K/R Wide Leg jeans (and style lab)

Long time no post - somehow life got busy, and I became a lurker.... perhaps this post will delurk me somewhat?

I LOVE wide-leg jeans, but so far just on everyone else.  I've also been wanting some white jeans, but not really white, just white-ish...  So two months ago, I bought the Old Navy slim wide legs in a light wash.  They arrived this week, and I immediately disliked them.  They aren't truly a solid, they have a subtle stripe, they looked huge, and well, I didn't like them...

But then I opened the package, just to try them on to confirm my dislike, and became less sure.  They're definitely widening... but I think I like the color (though maybe a little lighter would be better?), and I think they fit properly (I sized up, because my waist is quite thick, and they're high-waisted).  

#1-10 Are few of the ways I thought of to try to style them.  I'm not sure that any of them work,  what do you think?  How do you suggest styling them?  Or should I hold out to try a different pair?  I can be patient.

#1 light blue floral, navy suede "jean" jacket
#2 dark blue big shirt - this doesn't seem JFE to me.
#3 orange shirt semi-tucked
#4 light weight woven blouse, tucked in. 
#5 with black sweater.  I liked this high contrast better than I expected to.
#6 column of color (cream knit top).  I'd probably add a high-contrast topper?
#7 sideways to show fit (and, uh, my round tummy)
#8-9 with red print woven top, trying out a light sweater over it?
#10 same light blue top as in #1, different topper

#11 is WIW today - a lazy Saturday, super-casual sweatshirt and jeans.


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