WTW: Conference edition

I know it's kind of silly to ask what to wear for a conference.  After all, the top is dictated. Still, I'd like your input on the bottom half, proportions, and how to deal with the potentially frigid A/C.  

Most of the populace will be men in polos and khakis.  (Or button-up shirts over their khakis).  Even the people selling things tend to dress fairly casual.  Some booths will have "attention-getting" dress (see pic #1 - the sales force of a company that will be there).  I don't want to look like them, but a little sass is okay (or something easy-to-remember visually).

Also, this is the one time of the year that my co-workers and I work face-to-face, so my manager and the other's entire visual and personal opinions of me are formed at this conference.  So I want to look competent and professional.

So here's some ideas.  I'm guessing that the black long pants are fine, right? What do you think of the white?  And the black skinnies?  Are skinnies professional?  Are the gray frumpy?  It's a three-day conference, so I need three options.  I also have some navy chinos that problably could work, and I'm working on a pair of pleated charcoal tapered pants that if I get finished would work too...

I'll probably take along a black cardigan (or maybe my moto!), and/or a blazer too....

So yeah - which of these work?  What else should I try?  I'll be posting later with "evening" ideas  - there's two social evening functions where the work-shirt won't be required (though most people still wear theirs to id their company.  I'm thinking that I'll have my conference nametag, so I can wear something else, right?)

The pants options: Black wide-leg (#2), white jeans (#3), gray wide-leg (#4), black skinnies (#5).  
The shoe options: Black booties, black peep-toe pumps, black/white saddle shoes.  I'm not sure what others I have that would be comfy enough for the 12-16 hours on your feet days.


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WIW: last PPC and red in spring

The vertigo movie poster: jail-striped shirt with red for a black/white red outfit - made a bit more busy with a pendant and swirly circle silver earrings! 

And the red jeans in  Spring outfit - paired with a too-short floral tank top and light yellow jacket.  This is my lightest belt, and I tried to match it with light-colored footwear.  I don't think it works all that great, but I'm also not minding it enough to change - I'll hold my sick little boy instead :) (not the one pictured - that one is just feeling a little left out since his little brother gets held most than usual the past couple of days)

Greg - I like the "Choose a category" off to the left - much easier to remember there!

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WIW: Movie day 3, an LBD attempt

I'm pretty sure that I've worn an LBD exactly once before today.  So this is a pretty timid attempt. 

But I was pretty sure I had to take the opportunity provided by today's poster, so here goes.  I had planned to do bare legs and peep-toe pumps, but nope, it's super cold.  So out came the fleece-lined tights.  Perfect for today, which feels very wintery also.  I tried to keep everything mostly clean-lined, so I didn't add a scarf.

I picked up a white bag yesterday, and thought it represented the white in the poster quite well - then I just needed bright colors around the edges.  That I did with a bracelet, earrings and red shoes. I tried adding the orange jacket for warmth, but I think it's too halloween-y, so I'm adding a thermal undershirt instead.

In general, this is a new combo for me - actually the whole casual-dress on a casual day is kind of new to me.

Suggestions?  I feel like I could probably make it work....

Edit: I had a pic of the wrong bracelet.  This is the correct one (now #4)


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WIW: Movie day 2

I so very much wanted to wear galaxy print for today's movie poster.  And shiny silver shoes - totally sci fi, right?   But I had neither, and no time to DIY it.  Still, it's on the list - I will create something galaxy print SOON.  And paint some shoes - also soon.

Instead, I decided to go with blue and white.  While assembling the pieces, I came across this polka-dot top, and thought "well, that's blue with white dots.  It's practically galaxy, right?"  So it got worn.

My fingernails (though you can't see them) are silvery sparkly. 

Suggestions for improvement? 


WIW: Movie poster day 1

It just occurred to me that if I post this in MY thread too, it'll show up in my outfits later when I need some inspiration :)

Here's the text you've already seen on that thread:

I had planned to pair my white jeans with a safari shirt and brown leather. But we got our first thunderstorm of the season last night, and it's very very muddy. Five kids, one puppy and lots of mud made me think white jeans would be quite the foolish choice.

So I went "snake" instead. I was shocked at how many snake items I have - a dress, a top, jeans, alligator-textured sandals....

But, as the snake is a small part of the movie poster, so I decided to stick to one snake item. The people who see me today are grateful, even if they don't know it.

snake-print teal jeans,
olive utility jacket, buttoned up, as a top
a blue/green necklace to match them
dark boots to bookend my hair.

As always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome!


WIW and moto photos

A quick check in in the midst of the busy's.  Here's what I've worn in the past few days.

#1 Got this idea from the "In Style" magazine - White under cream with green jeans.  I didn't wear this very long - hubby said it didn't look very great at all. 

#2 Red/Aqua and "linen".  Got this from the Pantone combos in the link-love.  I love that post - thank you!  This is about the "emerald/tomato/linen" combo.  Except my emerald is more of a deep aqua.  I got several comments on being so bright.

#3 I looked at my bright pink toe nails and liked them, so I dug through my summer clothes bin for pink, and picked out this top.  I don't think the proportions work (the sleeves are too short), so it probably won't stay around.

#4 Moto jacket opn
#5 Moto fully zipped
#6 Moto half-zipped.

The moto is a recent Goodwill purchase.  It's poly, so not breathable (which doesn't bother me since I run freezing cold).  I'm thinking this is the perfect way to try out this shape and attitude of a moto while looking for "my" style.  Who knows if I'll still like it next fall, and I don't mind if I don't.  I'm wearing it open for the most part.

My good friend from China, after seeing my stompy black moto boots one day, and this moto jacket the next, called me a cowboy.  :)

Comments and suggestions, please!  :)

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WIW: blue and cream

I started off with yellow today, to help me concentrate and get lots of work done.  But it didn't go, so I quickly changed to cream.  With my snake-print teal jeans that I never got around to returning to Target, and cream shoes.  I don't think the scarf goes quite right :(  

Second pic includes my new-to-me moto jacket.  I love goodwill.  Better pics of it some other time.

Suggestions for improvement?  

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WIW: with no time to think

I'm MIA for the past couple of days, and more of the same to come  two weeks away from the big conference of the year and work is crazy.

And I don't even know what to wear for the conference!  (A work shirt, duh...I'll probably post a WTW for that conference next week....)

So here's what I've worn the past few days.  I'm still awaiting pics from the Lion King with my husband's camera, so you'll have to wait for those.  It was truly excellent.

#1 Worn for Good Friday service
#2 Worn thrift-store shopping.  I don't think it's a good combo (olive shirt, striped topper, blue jeans
#3 Black turtleneck with hounds tooth jacket and blue jeans.  I liked the idea better than the implementation.
#4 Red jeans, blue jean top.
#5 Tried out a bright pink/orange top.  I don't think I really like it much - it seems garish.  Am I out of my mind?
#6 Easter Sunday with my girls.
#7 Easter Sunday to church.  I had to change shoes later because these ones cut into my feet.  I changed to my gray booties, which my husband preferred, but I didn't get a pic in them.
#8 Worn during the day Good Friday, for a quick change into the church outfit.
#9 Worn today.  I feel like it's TMGO with the scarf, but it's keeping my neck cozy and warm.  I think I need some spring scarves or something.  I doubt this is the only thing off about the outfit, but I can't put my finger on what else.

Comments and suggestions more than welcome!  I feel like I've been missing my groove lately and just look weird.

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