WIW: Copying others

I'm joining the long line of people copying Greg and Inge with white on bottom, black on top.  

I'm thinking of this as perhaps another business casual option for my conference next week.  I'd definitely have to iron the jeans, but if you can imagine them not rumpled, would this read as business casual?  (I'm thinking of 'casual Friday', when everyone will have stayed up too late imbibing and be barely awake)  I do have other options, so if this is just too casual, or sloppy, let me know.  :)  (I do know that white jeans are considered acceptable attire by my company).

#3 is trying the concept with a navy shirt rather than the black.  I like the fit of the black (more drapey, larger), but the blue may be more professional?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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  • N-Marie replied 9 years ago

    I like this look for you! The black top reads a bit more intentional to me with the black shoes, but I think either one would work for business casual.

  • citygirldc replied 9 years ago

    You wear both colors well and definitely perfect for the casual Friday look. You can also add a jacket and flats/ heels and accessories (scarf, jewelry) to dress it up if you feel like it's too casual

  • Aida replied 9 years ago

    I prefer the black top, but for a business casual look would like to see a more refined shoe (those boots look straight up casual to me). The navy also looks good but I like the more relaxed feel of the black.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    I actually think I may prefer this outfit for a casual-Friday.  (I can certainly wear these shoes instead of the ones in this pic)

  • Janet replied 9 years ago

    Agreed with Aida!! I'm getting some style vibes from you lately that remind me of our Sir Ceit (where is she, BTW? hope all's well with you, Ceit!). That's a good thing. :-)

  • Aida replied 9 years ago

    That second outfit is nice too Amy! At the very least, give those booties a try with the black/white outfit in #1. I think that could be a very good option. Do you have a metallic belt? That could also be fun there.

  • Staysfit replied 9 years ago

    I agree, and like the outfit with the cobalt top better for a casual Friday. I think you could switch out the shoes for variety. The above outfit would definitely work for a business casual meeting. I like the black shirt slightly better. I am not sure the blue is more "professional" as much as more classic/conservative.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    I think I'll keep this (with the black) and the cobalt sweater version both as options in my mind - the cobalt sweater will do better if I'm freezing (I usually am at this sort of thing), and the black shirt will do better if I'm not (I seem to be much warmer this fall than I remember being in the past years).

    Now I just need to figure out a third outfit! - One that's appropriate for setting up a booth, visiting a fabrication shop and making first impressions on potential customers.  I'm thinking black or blue skinnies (not super skinny ones, just narrow), but not sure yet on what to wear on top....  Maybe I'll try a crisp white shirt....

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    What Aida said! :) 

    And also what Janet said re: Sir Ceit. 

    (Missing you, Ceit!) 

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    You are getting all set! Great oufits - I like both the black and the blue.

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    Aida said it well. But wear footwear that is comfortable for what may be lots of standing on hard floors.

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    I love the color blue on you but defer to Aida et al regarding what you should actually wear to the event. Still love your hair and glasses btw!

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    I love the black and white -- I agree with Aida re: footwear.  I also think I've a slight preference for your cobalt look for the conference - although the b/w look above is terrific for pulled together casual anytime of year!

  • Neel replied 9 years ago

    First - Your hair looks amazing these days :)

    Second - I love your black shirt outfit. I do agree that more refined shoes would be just perfect. I love the cobalt outfit too.

    Also, the white with navy in the last pic could work beautifully with cognac accessories (Angie did a post on it). Do you have any refined cognac shoes?

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Great Idea Neel - I do have Cognac loafers, and those might provide just the change from the starkness of white and black (or white and navy) that I'll need.

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