WIW the volume experiment

As you advised, I wore volume-on-volume this morning to church. 

I normally would have worn black hoop earrings with this, but it felt too dark, so I went for sparkly studs to lighten up the look - I think it worked okay, do you?  (And my favorite tinted lip balm - is the make up too much?)

I also wore the strappy sandals, thinking they echoed the green stripes in the skirt. 

What do you think?  Suggestions for improvement?

I find myself wishing for a hot pink bag to carry with this, and wondering why I didn't try on my hot pink and orange triangles necklace with it....


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WIW and volume on volume experiment

Actually, it's what I'm planning to wear tomorrow.

I'm a bit ashamed that it has no brights or whites.  *sigh*

I bought this skirt at a thrift store in L.A. - I only visited one during the entire trip.  I also bought the baggy assymetrical black top there.  But when I tried them together, I felt swallowed up by the volume - and after overeating junk food for two weeks, I don't want to visually increase my size.  So I think I'll wear the narrower tank tomorrow with this skirt.

Suggestions for improvement?


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A few stylin thoughts from vacationing

Hi Everyone - 
I missed you!
After driving a 14 hour day and a 16 hour day, we're back from vacation.  (And my kids are amazing travelers - not a single complaint about being in the car!)
As I unpack and get things back to some sense of order, I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts from my trip.

1) I missed white.  I didn't take it, because I didn't want to worry about getting dirty.  But I felt less crisp and more frumpy without it.

2) On that note, I really am not yet in a happy place with my summer wardrobe.  Most of what I took and wore, I didn't end up liking much.  Good excuse to shop, eh?

3) While hiking, I especially noticed what others wore.  There were the casual hikers like me, that mostly just wore some sort of jean shorts and a tee, there were people in stylish gear, and people in serious gear (light colored long pant and long sleeved shirt - both in linen, I think, so very cool on a warm day).  I may have been the only person without a hat.  But the ones who caught my eye as looking especially fantastic were those who wore lipstick.  I think I want an spf lipstick.

4) I'm loving the big top silhouette, at least on others, and am more motivated than ever to figure out a way to wear it.  I especially liked the sheer swimsuit-cover-up dresses that I saw on the beaches.  Big and flowy - I want to figure it out.

5) I need a bright color to feel cheery.  My all-grey and grey-blue outfits just didn't pack much punch unless I added my orange jacket - but it was generally too warm to do so.

And that's it for now.  Back to unpacking and laundry!