Hats and Lipstick

After the 12-day road trip with my family, I especially wanted a hat and lipstick. 

Yesterday I took my kids to the dollar store, and lo and behold, they had a brand of make-up that I like, and hats!  They had two colors of shimmer lip pencil and three kinds of hats.  So I bought all five.

I ended up liking one color lip pencil better than the other (which is bluer).  So here they are.

What say you?  Which hat is the better one? (Sorry for the blurry pics!)

Or should I keep looking?


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White Sandals? And yeswalker?

Has anyone ordered from yeswalker.com?  Was it a good experience?

I'm eyeing these white sandals.

Cons: not leather
Pros: not expensive, white and a simple, non-frumpy style. Also the BOGO deal, which means I'd probably get a pair of nude sandals too.

But then, I could wait until the end of summer and just get sandals for next year, as is my norm, for about $3.  So I'm not sure I'll talk myself into these even if you think I should go for it :)


And the shoe race

Possibly my last post of the evening (sorry for the forum flood, and the never-ending "what should I take on this road trip" questions).

I want to take one of these two sandals as my main "non-beach" footwear.  Both are in the "ugly shoe" category, and hence insanely comfy.

Advantages of the black (#2): I like the height, I can bookend them with a black belt.

Advantages of the taupe (#1): a bit better support, lighter color so less contrast from my skintone. But I'll still have to wear a belt, and it makes me less certain of what belt to take.

I can easily walk all day in either pair.  What do you think?  Is one more polished than the other?  Which shoe should win the race to come to CA with me?


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WIB: Summer Dresses

Went garage sale-ing this morning, and found two interesting dresses.  

#1 is a contender for summer outside activities  100% cotton, nice and breezy.  Does it work with the yellow belt and necklace, or is the belt too bright?

#2 is a contender for summer weddings, maybe.  It was sold with prom dresses, but when I tried it on at home, it seems more casual - the pockets, while nicely functional, somehow really casual-ize it to me.  So I'm considering what I can easily do to bump-up the dressy-ness of it.  Maybe change the hem to a hi-low (#3 is me holding it in such a shape)?  Or chop the bodice off and make it a maxi-skirt?  What do you think - any way to make this one "hawaiian-beach-wedding" worthy?


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K/R Summer tops (ETA: additional styling)

For Mother's day, a friend took me shopping.  I bought two summer tops.  They're both NEW, and completely returnable.  What do you think?  My style?  Fit?  Color?

#1 Cobalt Tee - I sized up to get the drapey effect that I find myself wanting in summer tops.  It has an assymmetrical capelet collar.  I can see it going with spring green (here), white jeans, black, etc.  The tee-shirt is very thin weight.  Should it stay?

#2-5 I had a terrible time getting  a good pic of this one, hense so many tried.  It's a floral poet stop.  I like it, but I'm wondering if it's too girly?  Too romantic?  It would go with black, my red jeans, these spring green capris, etc...

Side note, I think I should narrow the legs of these green capris, right?

Honest opinions please.  You know I'm really new to trying to shop NEW clothes and paying full price and things like that.  So if they need to go back, that's completely fine with me - I want to know.

ETA: Here's some additional styling. 

#6 Cobalt with full-length jeans, and semi-tucked.  I really want feedback on the length, because when I bought it, I though "This is my favorite length for tops".  So if it doesn't work, I need to figure it out :)

#7-9, the floral shirt under a moto jacket, a sporty vest and a business-like jacket.  It fits nicely under any of them (whether or not it actually works style-wise, I have more doubts...)


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Console me: I spent money

I made the primary blunder of waiting until the last minute to decide that I really needed to consider actually comfortable shoes for the next few days of 16-hours-per-day on my feet.  So 20 minutes before the store closed, I showed up, obviously stressed and desperate and begged them to sell me something that was professional, went well with black pants, and that I could walk in for 16 hours.

Of course they complied, and charged me an appropriately insane amount (about $150, including special insoles and extra arch supports and toe lifting thinga-ma-bobbers).  They're Taos three-steps.

So.  Hold my hand and console me.

I could have gotten them quite a lot cheaper online.  But I need them tomorrow.  

Should I return them and let my feet kill me for the three days?  Will I live through spending this much on a single article of clothing?  

On the upside, it was one of my style goals for the year to spend real money on something.  I just thought it would come with more consideration.


WIB: spring/summer wardrobe fresheners

My favorite thrift store just opened anew with Spring/Summer merchandise, so of course I paid them a visit. 

Here's most of what I bought (a silk floral blouse isn't pictured, because I'm going to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 before I consider it wearable).  None are returnable but they were all cheap, so tell me which ones shouldn't stay long in my wardrobe.  (I bought all this plus Easter outfits for all five kids for under $35).

#1-#2 A water-color-like floral jacket.  Am I crazy to think I'm in love?  I'm considering wearing this on Easter with my white jeans. Do you think it'd work?  (Or is it better over this navy midi?)
#3-4 a sailboat print eyelet top - it's too short, so I think it'll be more of a summer jacket.
#5  shiny silver sandals. 
#6 bronze alligator-type sandals
#7 business-like peep toes with a really nice cork base.
#8-9 not from this thrift-store trip, but something I'd been considering as an Easter contender - a lavender Ann Taylor jacket.  Are the colors too soft for me?  (Do I look washed out in it?)

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K/R Green Jeans! and Moto Jacket

First of all, my lighting is bad. These jeans are a vibrant bright kelly green. They're almost identical to my red ones (except that the quality is lower and the denim thinner). What do you think? Do they fit properly? Do I get to keep them?

And this Moto. I'd call it a taupe-ish? It's silvery shiny fake leather, and wrinkled (on purpose - so RATE). Does it fit right? I'd wear it open. Do you think it would go with my other clothes? Is it edgy - I think my perfect moto should be? I'm really iffy on this one, and just not sure what I think. I don't really want to add it to my wardrobe if it's not a 10 or darn close. And I'm honestly confused on this one. I like it, but is it great, or just okay?

#1 Green jeans.
#2 Silver/Taupe RATE Moto jacket


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K/R Snake Print Skinnies from Target ETA: link for pic of print

These are the "jean leggins" I got from Target on clearance yesterday. They're 2 (#1) and 3 (#2, #3) sizes up from my normal, so they fit more like skinnies than jeggings, I think. (I hope).

What do you think? How do they fit? Do they deserve a place in my closet? I'm surprised at how solid they read - the print really is quite subtle.

They're totally returnable, and probably at least one pair or the blue (#1 and #3) should go back.

#1 is teal snake-print, 2 sizes up.
#2 is black snake-print, 3 sizes up.
#3 is teal snake-print (same as #1), but 3 sizes up.

ETA: They are these http://www.target.com/p/mossim.....A-14226361


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Target denim leggings?

I stopped by my local target tonight on a reconnaissance mission. I hadn't planned to buy anything, but these were on clearance


for $8. I couldn't bear the thought of missing them, so I bought both the teal and the black. I bought 2-3 sizes up so they're not so skinny, and will take K/R pics tomorrow.

But does anyone know:
a) do they shrink when washed the first few times? (they're 98% cotton, and I'm worried that they might.. this is one of the reasons I buy used clothes - they're their actual size then...)
b) do they grow with wear? Can I expect them to bag out over the course of the day?

Also, do you see this sort of jean (tone-on-tone snake print) as still reasonably "in" next fall, or are they on their way out?