WIW: quiet shirt, loud shoes

I love Friday’s formula - and immediately wanted to wear it. Today was my opportunity. I opted for a classic but not really all that big white shirt with jeans and a colorful scarf. But then these shoes were begging to be let into the outfit and I had to comply. They’re silver vinyl patent Oxfords - I saw a teenager wearing then a few weeks ago, complimented him, and he said “actually, they’re getting too small and hurt my feet. Want them?” So I bought them from him for $10. I can’t say they’re very comfy, but they are attention grabbing!

Two things I noted in wearing this: First, I want a bigger solid colored shirt. But I want a good shoulder fit so that it’s intentionally large, not too big for me looking. Second: I’m over this shape of jeans - bootcut. I wore them because they were my clean pair, but they feel and look outdated for my style to me. I’m more in to straight leg and would really like to try a balloon leg jean. I’ll start watching for both!

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Lightening up

I’m enjoying the spring sunlight and somewhat warmer weather the past two weeks. And it makes me want to wear lighter colors. So here’s a few outfits that were attempts at wearing lighter colors the past several days.

#1 Black dress over white jeans, with a grey cardigan and shoes.
#2 Sage sweater with a navy under layer and back/navy checked trousers.
#3 Cream and black striped sweater with jeans and light shoes.

All outfits are fairly sparse, but that works for me at this point in my style journey. Not complicated, easy to wear.

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