WIW the past few days

In my music schedule for the week, I noticed that the church service would be patriotic, so I decided to wear my (now washed) red white and blue for church:  Red ballet flats, blue clams, white belt (and bag, though I didn't have it with me most of the morning).  I kept my makeup fresh-faced (I noticed that when I have a more eye make-up on, people think I'm either sad or mad), and wore sparkly drop earrings and my big watch.  At the last minute, I added a pendant on a bright silver chain on  my husbands advice that more sparkle in the outfit was good.  I got a lot of compliments on it, so I guess it worked.  (pics #1-#2)

Yesterday I wore a green-blue print sheer top over a  white cami and jean shorts.  I liked the combo, but think I'm going to lop the sleeves off of the top.  I was thrilled to be able to wear these RATE cream oxfords again too - there was a couple of months where my feet wouldn't tolerate them, but they were okay yesterday. (#3)

And finally, and serious miss.  (#4 )  I'm not sure why I left this on all day Friday (granted, I didn't leave the house).  The orange mesh sweater-tank is now in the donation box, and the stone shorts may be headed there too (I think I'll give them one more chance). The sandals here got painted into silver - that's another post.

So, other than that I was a dofus for wearing #4, any tips, advice or suggestions?  What do you think?


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WIW: Red white and blue

I didn't remember to finish laundry in time to wear yesterday red and blue with the white belt today.

Lucky for me, I have lots of red white and blue.

So here's two orphans, in a patriotic mix.  Does it work?  (I'm personally wishing that I had a cooler red top that was clean - maybe I'll change in a few hours).

(And yes, the skirt is an altered men's shirt.  I think I like it.... But it's going to wrinkle up terribly with wear.)


WIW: Primaries

I bought this red Express shirt after falling in love with it at Plato's closet.  Then I got it home and couldn't come up with any way to style it.

Finally Google image search rescued me, and I'm trying out this copycat.  

The color in the pics aren't right - the top and shoes are quite similar reds (the top is red, not orange).  I know a wide belt would be better - but I liked this yellow too much to not try it.

What do you think?  How should I improve it?  Should I wear it again tomorrow, just with my wide white belt for the 4th?


WIW: Cobalt, Black and White

Today I copied Angie's new cobalt shorts with my new-to-me cobalt capris, and topped them with black and white.  The photo turned out weird (strange angle, un-done hair, no makeup and grocery-run items stacked in the back).  But I think that the outfit IRL was maybe a bit better (I'm probably fooling myself though - I never did my hair or makeup)

I tried it with a white belt, but liked it better without the high contrast waist definition. 

What do you think?  Does it work?  What would make it work better?


WIW: Summer activities

This past week has been a flurry of activity.  Here's what I wore for some of the activities (I think I missed pics one day - but believe me, it was nothing special).

#1-2 to church.  This is a new-to-me skirt, and I'm quite enamored with it. (I"m calling it the Mondrian skirt - is the pic big enough for you to see the pattern?). I paired it with a top from Kristin - (she was so nice to send it to me back when I was quite new to the forum, and until now, it's always been layered under something.  This time it came out to play on it's own.  Thank you Kristin!  This top gets lots of wear!).  It was chilly in the morning, so my jacket from Kate (Ceit) also came out to play. It was a YLF love outfit!

#3 To a park play-date.  I bought the stripes last week, thinking it would replace my other black-white striped top that's bugging me.  But it's short.  Waa!

#4-5 Worn to the pool.  Over my swimsuit.  I kept the dress (and jacket!) on when I wasn't in the water, and managed to NOT BURN! 

#6 Worn to take my daughter out for ice cream. A take on Angie's khaki/white with red accents casual formula.  Here it's olive capris, a white tank top, red ballet flats and a hot pink jacket.  Somehow, I don't think it worked very well, but oh well. 

 #7 Worn to pick cherries.  They're ripe, and while it's a small harvest, we still have a great time picking.  And the pie is so yummy!

#8 Worn on a date with my husband.  Both the cobalt capris and the turquoise plaid are new to me.  And I think I like them.

What do you think?  Suggestions for improvement?


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