WIW: slouchy repeats

Another day, another repeat.  I'm so glad that Mo suggested she wanted to repeat more - it was the perfect push that I needed.

Here's a repeat of another favorite from last year.  I'm visiting my previous place of employment today, and feel a bit like I'm visiting an old boyfriend - I want to look good, but not like I'm trying to look good, ha.  I feel good in this, so it fits the bill in my book.

What do you think?  Suggestions for improvement?


WIW: resolution repeat

One of my style New Years resolutions is to repeat my favorite outfits.  Today I'm recording a training video for our customers at work, and while I won't be seen in the video, I want to feel professional and be able to move quietly and freely.  So I chose this outfit to repeat.

(In the pic, my sweater is tucked up showing the top of my pants - I fixed it so that now it just shows a peek of the belt buckle).

What do you think? Suggestions for improvement in the next iteration of this outfit?


WIW: starting the year in slouchy sparkles

After looking through my favorite outfits of 2013, I realized that I really like my white jeans, even though they're high maintenance.  So I pulled them out to wear today.

I also pulled out some sparkles, because it felt fun.  I'm not sure you can tell in the pic, but the turquoise sweater is full of sequins.

(To close out the year, I'd gone with purple and brown, because I came across the combo somewhere or other and liked it, so I wanted to give it a try.  I'm not sure it worked....)

Suggestions for improvement?  Happy New Year!


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