WIW: playing catch up

You know it's been too long since you posted a WIW when you have to pull up your own posts to figure out what outfits you have and haven't posted.  Yikes.

So here's a few that apparently I haven't posted.  (At least, I can't find them in my recent posts...)

Here they are in order that they were worn.  And nearly all looking a little rumpled.  Sorry - I'm that way most of the time :)

#1 - a replacement white "fisherman" type sweater for my too short one.  This one is longer but not as warm, so I'm not ditching the other just yet.

#2 Gray-out (with black Spiegel jacket)

#3 A very creamy colored fisherman sweater with black skinnies.  I picked up this one even though it's VERY dated because it's 100% wool and obviously not young, but not at all pilled.  I expect it'll last a long time, and I love the warmth.  With a shirt under it, it's not itchy for me.

#4 burgundy skinnies and a gray sweater.

#5 an attempted Suz copycat - tomato skinnies, cobalt sweater and brown jacket (sort of a more saturated peach/blue/brown).  This one got rejected and not worn.  But I don't think it's too awful.

#6  tomato skinnies with navy and fun arm warmers.  These arm warmers have single-handedly (single armedly?) lifted my winter blues.  I suddenly love the sour brights in them.

#7 Finally worked up to wearing my white jeans again.  And I liked it, so I've worn this twice already this week.  I thought I had semi-tucked to show my belt, but obviously it didn't stay.

All comments are welcome - especially suggestions for improvement!


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WIW: lemon, gray, white (and colorblocking)

I've been waiting to wear my lemon jeans until the mood struck.  And today it finally did.  So here's my attempt at Angie's citron/gray/white formula (and this outfit is really a Joy copycat).  I didn't think I'd like it - the yellow feels so spring-like, and we're right in the heart of winter.  But It's making me smile, and I feel happier than I expected about it.  What do you think?  Does it seem seasonally confused?
(I got cold with just the sweater and added a scarf, but the second photo cut off my feet)

Yesterday I wore my 80s colorblocked velour sweatshirt with green skinnies.  I liked it too.

Any feedback is welcome - what should be improved on either of these?

(I'm noticing in the photo that I should scrunch my sleeves on the gray sweater.  Too bad it's cold and I want my wrists covered.)


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A few WIWs

My camera is acting up, so I only have a few pics from this week, and they're nothing special.  It was kind of a tough week, so I threw on whatever seemed handy most days :)

The purple (#3-4) is a somewhat failed attempt at a candy-copycat (from MaryK and K period).  Theirs was better :)

The column of black (#2) was a day that I needed armor.  I wore armor the next day too - a very similar column, only with ink pants and black sweater.  

And #1 is just a new-to-me sparkly sweater with the same ink pants that later repeated with the black sweater and stompy boots.

That's it - just keeping myself accountable and using this rare instance where my camera is connecting to the computer properly to get pics uploaded.  

Feel free to comment and/or suggest improvements!  


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