WIB: Summer Dresses

Went garage sale-ing this morning, and found two interesting dresses.  

#1 is a contender for summer outside activities  100% cotton, nice and breezy.  Does it work with the yellow belt and necklace, or is the belt too bright?

#2 is a contender for summer weddings, maybe.  It was sold with prom dresses, but when I tried it on at home, it seems more casual - the pockets, while nicely functional, somehow really casual-ize it to me.  So I'm considering what I can easily do to bump-up the dressy-ness of it.  Maybe change the hem to a hi-low (#3 is me holding it in such a shape)?  Or chop the bodice off and make it a maxi-skirt?  What do you think - any way to make this one "hawaiian-beach-wedding" worthy?


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WTS: Dress for summer wedding

I'm considering sewing a dress to wear to my cousins summer wedding in, ulp, a couple of weeks.  (In Los Angeles - any tips for road tripping for 22 hours with five kids?)

Here's two options that I'm considering.  I'd make it out of jersey knit (probably red or blue solid).  Do either of these look like they'd work on my body and for a casual wedding?

(If I did the twist dress, shown in purple here, I'd probably opt for sleeveless).

I have plenty of other dress patterns - I just haven't looked through them yet to see what they are, and what fabric I have that would work for them....  So if neither of these look right, I'll keep looking.  


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WIW: Summer top trials, part 2

The next few summer tops:

#1 I'm wearing today:  Brown floaty banded top.  It seems way too boring with the gray jeans - what's a good way to brighten this up?  I'm afraid I won't wear it much without some more interesting color, though I like the way it fits, and it's very comfy and cool (it's a cotton-silk blend, and the print does have a bit of green in it, so I'm considering adding some green).

#2 Light blue cotton top.  

#3 and #6 sporty fuschia (is this fuschia?) jacket that I've been wearing on my morning walks.  Is the color okay on me?

#4 red print tank.  It's kind of a slinky knit.

#5 Red and blue gingham.  I like this shirt because it makes me think "farmer".  I'm not convinced that's a good thing though....

Should any of these stay?

I managed to purge lots of too-short tops last night - these ones are all reasonably long, I think.  Thanks for your help and input!

EDIT:  Top #1 with bluer-jeans.  Yes, I think it helps - does it?

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Summer Style and lifestyle Musings

I've been reading my way through the posts linked to in Angie's Needs and Outfit Creation posts, and making mental lists to work toward defining my summer style.  Some things I noticed were:

Lifestyle:  We go to the lake several times a week, and to the pool several times a month.  We rarely run the air conditioning in our house or car, therefore I need a set of clothes that are cool, durable, breathable, fast-drying and good for playing near the water or in the yard.  This makes me think my summer style should veer toward "sporty".  And skirts/dresses - they're cooler than shorts.  I'll also need a swim-suit cover up, since I tend to fry after about ten minutes in the sun, regardless of sunscreen, and will want to cover my skin while staying cool.

Lifestyle part 2: Then there's work - which is less warm (because it's in my basement), and less relaxed.  And church, which is nearly frigid.  For both of these I like a somewhat polished look, without looking at all fussy.

Lifestyle part 3: Finally, there's a few special events - weddings, showers, parties, that I'll be attending.   Church/work clothes might work, but I like the idea of stepping up the dressy-ness a bit.  We'll see.

I'm also working through the adjective lists in Describing my style and defining what my style is not.  I'll post those when I get there.

Thoughts?  Am I on the right track?  What are your summer style descriptors and goals?


WIW: summer top trials

A few pics from trying on my way through my box of summer tops. 

#1 White with red and black detail (also see in #4, since #1 shoes got cut off).  Is it too tight? 

#2 White with black toile print.  I suspect it's too short and boxy?

#3 Green and black "shark-bite" top.  I like the shape and the print, but wish is was longer.  Should I let it go?

#5 Blue chambray camp shirt.  I like the color, and the non-wrinkle factor, I'm pretty unsure about the puffy shoulders though - do they make me look like a linebacker?

#6 Pink/purple/black/white and squares tank.  It's a bit low-cut for me (hence the black tank underneath), but it good quality (Ann Taylor), and I think the size and length are nice.

What do you think, should any of these stay? I have plenty of others, and you'll likely be seeing over the next few weeks.


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WIW: Summer

Not really an orphan, just a top I haven't worn yet.  Today is scheduled to hit 95 F, so I'm testing this out to see if it'll stay cool!

The gray tee is drapey and flowy - is it worth keeping?

WIW: Summer orphans

With the sudden warm weather, I'm trying out various summer looks. 

Most of these outfits are utilitarian - for taking a walk (#2), or for having a garage sale (#1).  But also most of my summer clothes are "orphans", in that I didn't wear them last year, and I have no real idea of how to wear them.  So I thought I'd get your input :)

#1 The floral tank is short and boxy, but I like the colors and don't really have a lot of summer tops yet.  Is it worth keeping?  These jeans, I think I like better rolled - boyfriend style.

#2 The paisley shirt is still kind of a mystery to me.  Here it's with blue jeans to walk with a friend.  Her hubby thought I'd lost weight (which I've gained, not lost), so maybe it's thinning?  I suspect the jeans need hemmed?

#3 I never wore this tribal top last year.  This year I like it.  Worn with Soul-sucking beige capris.  Should either or both stay?  I think I should narrow the legs of the capris if they stay.  Is the color okay?

#4 The polka-dot top that I thought should be for winter but was just too cold.  Coming out to play in Spring now, and I like it.  I think I'll narrow the legs of the capris.

Sorry for the focus issues - I'm learning the ropes on a new camera - a mothers day present!

Suggestions?  Please feel free to tell me to ditch any/all of these :)

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K/R Summer tops (ETA: additional styling)

For Mother's day, a friend took me shopping.  I bought two summer tops.  They're both NEW, and completely returnable.  What do you think?  My style?  Fit?  Color?

#1 Cobalt Tee - I sized up to get the drapey effect that I find myself wanting in summer tops.  It has an assymmetrical capelet collar.  I can see it going with spring green (here), white jeans, black, etc.  The tee-shirt is very thin weight.  Should it stay?

#2-5 I had a terrible time getting  a good pic of this one, hense so many tried.  It's a floral poet stop.  I like it, but I'm wondering if it's too girly?  Too romantic?  It would go with black, my red jeans, these spring green capris, etc...

Side note, I think I should narrow the legs of these green capris, right?

Honest opinions please.  You know I'm really new to trying to shop NEW clothes and paying full price and things like that.  So if they need to go back, that's completely fine with me - I want to know.

ETA: Here's some additional styling. 

#6 Cobalt with full-length jeans, and semi-tucked.  I really want feedback on the length, because when I bought it, I though "This is my favorite length for tops".  So if it doesn't work, I need to figure it out :)

#7-9, the floral shirt under a moto jacket, a sporty vest and a business-like jacket.  It fits nicely under any of them (whether or not it actually works style-wise, I have more doubts...)


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WIW: Orphan on mother's day

I've had this jacket over two years, and never worn it.  It's Ann Taylor silk, and really nice quality (it was a hand-me-down from a friend).  This morning I really wanted to wear gray, and finally I remembered it, and tried it.  I don't think the combo is perfect (the jacket seems maybe a bit light for the rest of the outfit for me?), but it was the best I could come up with, and I felt good in it.  Perhaps this jacket won't be an orphan too much longer?

What do you think?  Is it worth working into my closet more?  How would you style it?  Is the color okay for me?


WIW: Mushroom hunting (ETA: Our finds)

Taking a group of friends on a mushroom hunt this afternoon.  The weather is perfect for it, so I hope we find some :)

Full pants and full shoes are in order.  I'll likely slap on a long-sleeved jacket too - just in case there's shrooms and poison ivy growing together....

I definitely don't think this outfit is very special.  The shirt is short.  I'm really not pleased with my summer shirt options - I think I'll be needing to shop or sew :)

And here's some pics of our expedition, and finds.

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