WIW: Finishing up Coral, Blue and White Week

Three more outfits for Coral, Blue and White week.

I ended up interpreting this rather loosely by the end of the week.  Sunday was Straight red, white and blue (#1).  Friday featured a striped tank that was coral, white blue, mint and black(#2)  Thursday was navy and salmon, with cream shoes and a white belt (#3).  My photo bomber matched me, so I didn't crop him out, like I usually do.  Besides, I figure it's been a while since you all have seen him :)

I enjoyed all the renditions of this ensemble that I tried (and the ones from the first post too) - this is a fun color combo for me.  Thanks for the ensemble, Angie!

And it's now been more than two weeks since I wore black.  

As always, I love suggestions for improvement!  :)


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Playing with Coral, White and Blue

Last Friday's blog post made me immediately think of lots of nearly red-white-blue combinations to try.  So since this week is July 4th, I decided to run with it, and try out as many as I could.

It's been more challenging so far than I expected - The weather was super hot, now it's chilly, and three colors in an outfit is hard for me to fit in.  But here's my attempts so far.

#1 is today - a bit of a fade-out.  White mesh sweater with faded blue flares.  I realize that the flares with the tennis shoes isn't ideal proportions, but I liked it better than #2, with red pointy-toed suede boots.

#2 was a lesson in proportions - I had started with a tomato short-sleeved sweater, but it was too short for full-length jeans.  I took Angie's tips, tweaked the length of the top, and liked it better.  #3 is with the shoes I liked for the outfit (cream oxfords), and #4 is what I wore to make my feet happy.

#5 is missing the red.  It was too hot to wear anything more than this.  Blue-white striped tank with white jean shorts

#6-7 is white, navy and a coral jacket.  I added even another color with mint and cognac sandals.  Does it work?  

All suggestions are welcome!


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