back to the drawing board? Does it really look fine, and I can't tell? I really don't know!

(Obviously, my hair will be fixed, and I'll likely even have a touch of make up on...)

The colors are a bit dark in the pics - the top is lime, the skirt is turquoise. I liked it best on pinterest with nude legs and shoes, but I don't have nude hose or shoes, and it's way to cold for bare legs yet. I also don't have white, which would have been my second choice, so black was my next option....

Suggestions, please :)

Okay, my other three options #1-2, cascade cardi (too much volume), #3 cardi, #4 knit jacket, #5 normal jacket.

Are any of these good? I'm guessing #3 is probably the best, am I right?


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WIW: subdued sparkle

After dressing like a crayon most of the week, I was drawn to something more subdued for today.

But it's Sparkle Day on InsideOutStyle
( http://www.insideoutstyleblog......lenge.html)

So I decided to try out a sparkly aqua turtleneck I inherited after Christmas. The giver tole me that while the color is lovely, the metallic threads make the top unbearable to wear. So I put an undershirt with it, and had no problems (yay for non-sensitive skin!)

I'm wearing it with blue jeans for a change (boot cuts), and maroon booties, because every outfit needs a little shot of red, right?

In the pic, I don't think it works particularly well. But I'm not sure what about it doesn't work - the jacket, I guess.

And just because I tried it out, here's the same sparkly blue turtleneck with my red jeans. Doesn't really work there either - needs a scarf or something.....

Suggestions? You know I love them!


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WIW: dressing like a crayon

For the last day of scarfs, I tried my red jeans with stripes. Alas, the top is too short and bugged me. (I segregated my woven tops based on length - I think it's time to do the same with my tees. Wonder if I'll have any that are long enough for my pants...)

So I changed into my paisley/jacket combo from earlier this week. It felt so happy with the red jeans! Then I took my kids to the children's museum, and was startled that in a venue filled with Moms on the go (well, and Grandmas on the go), there was exactly one other person there (a daycare worker) in skinny jeans. And no non-blue jeans in sight. I was the only adult there wearing bright colors! I felt a bit like a walking crayon.

But hey, I was comfortable, and easy for my kids to find. And I felt fine, if a little OTT. If anything, I wished I'd done my hair :/

Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that my dressing not like everyone else in Von Maur made me feel so awful? Today, it actually made me feel somehow more cool... (Not that I didn't have a few moments where I wished I looked like the other Moms - I almost wondered if I looked like a slave to fashion. Wouldn't that be weird?!)


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Altering new sweater - your thoughts?

I stopped by goodwill the other day, and was completely smitten by this sweater(#1).

So it came home with me (it was only $1!).

But it's cut weird - the "Kimono sleeves" were attached to the body, and the whole silhouette looked a bit weird.

So I ripped into it, thinking to give it sleeves more like this sweater.

I have it done, but I'm skiddish to actually cut off the extra. Here's what it looks like (sleeves are bunchy and twisting because I haven't cut off the extra fabric - they'll be smooth). Should I chop, or put it back the way it came?

And I'm posting and heading to bed, so I'll check in the morning to see you you think. G'night all!


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WIW: Blues

Another scarf that I've been struggling to style. It's teal, turquoise and cream.

After considering it for a while, I decided I'd just have to go for the mixed blues look - I couldn't think of any way to work it. (Adding white just made the scarf look dirty).

To make matters worse, it's a weird size - about like a bandana - and hard to tie so that it doesn't look like one. (it's pic #1)

But in the end, I liked it.

And the blues go with a couple other of my scarves too. (#2 and #3 - the top matches the blue in #2 almost exactly).

With a muted red lip, which feels much more "me" than a bright red one. I'm joining in the scarf challenge, and the "red lip" FABurary challenge!




Thanks for suggestions for improvement! (I'm going to skinny these jeans tonight).


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