WIW: almost white and brown

Just one day ahead of Angie's ensemble post, I tried out a similar combination - faded blue jean shorts, white mesh sweater and brown accents.

I liked it, until about mid-morning, when I decided to teach my kids how to use a power sander to sand down a cabinet.  The sander worked great, and suddenly my white was, well, not so white.

So I changed.  But I didn't take a new pic.  It was an outfit you've all seen anyway - the BethAnn tee and darkwash denim pedal pusher shorts.

I'm liking the color combo a lot though, and will give it a few other tries.

#2 is my hubby being a goofball.  Thought you'd appreciate the photobomb :)

Suggestions for improvement and comments are more than welcome!

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  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Hubs is quite the eye-catching accessory. 


    You look uber casually relaxed and fab, Amy. Nice cognac accents. 

  • Alana in Canada replied 8 years ago

    Oh, I do like this! So summery and breezy. I love that top.

  • viva replied 8 years ago

    I love your outfit -- looks great with those sandals. And DH is awesome. I think he'd get along with mine exceedingly well.

  • Neel replied 8 years ago

    Now that's an awesome pose by your DH *giggle*

    I like the jeans shorts and brown accents outfit. Fun!

  • Sal replied 8 years ago

    Tee hee!
    I like this look and being in mid winter feel envious of your shorts.

  • Sara L. replied 8 years ago

    LOL!  I like your outfit and would duplicate it except I need a wider brown belt. The only brown belt I have is a skinny braided one and it doesn't look right with boyfriend style shorts.

  • carambola replied 8 years ago

    Love this outfit on you and laughing at your photobomber.

  • Sal replied 8 years ago

    Tee hee!
    I like this look and being in mid winter feel envious of your shorts.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    This is a casual look right up my alley - love this!

    Tell hubs he's ready for the runway - lol!

  • Tanya replied 8 years ago

    Wonderful casual outfit! Your DH is hilarious.

  • Tania replied 8 years ago

    I love your shorts! Did you chop a pair of jeans or purchase them as they are? I'm in winter currently but am looking for a pair of jean shorts and debating the best way to get them.

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