Ask Angie and all: Choosing glasses (part 2)

Thanks for your help and feedback last weekend.  After reading and measuring some more, and taking lots more pictures, I've eliminated most of the possibilities that I originally showed you.  

I'm currently favoring these three.  They are wide enough (I think), not too deep (I think), oval shaped and half-rimmed, and not too heavy.  They all have adjustable nose pads for my overly-wide bridge.

#1 is dark red
#2 is shown in purple, but I think I'd order the blue version - their photo of the blue just had a lot of white and made it look weird
#3 is blue

What are your thoughts?  What am I missing?  Is there a clear winner or loser?

ETA: Found a wider set in brown and black (#4-5).  They're a bit heavier than the others, but probably not un-doable.  Everything wider than this and also oval half-rimmed is wire frame.


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Help choose glasses frames? ETA: New Head shot, lotsa pics

I'm armed with an updated prescription, and have narrowed down my frame choices.....  But I'm having troubles with the final decision.  Would you mind weighing in?

I can get two pair - so feel free to vote for two.  I'm thinking that one red and one not-red would be a good mix.

#1 and #2 are dark red, #1 a bit thicker, and #2 has plaid arms.

#3 is blue (but I wonder if it's a bit too angular for my face?)

#4 is my favorite shape, but these are black.  They also come in very bright red, that I fear will accentuate the redness my face gets when I'm flushed (which is rather frequent).

And apologies for the non-clear lenses on #1-3.  I wish they online pics were better....  

And as always, feel free to tell me to go back to the drawing board too (but be prepared to offer concrete suggestions if you do :) )

ETA: New Head Shot, (with same four frames, and new frames under consideration) added.  

#5 - same frame as #1, new head shot.  

#6 same frame as #2. 

#7 same frame as #3

#8 same frame as #4

#9 same as in my first comment after showing my old glasses

#10 the wider red ones (from my comment)

#11 the wider black ones (from same comment)

#12 a blue semi-rimless (I think these are probably too tall)

#13 a lighter blue

#14 black with gold (for Jenava)

#15 brown


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Summer can continue forever

After a month of a small wardrobe, I feel like I never want summer to end - I like my wardrobe so much.

Here's what's currently in the active wardrobe:

7 bottoms:

  • dark denim pedal pushers
  • white jean shorts
  • white cropped bf jeans
  • gray bf jeans (replaced missing bf cropped blue jeans)
  • black city shorts
  • black/white striped knit tube skirt
  • light jean shorts (would like to replace these)

11 tops:

  • mid-blue chambray
  • navy short-sleeved button-up (replaced drapey navy that was fiddly) (pic #3)
  • white mesh-sleeved sweater
  • raspberry mesh sweater (pic #1)
  • plum mixed-media top
  • BethAnn tee (pic#2)
  • navy/white gingham shirt
  • black/tan ikat print top
  • white sleeveless top (is starting to pill - will probably get purged)
  • blue gray-green print top (polyester and not super comfy, will probably get purged)
  • white lace knit shell (so far unworn)

2 dresses: 

  • black Eileen Fisher
  • Cobalt and black striped

3 toppers:

  • black leather Spiegel jacket
  • white pleather jacket
  • denim vest (so far unworn)

3 shoes:

  • black birkenstocks
  • cognac born sandals
  • cognac loafers (so far unworn)

2 belts: black and cognac

And, if they ever show up again, one more pants (boyfriend jeans), and one more topper (silver/gray sparkly cardigan)

In the past month, I've worn six of the tops only once, and one no times at all. 
I'm wearing the chambray and the white mesh sleeved sweater all the time, and the BethAnn tee and plum mixed-media top also quite frequently.  (The navy button-up in #3 is a recent replacement for the drapey navy tee - I think it'll get worn more than just this once, we'll see).

I must admit that I feel like this is almost too much - four patterned tops is probably too many.  And I have an urge to duplicate the chambray shirt and the white mesh-sleeves sweater.  I'll do so if I get the opportunity.

I'm in a bit of an analysis frenzy, I fear.  Kudos to you if you're reading it all :)

And comments, questions, observations, and wisdom (especially as I start to think about planning for fall) are all more than welcome!

ETA: WIW pics - the raspberry sweater and black/white tube skirt, the BethAnn tee and some jeans that I was trialing (they probably won't stay - they muffintop me), and white jeans with the navy short-sleeved button-up that is a potential replacement for the drapey navy tee.  It's comfy, does it look okay, or even good?


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Small closet challenge update: and a few lessons I'm learning

Since starting my 'small closet challenge', or whatever I'm calling it today, about a month ago, I've started to notice some trends:

  • I don't want to wear patterns every day- maybe 2-3 times a week, max. Thus I'm dividing wears between my patterned clothes (1 dress and four tops).  I may need to purge a couple of them.
  • I don't want to wear tee shirts.  I have one tee shirt (the BethAnn tee) in regular rotation.  I'm keeping one sentimental one (which I'm questioning too now), and all others have been purged or demoted to painting or lounge wear.
  • There's still a few unworn items in my closet - for over a month now, they've sat there, and I keep thinking that I'll wear them, but I don't. It's probably time for them move down to the basement thrift store.
  • I might be over most bright colors?  My BethAnn tee is bright, and I'm wearing plenty of white, but other than that, my pink capris got worn once, my green shorts not at all, and my raspberry mesh sweater once. I also wore an orangey coral shirt once (and purged it today.  It's too big), and a red dress once (also purged).
  • What I did wear: black, white and blue.  A tiny bit of gray, and cognac belt and sandals.
Today I'm purging 49 items.  It's about 20% of my total wardrobe. 

It's time I started to plan for fall.  I'm thinking that my long-sleeved tees may soon be on the chopping block, but I should save some for layering. I wonder if I'll want to wear prints in winter, or if texture will substitute.   I'm kind of thinking that I want my style to shift a little more polished than it has been lately, and as such, probably don't need more than ten pairs of jeans - time to try on and purge there. 

Any suggestions as I plan for fall?  


NAS Bras: K/R (pics under a tee)

I shopped at the NAS for the first time this year:  Ordered three different styles of bras, after realizing that my homemade ones are getting droopy, and I won't have the time to make more anytime soon.

I liked two of them, and would like your input on which to keep.  They're shown under a light weight tee that tends to show every lump and bump, so I hope it gives a good idea how these fit.

I bought two of each bra, intending to keep both of my favorite style.  
What do you suggest keeping?

#1 is the Chantelle 'C Magnifique'.  I like the slight minimization that it does.  I also like that the bra is light weight feeling.

#2 is the Wacoal.  It's heavier than the Chantelle, but I think is reasonably flattering.  The lift it produces is obvious (at least to me)

#3 is one of my current homemade bras, for reference.


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K/P some new-to-me clothes (long)

I went shopping.... online here at the style forum, and to a thrift store.

These items are now mine.  But I'm not opposed to passing them on if they're not right for me, so I want your honesty :)

#1-2 First up, Eileen Fisher draped dress that Shannon wears so famously.  I had never seen an Eileen Fisher item in real life, so when Susie offered them, I took the leap.  They are indeed fabulous quality and feel!

Pros: beautifully made, fits properly, would replace two, maybe three, other black dresses in my wardrobe. And it's washable!
Cons: I had convinced myself to start steering clear of black since it's not my best color.  Does lipstick and mascara counteract the black enough?  Also, it shows my tummy pooch - do I look pregnant in it?  

#3-4 Orange Eileen Fisher silk tee.   The color made me wonder if I should buy it, but I decided to try it out.  It's a very deep reddish orange.  And while I love strong colors, I wonder if it's too strong, or too warm for me?

Pros: It's lovely, hand-washable, cool and swingy
Cons: It requires a cami, mitigating it's "cool" factor, and I'm not sure that I can pull off the color.  What do you think?

#5 Red Eileen Fisher sweater.  This is, I think, one of my best colors.  And I like the sheer stripes.  In the pic, I'm wearing a nude tank under it, but I think I'd wear a dark tank with it.  Sorry for the mussed hair.

Pros: Love the color, and the sheer stripes
Cons: I already have two other sweaters in a very similar color (that I don't already have complaints about).  I may need to pick a favorite and purge the other two.  

#6-7 Purple Ann Taylor mixed-media top. Color is kinda in between #6 and #7.  I think this is also a really good color for me.
Pros: Love the color and the fit. Will replace two light-weight sweaters in a similar color that are more body-con that my current preferences.
Cons: Can't think of any?  It's polyester?

#8-9 Dark wash jean "shorts".  I'm not sure whether to call these shorts or culottes.  I've been watching for a pair that has no fading and is more relaxed than tight fitting.  These, if they pass, will replace the shorts in #10 and the shorts in #11.
Pros: Dark wash, long length
Cons: High waist, do they fit properly?  I lightened photos to try to show the detail better.


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Truth in Numbers: Confessions

Inspired by Lisa with her DH closet challenge and by Shannon more recently, and enabled by cleaning out my basement over the past few weeks, I have finally tackled my closet.

And wow, am I embarrassed.  

First, the progress.  I moved everything to the thrift store - as I'm calling my basement, since thrift stores are my favorite places to shop.

Then I took inventory, and wrote it all down - purging as I went. 

Finally, I brought up to my closet about a week worth of clothes.  What I brought up are my favorites, and I'll wear them until I get bored, then go "shopping".

The pic is my closet now.  There's also a couple of tops and three pairs of shorts in my dresser drawers. 

Now the confessions:
I thought I purged a lot.  Three trash bags full.  When I counted:

  • 9 pairs shoes 
  • 3 winter coats
  • 12 tops
  • 1 pair jeans

For a measly 25 items.  And I still have lots that I have complaints about.  My next purge round will start there.
Here's what's left:

  • 11 dresses (why do I have 11 dresses?  I so rarely wear them).  The Old Navy one is still returnable....
  • 5 winter coats.  3 white, one brown, one cobalt. I think I have too many white.
  • 16 jackets - some outerwear, some indoor, some gear
  • 37 pants - about half and half jeans vs. trousers
  • 74 tops - across all seasons, not including sweaters though
  • 42 sweaters - across all seasons, including cardigans
  • 20 skirts (also way more than I wear)
  • 46 pairs of shoes (including boots and sandals, etc)
  • 1 suit
  • 3 professional-wear tops (with company logo)

For a total of 262 items.   Not counted are underwear, pajamas, bags, belts, hats, scarves or jewelry.  I'm sure that includes another 262 pieces, gaa.  

No wonder it didn't fit in my 12 square foot closet (a single 6 foot closet rod). Clearly, I have WAY more than I need or want.

That also means that I purged less than 10% of my wardrobe.  I don't know how big my ideal wardrobe is, but I hope that it's about half that size.
Of these, I recorded complaints on 59 of them as I cataloged them. I think I'd best root them out and purge them while I'm wallowing in the guilt of how many items I own by count!

So what do I do?  Buy four more items from Susie, of course.  Aak!  I'm going to need some serious Shop Your Closet support.  Maybe I can muster up the energy to make it 4 in, 59 out.....


Help me Satisfice

My black strappy Dansko sandals have started to shred.  I bought them used, and wore them nonstop last summer and on our vacation.  I'm really not looking forward to living without them, and would like a replacement.

MaryK's thread made me realize that I've been "maximizing" over something that I should really "satisfice".  I need to wear these sandals this summer, not wait years for the perfect pair for $3.

My requirements are:

- under $100 (I'd like under $50, but I'm trying to be realistic)
- comfortable enough to walk all day long in (a tall order, and the most important)
- a back heel strap.  My toes complain if they have to work to keep a shoe on.
- able to dress up or down.  They need to be okay with shorts or jeans and a dress or skirt.  My 'dressed up' is about on the lines of smart casual, so they don't need to dress up to 'evening' status or anything.  I'd like them to elevate a pair of boyfriend jeans, and not really dress down a summer dress significantly (if I ever wear one).  I think I want something more refined than my Dansko's were.

I think I want black, but I'm open to looking at a metallic neutral or nude also, if the color will be versatile.  I also think I want them to be slightly edgy without being overly casual. 

I'm also not sure about a heel - I know I can't handle much of one (my big toe must have a touch of arthritis or something - it complains if my weight is up on my toes).  But I do like the looks of a small heel.

I'm attaching my obsessive finds from the past few days.  All of these have a chance to be passable, I think - depending on how they fit and feel.

What do you suggest?  Should I just close my eyes and pick one?  Have you tried any of these and found them supremely comfortable?  Currently my only pair of all-day-walking shoes are Danskos - I know my foot likes that shape. 

And thoughts on whether a metallic or nude would be as versatile as black?  I'm kind of looking for the one summer shoe to rule them all, I guess.

What are your suggestions for stopping the obsessing and getting to actually finding a wearable shoe?


K/R Beth Ann's Tee

Beth Ann posted a tee from Kohl's the other day, and I loved it, so I went out and bought it.

The pattern is placed a little differently on mine than on hers, but it was the only one left at the store.

Here it is with a variety of bottoms (I'm working out packing for a trip). What do you think?  I'll be near the store tomorrow, so can easily return it, but I like the idea of it for a summer print.


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K/R Cobalt cords

And looking at the pics, I think these are returns too.  They're not as bad as the burgundy ones, but they don't seem totally fab either - instead, a bit frumpy. I'm running errands tonight, and these two cords will be going back.  (If they have a size down, I might try them on, because I do like the warmth of cords an awful lot...)

But since I took the pics, I'll show them to you anyway :)  


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