Sneaker feedback?

I love the sneaker look - especially the converse and slip-on sneaker versions of it.  I think they fit with my tomboy style.

But now I have too many.  Six pair (as well as one around-the-house slip-on style sneaker, and way too many more espadrilles and canvas loafer type shoes).

Would you mind telling me which ones are the best to keep?

#1 red plaid converse style
#2 light and dark blue slip on sneakers
#3 gray camo converse style (that don't require laces)
#4 cream converse style with a flat-form.  These are the preppiest of them all, but also the most comfortable due to the thick sole.
#5 black keds with a white sole
#6 black and white converse (that don't actually match, but you can't tell from the pic)

I'm really not sure which ones, if any, should stay or go.   #2 is so far unworn - but I just added  them last week - making me notice that I have so many.  #6 and #1 haven't been worn recently, but numbers 3-5 have, and I suspect I could wear and enjoy #1 a lot this fall...?


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The Check shirt-off (please vote)

After seeing such great plaid (checked) shirt looks, I was inspired by that and the cool weather the past two days to get mine out.

As I expected, I have too many.  I've already purged a few.  These are the 'finalists'.  I'd like to keep two, maybe?  

Would you mind telling me which ones are the best?  (I have an opinion on it too, but will reserve that for now :) )

#1 brown and dark red plaid.  It's a loose and drapey flannel.

#2 red/white/blue plaid flannel.  Also loose, not as drapey as #1, and the plaid is printed on, not woven in.

#3 gray/blue/dark red plaid.  not quite as loose as #1.  Very soft flannel.

#4 Black and white buffalo check - not flannel - it's a lighter weight cotton shirt - suitable for not terribly hot summer days even.

#5 teal and gold plaid.  Also not flannel, and shorter sleeves.  

#6 Navy and white gingham - the shirt is just a bit stiffer than the others (also not flannel - just plain cotton).

Thanks so much for your input and help on this :)


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WWW: JFE for Easter? (Edit: more options)

Ignore the hair - I played with curling it this morning, but I don't think I will tomorrow for Easter.

I'm playing with the idea of wearing booties with this skirt for Easter, and a black top seems to be the right choice, but I'm not sure this specific black top is - is it flattering enough?  I feel like it's a lot of volume going on....

I have other tees that I could try with this - should I?

Other suggestions?

This is a post-n-run - I'll be back in a few hours.

Edit:  Here's a few more options and combos, per suggestions.

#2 with a pink sweater (from the purge bag) and white sandals.

#3 blush sweater and white sandals

#4 tighter shirt, daintier shoes.

#5 White sparkle shirt, nude shoes

#6 White silver-stripe sweater, nude shoes

#7 Black narrower shirt (same as #4), different black shoes

#8 Black shirt (same as #4 and #7), but with the nude (they're actually a cream with gold sparkles) shoes.

What do you think?


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White Shirt Show-down (lots of pics)

For a while now, I've been watching for the perfect white button down shirt.  It just seemed like a good thing to have.  Never mind that I so rarely wear one (mostly under sweaters?).

It seems that someone who donates where I pick up clothes recently did a white shirt purge... now I have six white shirts.

They all seem (to me) to fit, and they're all different.  So I'm going to show you all of them.  Please let me know which one(s) are worth keeping.  They came to a whopping total of about $5 (for all six, not each), so I can keep or toss any of these without worrying about it.

All are shown with a nude bra.  Some of them need more than that - I know.

#1-2 has a subtle box pattern.  I like the length and the cool vibe.  The sleeves are a bit short, and it's a bit sheer. It's linen, and could be super cool in the summer.  It's very soft and feels to me like the perfect 'boyfriend' summer shirt.  I also like the length.  I may need to replace the buttons (which are mother-of-pearl)

#3,4,5 is crisp, and needing ironed.  The sleeves are perfect length, and the top is opaque.  It's cotton and seems good quality to me.

#6-7 is more formal, it has a cummerbund type waist and french cuffs that require cuff links (I'm wearing gold cuff links with it).  It's also crisp, but in a different way than the first crisp one.  And the fabric is less breathable.  It's a bit shorter than #1-2 and #3-5.

#8-9 is medium - not really crisp, but not not super soft either.  I like the shorter sleeves, but the body is also short - at least for pants.  It's probably a good skirt length (but I didn't try it on with skirts).

#10 is my knit white shirt that I wore last weekend (which led to the realization that I have so many of these now.  I like it's softness and relaxed vibe, but the collar is a little sloppy, and I wonder if the first one (#1-2) fills the same spot.

#11-12 is sleeveless with a mandarin collar and very very sheer (see the grinning?)  I like the length and the almost-nothing-there feel of it.  It's polyester, so wouldn't be breathable if it weren't so light, and it's really only useful under or over something else.

What do you think?  


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Advice from a four year old

My four year old son was just looking at the picture perfect challenge with me.  So I told him I needed to decide what to wear tomorrow.  He had a few suggestions:

  • I should wear my head.
  • I should wear clothes that are mine.
  • I should wear a cool shirt, that is mine, and cool pants, that are mine.
  • I should also wear cool teeth and cool eyes.
  • I asked him what color I should wear.  Yellow pants and a yellow shirt (yellow may be the only color that I own none of).
Just thought I'd share - the conversation made me smile.  

Maybe I should note that it's a common battle with him that he "borrows" his older brother's clothes that fall off, and gets sent back to his room to put on his own clothes.


K/D Does this jacket fit?

The jacket from my orphan WIW this morning is too small to wear over a sweater.  How about over a shell?

Pardon the strange camera angle.  At least I got outside lighting :)

And I realize that it really doesn't go with this particular shell, jeans or shoes.... 

Keep or Ditch?


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Styling question: statement sweater

I picked up this statement sweater, and now I'm stumped on styling it.  Also, it's shorter than I realized when I bought it - does it need to be reserved for wear with skirts?

What do you think?  Is the sweater worth keeping, and how should I style it?  Here's it's just with simple black pants, because I couldn't come up with anything else.

The colors are orange and black - the mid-tone section is kind of a heathered orange and black together.


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Playing with Tube skirts

I finished my tube skirt and now  can't wait to wear it all the time.

Here's a few combos with it, and some questions.  (And just for fun, I'll post some out-takes of things that totally didn't work with it in the comments).

#1-#2 The two favorite (of mine) combos for this skirt.  #1 is the gap mesh-sleeved sweater that the marvelous Susie sent me.  #2 is a short-sleeved cowl neck sweater.  Does the length of the skirt work with these booties? 

#3-#5 Because my semi-annual work conference is approaching, I'll be forced to wear the short-and-boxy polo again soon.  I think it might work with this skirt better than most combos.  What do you think?  Also, do the shoeties work with it, or do I need to stick with the ballet flats if I'm going to wear this skirt in a business casual conference environment?

Thanks so much for your help!  


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Tube skirt help

I cut my black with white stripes maxi dress into a skirt and tank top.  This is the skirt.  I tapered the hem to look like the lemming tube skirt. 

Here's my questions:  Is the shape correct?  Is the hem too narrow?  Is it too bottom-hugging?  How is the length? 

Nothing is cut yet - just basted.  So I can make any adjustments necessary.  

What do you think?  (I'll add a waistband after I'm sure I'm leaving the fit that way).

I have to run off, but I'll be back tonight, and sewing some night next week on this.  So tell me what, if anything, needs to change.  Thanks so much!


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Spiegel Lemming!

Here's some decent pics of my Spiegel lemming that arrived yesterday.

I like it.

What do you think?

Sorry for the weird order of the pics. 

#1 back view, open, 
#1 front view open
#3 side view, snapped
#4 front view with just the top snapped
#5 front view fully snapped (it pulls - I won't wear it like this, I don't think)
#6 back view snapped
#7 just the inside snap snapped - this was my daughter's suggestion, and is her favorite way that for the jacket.


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