Updating my style

I've been trying to work my way (slowly) toward a more minimal, and somewhat more edgy style for a while now.

Toward this end, I have a few updates to show you.

First: hair.  I'd hoped that the inverted bob I asked for would be more inverted - next time I'll ask for it more severe.  Still, what I have is approaching what I want, I think. (#1)

Second: Specs.  They finally arrived today, and the red (#2) are comfy and light. The black (#3) are obviously higher quality and sturdier, but the red are more comfortable right out of the box, so I'm wearing them for now.

Third: Footwear.  My long-sought-for Doc Martens (#4) also arrived today.  These are the third pair I've tried, and I like them. They're 8-hole, so I think will qualify as booties to wear with skirts too.  (I may try that tomorrow if the weather permits a skirt). 

Forth: Handbag.  This isn't an update, and might need to be updated.  But I figure I'll show you the handbag (#5) I'm currently carrying anyway.  I'm not thrilled with it, but also not dissatisfied enough to look for a replacement.  It's nicely structured, real leather and good quality.  I like the mix of brown and black.   But I'm pretty sure it's dated. 

Putting it together into What I'm Wearing (#6-7).

Comments?  Suggestions for improvement?

(btw: the top in #4 is also new - it's a gray sparkly sweatshirt.  Cropped in the front, a bit longer in the back. Is it worth keeping?)

ETA: Unfortunately, I'm not altogether thrilled with any of these updates.  I'm thinking I'll have the hair trimmed to more inverted (I hope) next time, but I figure I'm stuck with the glasses for a while and will just accept them.  As far as the Docs, I love the way they look, but they're putting my right small toes to sleep.  I may need to experiment with lacing them more loosely....  Still, I'm hoping they're a step in the right direction, and that I can continue to take steps in the right direction.

And apologies for no make-up.  

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  • Lyn D. replied 9 years ago

    Your hair is just lovely!
    I like your bag too- the brown stripes are interesting and pick-up your hair colour too.
    Not sure about the new sweatshirt styled this way, but I can see it paired with a longer under layer with a higher neckline in my mind.
    Great boots, and both specs show-off your face beautifully :)

  • Nebraskim replied 9 years ago

    great haircut. I can see where having it cut up shorter in the back would be cool. I love the red specs, too. Hope the Docs work out. Big investment piece so they need to not numb your toes!

  • Echo replied 9 years ago

    LOVE your hair, LOVE the glasses, and LOVE the boots! The hair and the glasses really do update your look in a great way! Sadly, I do find the bag a little bit out-of-date, but if it is a decent quality bag that suits your needs and is holding up well, there is no rush to change it.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 9 years ago

    I think the haircut is very flattering.  Did you get it lightened a bit too?  It looks a bit brighter to me but that could be the pic.  I think both pairs of glasses work but prefer the smaller pair a bit over the first pair.  Love the docs too and they should work well for you.  I am not positive on the bag.  It seems a bit more structured than your usual style but then it could be the juxtaposition that is often sought after.

    All in all, I think you are doing a great job with your style shift.

    Just re-read my post and realized that my comment on your hair didn't convey completely that I love it on you.  

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Thanks Dianthus, Echo, Nebraskim and Lyn - 

    I didn't lighten my hair - it could be better lighting, or that summer lightened it a bit (or, perhaps more likely, that the grey is gaining prominence).

    I have quite a collection of bags.  I may need to photo them and write up a post one of these days so that you all can tell me which ones should stay.  I'm having a hard time imagining what kind of bag of tomboy would carry.  :)  

    And the red specs are actually a smidgin smaller than the black - the camera angle is just messing with the pic.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Your haircut is indeed lovely - and I think you could easily go an inch shorter and sharper in the back - would really give it some more definition back there.  I also love your glasses - and like the red ones best!  I know you said they are actually smaller than the black, but they sure don't look  it in the pics.  Anyways, I prefer those on you. You have beautiful eyes - do you ever wear eye makeup? 

    I think your bag is the odd man out here - and all you need to do is update it with a slouchier/softer style - something a little more rugged or boho looking.  

    No comment on the docs from me - I will say right out loud: I have  never liked them nor been able to get my "eye" around them, classics or not.  And I know I am definitely in the minority here :)  

  • christy replied 9 years ago

    Your hair looks fantastic! I think a bit more angled would look great also, but I love it as is. Your glasses look good! What is it that you aren't liking about them? Docs look great - I really hope they loosen up for you and become more comfortable. I like the contrasting stripes on the handbag and it looks like a good size.

    I like the direction you're going in!

  • Astrid replied 9 years ago

    Love the hair and the specs look great! Keeping my fingers crossed that you can break in the docs... I'm not a fan of the bag. I think getting one great new bag that fits exactly into the style direction you're going for would make a big difference. As for bags a tomboy would use, do you know the blog Tomboy Style?
    You might find some inspiration there.

  • deb replied 9 years ago

    Love your hair!! Are you not happy with the new specs?

  • Staysfit replied 9 years ago

    Your hair looks great! You could certainly try shorter in the back and I think that would look great also. I love both pairs of glasses. Personally, I would never keep a pair of shoes or boots if they don't feel right. Boots don't stretch out as easily as a soft leather shoe. There are plenty of Doc look alikes out there. I just tried on a few myself so I know they exist. If shoes don't feel right at the beginning, you are less likely to wear them, you will develop foot and possibly back problems, and they make you grumpy all day. Are you committed to them?

  • Windchime replied 9 years ago

    I'm loving this hairstyle on you, Amy! It frames your face so well. And speaking of frames, your specs are a major step in your new style direction. You're blossoming into a very chic tomgirl!

  • Zibbets replied 9 years ago

    I love your haircut and new red glasses! The black ones are nice too, but the red…wow!

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    I love this update! Your hair looks terrific and I think even a bit more angled and shorter would be great. In these pictures I especially like the red glasses but they both suit you. The boots are wonderful of course. The bag is tricky - not sure I would suggest a hobo only because I find that hobos tend to make me even more RATE and something more structured is a nice contrast. Not that I don't carry hobos a lot - hmm. Perhaps a full inventory as you suggested is needed.

  • Marmee replied 9 years ago

    Love the hair.  I think it's perfect.  The glasses and boots are great, although I'm concerned about your toes going to sleep.  I've learned the hard way that it's important not to ignore your feet.  They are telling you that the boots are not right, and you don't want to do permanent damage.

    I'm not sure about the sweatshirt.  It looks like it's a little thin. 

  • tricia w. replied 9 years ago

    I'm loving the edgier look! your haircut is great, though I agree that a more severe, forward diagonal would look even better. I like both pairs of glasses, and am slowly being swayed to appreciated Doc Martins; I'll be interested to see how you style them. The handbag isn't bad, but, a single strap style would be more current.

  • ma replied 9 years ago

    Lovely haircut! Echoing what others said about boots not being the right fit and updating handbag

  • bj1111 replied 9 years ago

    LOVE IT! Great haircut, stellar red glasses. That very simple outfit is so stylish and modern and definitely you!

  • Style Fan replied 9 years ago

    Love your haircut.  Shorter in the back would be great but I like it the way it is.  Very flattering.  Your glasses look FAB.  I am a big fan of Doc Martens but like others have said if they hurt your feet perhaps they are not for you.  I have major foot problems so I am fussy about my shoes and boots.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Thanks everyone!
    I'm quite fussy about my feet and my shoes fitting.  I spend all of most days on my feet (I walk or stand while working), and was hoping that Docs would be acceptible for an all-day-long footwear.  I've now worn them all day today, and the toes problem was fixed by loosening the laces and thinner socks.  However, I sat for a good half of the day today, so I'm still not sure whether they'll work for standing all day.  They do, however, work for recreational shoes - my feet are happy in them still this evening.  So those are staying.

    A handbag inventory will be coming soon.  Thanks for all your suggestions.

    Oh - and as for the specs - they are not as large on my face as I thought they would be (this doesn't translate well in the photo - in real life they're smaller).  And they're very shiny, which disagrees with me.  Still, they're comfortable, and I think I'll get used to them just fine.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    And Astrid - thank you for the link.  I was familiar with that blog, but hadn't been there in quite a while.  I'm enjoying looking around there again.

  • LAR101 replied 9 years ago

    Love your haircut and the red glasses. (I like the black but I love the red)
    Love this outfit on you.  Love watching your style.

  • Karie replied 9 years ago

    I think the new glasses look great! I'm glad the boots are comfy and that you're keeping them. The haircut is good too, but a more severe inverted bob would be nice.

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    You hair looks healthy, shiny and beautifully shaped.  I like the glasses, too.  They are light on your face, but they give a little pop of color and frame your eyes well.

    I notice that you mention the desire to add "edge" and to update your style, and you seem to feel like you're not getting there with these changes.  Your hair and glasses make you look modern and really quite pretty.  I know you are at heart a tomboy, but is is possible that there is a natural juxtaposition in your nature between a pretty, fresh and vibrant woman and an urban tomboy?  Is it possible that you feel one side of this persona is more fashionable than another?

    It may be that you could do amazing things style wise by embracing both the pretty and tomboy elements.  I think that could be worth exploring.  On the other hand,  I'm a midwesterner too, also in a more conservative (although terrific) circle.  Sometimes I feel people around here, unlike my YLF friends, prefer the classic me --- it can be hard, for example, for a hairstylist to believe us when we talk about an "edgy" look.  Sometimes I feel a bit pigeonholed into a look that others are comfortable with, when I really want to be more creative and fashion forward.  If this is true in your case, then there are a few things you can do to keep moving forward.

    1.  Without "recutting" your hair right away, you could use a straightening iron and a bit of product on the ends to give a sharper edge to the bottom -- a bit like Una's. 

    2.  How about a creamy lipcolor in the nude or brown pink category -- to give your lips a bit more depth and oomph (you have a lovely shape to your lips).  I'm sure you don't have time for an elaborate makeup ritual (what homeschooling, working tomboy would?)  I think a bit of mascara and brow gel or pencil to strengthen the "frame" around your eyes would give your pretty, lower contrast features a bit more contrast and stronger definition in your features.

    3.  Try a looser lacing, but don't keep the Docs if they don't make your feet happy!  Try another pair (I think Docs suit you and are a great, practical way to "ground" your style and keep it from skewing too polished.

    4.  What about building each outfit around one RATE or urban tomboy piece.  Working outward from this element might give you a higher happiness factors.

    5.  Go through your photos and group together those that are closest to your style ideas.  Perhaps glancing at these once a week or so --- like a painter glancing away from the canvas toward his model -- would be helpful.

    The bag doesn't read as dated to my eye --- but I agree with others that a hobo, bucket bag or backpack would probably be closer to your style home.

  • Dee replied 9 years ago

    Amy, I love how thorough you've been about updating your style. You've really been putting a lot of thought into all of the choices you've been making and the directions you want to go. I think your new hair looks great but if you want it more angled and dramatic, go for it! Whether at your next cut or just go back and have your stylist touch it up now if you don't go frequently. The new specs look great too.

    I often have the problem you're talking about with the Docs, and if it doesn't getting better within one or two wears, I've found it generally doesn't. Thin socks do help though until they loosen up.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    BethAnn - Thanks for such a thought-filled response!
    And I think you're spot-on that there's a juxtaposition that I'm aiming for - between that urban tomboy (that in my mind is an industrial tomboy), and the lady.  Certainly my local crowds prefer the pretty and classic side - it's the midwest after all :)  And I also think that 'pretty' and 'classic' are more conventionally flattering.  I also think you're right that what I'm looking for is a tomboy take on something that's also somewhat classic.  Maybe the best of two worlds?  I'll think on this some more for sure.

    Now, for your specific points:  

    1) I don't anticipate re-cutting my hair too soon - probably in a month or so (maybe more).  I'd like to give it time to get a little more length so that I can remove another layer.  I like my hair better without layering on the sides, it turns out.  It behaves better.  But when I go in, I'll try to convince the stylist that yes, I really do want a more severe angle.  She thought this one was pretty severe :)  And, for what it's worth - this is as straight and Una-like as I can get it with my flat-iron :)

    2)  I do often (well - at least sometimes) wear mascara, and will more with glasses, as they make my eyes look bigger.  I'm look for a fall lipstick - less pink than my spring/summer one.  But I haven't actually looked hard enough to buy anything yet.  I should get on that.

    3) I think my feet are happy in the Docs with thinner socks and looser ties.  I definitely won't keep them if they prove me otherwise!

    And I love your suggestions in 4 and 5, and will play with those ideas.  Thank you!

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 9 years ago

    WOW!!!   You look gorgeous!!

    1)  The hair:   LOVE it!

    2)   The shoes:   from experience, when my fourth and pinky toes go numb, it means I have the shoes laced too tight, and they are pushing on that little bone nub on the outside side of my foot, about 1/3 of the way up from the heel.  Trace your fingers along the outside side of your foot and you should be able to find it.   I went to a doctor for this, and he put his finger right on that bone nub where the nerve is, and I went from numb toes, to my entire body coming out of my chair in startled surprise.   
    If you can find that point, and figure out how to loosen your laces so that the shoe isn't rubbing on that pressure point, see if things change.   But if they don't, ditch the shoes.   You have an idea about the style you like - go find a pair that works :)

    3)   Specs = I can see your beautiful face and bright eyes, so I'd say they are a success

    4)  Love the sweatshirt and the bag.

    I really think you are onto something fresh and original, and entirely you.   So even if you aren't thrilled with the individual items and return them, and even if you get your hair further trimmed - still, you have really made some inroads on a remarkable personal style.   YLF!!!!

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    I have lots to say - will comment when less tipsy!

  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Una - LOL!
    Amy, I love the hair very much. The longer length in front looks lovely. I can see though why you would prefer more pronounced inverted back-  I would too. It is very nice as is but it would be gorgeous with a shorter back. Wait for this month (or more) and then cut it shorter if you still feel this way.
    The glasses look good, I especially like the black pair. See if you just need some adjustment time for them.
    You already got a great advice for the boots so good luck!

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 9 years ago

    Amy, I like the direction you're going! Your new haircut and specs are fab! The Docs will be good for adding a tough element to your looks--to add the tomboy to your classics. The bag is really nice, but you might just put it down as the next update to do, to bring it more in line with your goals. You've gotten lots of good ideas here.
    I'm not a big fan of the sweatshirt--I like the idea, but would like to see it in another color. Or maybe wear it with a color?

  • SarahTheWhite replied 9 years ago

    What a wonderful, and methodical, way to take Angie's advice to heart! You have done so well. :-) I agree with the other comments about your hair - that it is lovely as is, and that you can work towards a sharper angle in the future. I love how the red glasses bring out such great depth of color in your eyes - that is so beautiful! I'm very glad that boots ended up more comfortable. I think that it is really cool to be true to yourself when it comes to your foot wear! I agree with what someone else said about the grey top - a longer under-layer that is more contrasting, and perhaps has a collar, would be so great! And I see that I am in the minority, but I really love the handbag! I am SO not good at determining what is current or dated when it comes to handbags, but I have a dogged loyalty to my own preferences in that area. So in this case, you have hit upon something that is totally "me" and I can't get past that. :-)

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    Amy, your hair looks great. Next time be sure that you take a photo of how you want it cut. I ask for a blunt cut with the longest part in front. Sometimes my stylist cuts layers in back. I don't mind as long as they blend together.
    The glasses look wonderful. I was going to say that I'd like the sweatshirt bigger and more fluid, but looking again, I think it fits well, as do your jeans. I hope that the DocMartins loosen and get more comfortable. It sounds like most need to be broken in. Your bag looks more ladylike than tomboy, but could be anything that you want it to be. If you are looking for something different, maybe a backpack bag or a tote in a color close to that of your Docs?
    You have worked hard on your style and it shows. Great job!

  • Sal replied 9 years ago

    I love your haircut and both pairs of glasses, the red ones are particularly stunning.  They really enhance your features.

    I think the handbag is fine, I do like the fact it has brown and black in it which makes it easy to style.  I could see a satchel style suiting a tomboy, or even a backpack.  So that could be something to consider when you are ready to upgrade.

  • Marley replied 9 years ago

    Amy - I look at your pics and see a beautiful woman - actually with some polish, as well as some edge.  I am just amazed at how your style has evolved since you first joined YLF!  Thank you for sharing your process with us!  It's really been helpful - I've learned so much from you!  I LOVE your hair at this length - and sure, it could be shorter in the back with a more defined line between the back and the sides - but I say just enjoy this cut until you can go into see your stylist again!  Also, I love both pairs of glasses and am so envious of your beautiful skin and lips!  You are a natural beauty.  I want to see pics of your handbag wardrobe before giving my opinion on this particular handbag, OK?

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    I think the hair is great!  I am constantly tweaking, refining and just changing up my own hair, so don't think of it as a final product - it's a constant project!  I like the glasses.  I guess my question is what are the specifics of the style direction in which you want to head?  "Updated" doesn't really convey anything specific to me... or did you post about this elsewhere already?

  • Astrid replied 9 years ago

    I also think you're right that what I'm looking for is a tomboy take on
    something that's also somewhat classic. Maybe the best of two worlds?

    You know, that's just what I'm going for - just on the other end of the continuum I think. I settled on simple, grounded and feminine for my style descriptors and love them. I think I'm coming more from the feminine side, but needing that simple and down to earth vibe (kind of tomboy) to feel like the shoe fits. Definitely minimal, but not necessarily RATE and not edgy either. It's a look it's hard to find pictures for, I tried posting some down below. I think you might be just on the other end of this - mainly loving the tomboy and grounded looks but needing to add a dose of classic or feminine to it. Does that make sense? Like Una said, I'd love to hear more about the style direction you're going for.

  • Lynne replied 9 years ago

    Have fun, Amy!  I love that you're taking steps towards your new look!  
    The others have already given great advice, so I am just chiming in to agree that your bag isn't dated to my eye, it's just reads more minimalist/classic to my eye rather than edgy.

    Perhaps biker boots might be another option for footwear?


  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Astrid - you've described it perfectly.  And you're correct - we're leaning toward different sides of the spectrum.  I think we're both going to end up mostly classic, with mine more RATE, and less lady-like, and yours more lady-like and feminine than RATE or hard-edged.

    As far as direction - that's hard for me to define - because I'm looking to be true to 'my' style and myself, without really knowing quite what that is.  But I do know it has a tomboy element, and just a touch of hard edge (too much feels depressing or clowny to me - but just a bit feels right, at least at the moment).  I'm do think I'm honing in on it - just not quickly :)

  • Jeweled replied 9 years ago

    Regarding the purse - in addition to the backpack suggestions, what about a messenger-bag style, or do an image search for "man purse" - there are lots of great bags for men these days, and you might find one that's perfect for your wonderful tomboy style!  :)

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    Can't get past how fab your hair & specs look. You are definitely going in the right direction!! I'm agreeing that the bag style might not be quite the one for you, but you are looking really good.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Your hair looks lovely. And the red specs are prettier than the black. Glad you are keeping those and not the black. 

    A bag update is a great idea. xo

  • Elly replied 9 years ago

    I like the hair-- I understand what you wanted. It is possible that your hair won't play nice with it with the wave in the underlayer. I wear mine in a style somewhere between yours and Unas and have had to go more asymetrical and less angled because I have a cowlick that wants one side of the bob to flip out instead of under if it is cut angled-- if you are willing to heat style that can be overcome though. Adding a tiny bit of color in the form of a streak or highlight twice a year might help you feel a bit edgier and bring out your rich warm eyes (I have a similar eye color). I like the red glasses, several years ago I had a pair that color which were favorites, and the thicker top edge modernizes them. Going up one lens size (i find glasses styles come in small medium and large, plus EXTRA large) might make you feel more modern. Medium lenses are a really good balance between current and flattering and give me the best field of vision. I tend to splurge on a pair of frames and then wear them for 4-5 years, because I find they last longer than look more current for longer if I go for a high end edgy pair. Otherwise I have to replace my specs every 2-3 years which is actually more expensive because my lenses are actually as expensive as the frames often. I like to go to the most trendy boutique I can find, at least to try on styles.

    I LOVE the docs and the bag. I have a pair of docs waiting to be decided on currently (Zappos is currently shipping me the smaller size to compare) but mine are nice and roomy-- although I often have the pinky toe issue because one of mine is further back on the foot than it should be because of an old injury.

    In your style journey I would love to see you focus on fit for your classics and experiement with edge in acessories.

    And ASTRID--- I'm really glad you posted. I love the inspiration pictures for you. I would love to see you in some reds and purples -- with your beautiful hair it would be goreous and adds the feminine touch to your jeans looks. For skirts I would consider adding menswear-esque prints to your tops.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Amy, I actually gasped when I saw these photos. This update is so interesting to me! And you look so very pretty here. You have a beautiful luminous skin. 

    First off, I love the hair and I agree that you can continue to tweak it to get the look you are after. 

    And I really like the glasses, especially the red ones. They frame your eyes beautifully. 

    What I see when I look at these photos is someone who is actually a bit polished as well as a bit edgy, a bit tomboy, and a bit classic. 

    Hmmm. Maybe you are an industrial urban prince? Or maybe industrial isn't the right word at all. And maybe urban isn't, so much, either. Maybe you are a Prairie Prince

    In all honesty, I think that a lot of black and hard-edge fights with your natural colouring and body type. At the same time, I understand that you are unhappy with an overly classic look, and an overly polished look feels precious and probably unsustainable, given your lifestyle. 

    I wonder if Marley could be an inspiration here. Black is not her buddy and she uses it quite sparingly. Yet she still maintains an edgy look. Hers is probably a bit TOO edgy for you (given where you live and your lifestyle). But the way she marries edge to a softer colour scheme and some feminine touches -- it might be something to look at? 

    I almost feel as if "rugged" might be a better descriptor than "industrial." Some of your pieces need to have a bit of solidity to them, and others need to be quite refined. A mix. 

    In the end, I sometimes think we "core modern classics" use the words "edge" or "twist" as shorthands to describe something that is awfully difficult to convey -- and then sometimes these words, in turn, take us in the wrong direction. Edge becomes too hard, too dark, too sombre. Twist becomes too quirky, too twee, too vintage/retro. What we want instead is something different. And what it is, we must discover...(as Virginia Woolf once said about her own fascination with clothes.) 

  • MsLuna replied 9 years ago

    Amy, I love the more modern bob! Did you lighten your hair as well? It totally suits you! The specs look great too! And yay for docs! I don't think those shoes would ever go out of style!

  • Astrid replied 9 years ago

    I'm glad that made sense to you. :) And I think you'll be just fine if you trust your instincts and take it slow. I think doing this process slowly definitely had some advantages - I've realised that I'm sometimes prone to really want things that I couldn't care less about a few weeks later. Not being able to buy them just because I wanted to saved me a lot of money for sure. The things I'm always coming back to over time, that is what I'm really looking for.


    Thanks Elly. I will try to introduce more (right) colors in my wardrobe going forward. I'm definitely not one who would be happy going all neutral!

  • Vicki replied 9 years ago

    So cute and it all comes together in photo #6.  Love your haircut and I also like the idea of a messenger-style bag, which I think would look great along with a few other suggestions that are flowing here, too.  There were some really cute fringed bags in today's paper which added a modern element when I saw them.

  • merwoman replied 9 years ago

    Wow - love your hair and the specs Amy!!!

  • viva replied 9 years ago

    Amy, it's so interesting to see these pictures and to reflect on the transformation that is happening. You look fantastic!!!

    I love the haircut, and I'm not surprised your reaction is to want more change there. (That happens to me a lot when I do something different with my hair, which is often. Sometimes a hair change is really a door opening ... so you are right to sit with it for a while and figure out how far you want to walk down this new hairstyle path. But at your next cut, really insist, even if your stylist tells you that this cut was quite severe!!!) 
    I also love the glasses on you. Even if they are not quite as large as you were envisioning, the style is modern, fresh, and different. Love both, prefer the red.
    I agree that a bag inventory is a good idea -- would be nice to see you with something that has a more fluid or slouchy shape that feels more modern and plays in the space between tomboy and lady. With bags I think you can definitely find one that is a hybrid (perhaps not so easy to find clothing in the middle).

    Congratulations on this evolution. It's really amazing to behold.

  • Alassë replied 9 years ago

    Following Angie's update guidelines has made a huge difference in your image! Somehow, despite the dark colours, you look younger/cheerier in #6-7 than in previous WIWs. I think it's the hairstyle & glasses.  I'm amazed at how good this version looks, and excited to see where it goes as you fine tune! 

  • kkards replied 9 years ago

    Very late to the party, but wanted to say that I LOVE the hair. I love it as is,and I will love it with even for edge. Have you thought about adding any color? Like light blue or pale purple, like Nicole Ritchie or Kelly Osborne? Kind of punk, but softer?

  • Jules replied 9 years ago

    Overall, I think you look amazing! Wow!
    As for bag, my first thought was messenger bag, which I believe I saw as I scrolled through the responses. I personally love messenger bags so I am biased. But they feel... Stricter than slouchy hobos, minimal (no doodads or dangling bits), NOT ladylike. All of which work for me. I think they have to be nice leather though.
    I'm not 100% on the docs. Are they new or used? Could the laces be changed? I'm not anti doc (although I don't think I'll be a reviver), but I think that these look almost unintentional here, like work boots. Some kind of tweak rather than plain black might help.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Wow - Thanks for all the comments!  Here's a few responses.

    Suz - I think you're on to something with too much black fighting with my natural coloring - I have to think more on that because I know you're right on it but I've also so very much enjoyed limiting my palette to black, white and blue.  I'm going to have to figure out a good balance and good colors that fit.... And I love your idea that a better descriptor for my style - even than industrial - is rugged.  I like it a lot and agree.  And I'm pulling up Marley's posts in panel view to inspire.

    Jules  - you have me pegged.  They're used Docs (I wanted vintage for the famed superior quality, and that they were made in England with thick leather.  I'm not sure these qualify as vintage, but they are made with the thick leather and in England).  I actually am attracted to Docs specifically because they look like work boots, and would have gotten steel toes if I'd found them at a price I was wanting to pay.  These are in fabulous shape (no scuffs or cracking), and I'm pretty thrilled with them. But I totally get that most people don't want to wear work boots as a fashion item :)  To me they totally fit with the 'rugged' descriptor that Suz suggested.

    And Angie - I'm actually keeping both specs, but intend to wear the red as my main specs and keep the black for back-up.

    I'll do a bag inventory and post sometime soon (might take me a week or two to get there - work is awfully busy at the moment, and we're also dealing with various fruit harvests).  

    Thanks so much for all your thoughts!  This has been very helpful to me.

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