Copying Una - Vacation pics

After seeing Una's wonderful pics of Denali, I wanted to post some of my own.  Yeah - they're not comparable to hers, but we had a really wonderful time :)

#1 The mountains of Utah
#2 Walking up to a lookout point at 12,095 elevation
#3 water splashing into a cave at Heisner park in Laguna Beach
#4 DH carrying the youngest on his shoulders in Bryce Canyon
#5 The lovely South Laguna shoreline (we loved the tide pools)
#6 Dad introducing the kids to the ocean for the first time (Heisner park again)
#7 My older daughter (9) feeling brave after rock climbing in Colorado Springs
#8 the family in Bryce Canyon
#9 more rock climbing in Colo Springs
#10, my older daughter admiring the ocean
#11 my 3 year old "swimming all by himself" in a pool
#12 Me and my 6 year old, hiking.
#13 My 7 year old on the boogie-board.

The kids have decided that our local murky lake water tastes much better than the ocean salt water.  But otherwise, they're ready to move to the beach.  (Never mind that we all fried - the sun is stronger in LA than Nebraska, I think)

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  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    Why are these not comparable?  They are so spectacular!  Utah is on my list of places to rock climb...

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    Looks like a load of fun!

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    You saw such wonderful wildlife!  (Our troop was a little noisy for any wildlife to hang out nearby, I think). 

    And thank you - we had a really terrific time!

  • replied 7 years ago

    Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Fun :)

  • replied 7 years ago

    What beautiful family photos!  Looks like a great trip.  

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Wow! That is the road trip to end all road trips! What an amazing variety of geographical forms. Stunning! 

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    So gorgeous!  That looks like an amazing trip.  I really want to go to Utah.

    I should post my honeymoon pics...

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Yes, Diana, you should!

    And Suz, I'm really hoping that it's NOT the road trip to end all road trips, considering that it's the first one we've ever taken as a family.  :)  I do hope to wait a few years before tackling something of this scale again though.  Perhaps we can just to the Badlands next year or something.

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    Oh wow! Great pics. A real family vacation :) When I was little, my family went on big roadtrip across the west/southwest. I totally still remember Utah. We stayed in the neatest campground - flat, red desert with fire ants! Lol. Probably stayed in my mind because we're hill people. Flat ground and no trees is always very striking to me. I so want to go there again. Need to ask my mom where exactly that was.

  • Makrame replied 7 years ago

    Very cool!  What a great experience for your family!  We did a cross-country drive moving from California to the East Coast when DS was in middle school, and Utah was our favorite state of all (gorgeous blue skies, amazing national parks...).

  • Kristin SF replied 7 years ago

    Love the pics, thanks for sharing! Can't believe you saw snow/ice and swam in the ocean, all in a single trip. How fun!

  • Janet replied 7 years ago

    Ooh, fun! I love Bryce Canyon. There's so much nearby too -- Zion, Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante... I have been a few times and can't wait to return because there's always more to see. Hubs and I backpacked through Zion 15 years ago when we were first dating, and I'd love to go back there.

    And I'd also love to revisit so much of the CA coast! Ah, so many places to go. It's hard to find time. :-)

  • Raisin replied 7 years ago

    Great pics!  Looks like a wonderful family vacation.  I need to get my kids on one too.  Kudos to you for taking 5 kids along!!!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Wow! Such fun pics! A sensational family of seven :)

  • Zapotee replied 7 years ago

    Wow, your pictures ( and Una's) make me realize I need to venture off my " city exploration" vacations. I have not seen A THING...
    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.

  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    What an amazing family vacation. We used to live minutes from Laguna Beach in Irvine. Did you eat at the Crab Cooker? Yum!
    I didn't realize you are from Nebraska! I grew up there in places across the state and we still have some relatives there.

  • replied 7 years ago

    I beg to differ about the photos Amy, I find them just as stunning. Thankyou for sharing. It looks like you had a fab time.

  • bj1111 replied 7 years ago

    ami, your family is as cute as you are.  i love love love the photo of the fam lined up on a tree trunk.  

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    Great family photos!  I love road trips and we take them every summer.  I'm not sure we'll go anywhere this summer though.  My husband's unemployed at the moment so finances are tight and being pregnant makes me a little wary of going too far off the beaten path. 

    I love Utah and we've traveled to Moab (one of my favorite places), Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, etc.  It's not that far from Albuquerque and so different looking.

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