WIW: The button down that thinks it's a tee

I read somewhere this week that this year's best white buttondown is the one that thinks it's a tee shirt - you can just throw it on with jeans and go.

It made me think of this shirt - my white knit buttondown.  It's almost never been worn because it doesn't layer well - it's not at all crisp.

But if a button-down was ever a tee shirt, this one is.  

So I wore it today with gray jeans for a day of house cleaning and painting with kids and now to a picnic supper at our local lake.

What do you think?  Is it worth keeping?  (I just got a nice crisp white buttondown too that I can't wait to show you!)

And I didn't intend to cut off my feet - but I was barefoot almost all day anyway.


Pink and Camo, (Edit - better)

I'm not sure this combo is working today - and pardon my crazy hair...

Off to ponder what to wear instead :)

Here it is - per Emily's suggestions, and brushing my hair out of my face - Thank you.  I think it works much better!


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WIW: feeling springy (ETA: more attempts)

This is an attempt at the Cropped sweater over longer shirt ensemble.  I'm not sure I got it, nor am I sure that this particular cropped sweater is a good choice for trying this way.

But I figured it's worth a try, and you all could set me straight :)

Black cropped sweater over a bright floral buttondown, with full-length boyfriend jeans (so that I can wear socks), and black pointy-toe oxfords (with a mid heel)

Does it work? I feel like the proportions are off....

ETA: Here's another attempt - one with a longer shirt (which is a bit too stiff to be worn this way, I suspect), and the same two shirts with a different pair of jeans - this one without the slouch).    What do you think?  (I'm pretty convinced that no, they don't especially work)


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New color combos

Trying out blush with tomato and white today - a coloring pairing that I remembered from this post, and also saw on a stylish friend a couple of weeks ago.

In my case, it's my new blush sweater, with a white button-down underneath and tomato jeans.  Cream oxfords to bookend the lighter tops.

I'm not sure it works - does it?

(Pardon the undone hair and make-up.)


WIW Out to the theater

This is a repeat from last Sunday - with different shoes.  Do they work with the print and length of this dress, or should I switch to boots?  

I'm headed out to the theater tonight - my little sister works for the Broadway show "War Horse" and it's in the city an hour away.  So we got comp tickets and hired a babysitter.  I can't wait!

(pic #2 - wiw earlier today.  I originally thought I'd just wear this to the theater, as I know most people won't be dressed up.  But then I figured, why not?)

#3 changed to these black pointy-toe oxfords - they're way more walkable for me.  Does the sliver of skin at the ankle look weird?


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WIW: The less inspired?

Finishing up my backlog of WIW with the outfits that aren't directly inspired by a particular blog post (at least, not in my memory).

#1 is a near repeat outfit.  I tried it with sandals for spring, but it wasn't warm enough to keep up all day like this - I eventually switched to socks and black shoes.

#2 is a navy sweater with dark gray jeans.  It looks pretty bleh to me right now.

#3 is my slouchy gray sweater with mid-range blue jean skinnies.  To me this works better, but it still lower contrast than my preference.

All comments are welcome!  


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WIW: Column of Navy and pink

Today it's a chilly spring day.  The gray skies have me in the mood for a bright color, and my planned activities are steering me toward dressing a bit sporty (I know I'll be moving lots today).

So I'm trying out a navy column of color (navy skinnies, navy tee), with a hot pink sporty jacket.

Shoes are navy loafers with mid-blue polka dots.

Does it work?


More Boxy Love

This Ensemble is fast becoming one of my favorite silhouettes.  Here it is as I've worn it in the last week.

#1 is dark wash blue jeans with a coral button down under a gray sweater.  
#2 is a more springy combination - navy skinnies with an aqua checked button-down shirt under a navy short-sleeved sweater. This sweater is cropped, but not short enough to go for the cropped sweater ensemble.  I had intended to fold under the band (and will probably still try it that way at some point), but my husband thought it looked "silly" that way.

All comments are welcome!  And I'm posting a backlog of WIW, so apologies for flooding the forum....


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Black in Spring

I was inspired by this ensemble to try to style a black and white summer dress with black skinnies and a black leather jacket.  I also wore black shoes and carried a black bag with gold hardware.  I got compliments on how it turned out, and felt comfortable (and even warm enough) in it.  

What do you think?  Is this an outfit worth repeating?


WIW: Suz and MaryK copycat

I'm shamelessly copying Suz today.  She inspired me first thing in the morning, then MaryK is doing a copycat week.  I thought "why shouldn't I copy Mary by copying Suz?"  So I did.

Jeans that I thought were boot-cut but are actually more straight-legged, striped top and a white jacket.  I started off in pointy-toed oxfords, but changed to cons for a trip to a local farm.

All comments are welcome :)


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