K/A Summer Dress and jacket

I'm wearing a dress-over-jeans today, and remembered that I've been debating for a couple of years now on whether to alter the dress into a top.

First - it's kind of that awkward just-above-the-knee length. It's modest enough, but I'm not sure I like the length without something under it.

Second - it doesn't have pockets, so when worn over jeans (like here), it makes the jeans pockets hard to access without offering any alternative.

Otherwise, it's a nice summer weight performance fabric, and is comfortable to wear, and I still like the pattern.  It's a bit bunchy to tuck in (see pic #3).  Should I give it the chop?  (Or perhaps I should add pockets instead?)

Also auditioning a white summer jacket.  Does it work?

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  • Sloper replied 6 days ago

    I really like the whole look and proportions of #4, so maybe chop the dress.  The white jacket is a good topper!

  • Murph11 replied 6 days ago

    Oh, I like it as a top!

  • Angie replied 6 days ago

    Another vote to hack to a top. Lovely pattern. #4 is FABULOUS! 

  • Sloper replied 6 days ago

    Also adding - I think what I'm also really liking is the collared jacket - the collar is flattering.

  • shevia replied 6 days ago

    I say chop.

  • rachylou replied 6 days ago

    I will go with the crowd and say chop - it’s a cute top! Looks great with the white jacket.

  • Karie replied 6 days ago

    Turn it into a top! It looks nice as a dress, but I like it best as a top.

  • notsaf replied 6 days ago

    Agreed: great jacket and clever save!

  • fin42 replied 6 days ago

    I prefer it as a top but maybe before you go for the chop a belt on around it to give it some more shape?

  • Brooklyn replied 6 days ago

    Chop. Chop!

    What a pretty pattern.

    Another option, as it looks like it’s loose enough, is to chop it horizontally just below the armholes and turn it into a midi skirt with an elastic waist. Just depends what you would find more useful.

  • Star replied 6 days ago

    I like it as is with the jeans.

  • unfrumped replied 6 days ago

    I love the tucked - in outfit. Those are great proportions on you and everything fits in a very nice easy way. . The neckline is great, and the black& white in the print are fab with the jacket and jeans and black accessories. As a top, that is an outfit I’d wear over and over and feel good in- it tucks really well.
    Chop- chop!

  • RobinF replied 6 days ago

    I vote chop. I love it as a dress but if you aren't wearing it that way then go for the chop.

  • Sheila replied 5 days ago

    I like it better as a top. I think you will get more use of it that way.

  • Helena replied 5 days ago

    Yes to a hack, and YLF!

  • DonnaF replied 4 days ago

    Yes, chop! Looking at the pattern, would you do it more tunic length and enable in-seam pockets? Or would you chop to the next pattern up to make it more conventional top length? 

  • Jonesy replied 3 days ago

    Is it unanimous? I say chop as well!

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