WIW: How to style slouchy "track" pants?

I have these new pants: They were 3-4 sizes up that I brought at a thrift store and altered to this shape.  They're my idea of what the Leith pants everyone's buying would be like.  Except they have a "real" waistband and are gray, not black.  They're woven and drapey and sooo comfy!

- Did I get the shape close?
- How do you style them?
- Are they just way too baggy?
- How long should they be?  Mine are about four inches beyond my heel, scrunched majorly at the ankle.  Is that much scrunch just silly?
- Do these deserve wear outside the house?  I'm pretty much staying in today, with a sick kid.  And to be honest, I stay home 80% or more of the time anyway.  So maybe that doesn't matter.  Should I wear them?

Earrings and scarf were chosen by the "sick" little boy.  

#1  the pants.
#2 showing the length and waist fit (I'm on my tippy toes).
#3 rear view.
#4 front view.
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  • Raisin replied 7 years ago
    Your alterations look great!  I thought at first these could be the Eileen Fisher ones in grey.  I like the length but I think you could take it up if you feel it's too long.  The slouch looks great though.  Gosh, how handy would it be to have such fab sewing skills?!
  • Nanabear replied 7 years ago
    Those are fab pants!  It could be shorter depending on how you like it (ankle length) but I like that amount of scrunch and I think it fits you really well.  I would wear it with booties or fancy sneakers and a fitted yet casual top.
  • rachylou replied 7 years ago
    These are a great pair of pants! I can't imagine what they were like before. You sew amazing :) And I quite like the way you've styled them hair. You could maybe do a silk tee to mix things up from time to time.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    You look fabulous! LOVE you in that blue, and what a pretty scarf on you, too. And to think you altered the pants yourself! To my eye they work really well. If you want to make them a bit shorter, that would work, too. Maybe you could pin at a couple of lengths and snap pics for comparison's sake. 
  • replied 7 years ago

    Wow, great find, and awesome alterations! I think they could be a bit shorter, but try them with various shoes etc to determine.

  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago
    Amiable, your style has advanced so quickly!  I think the way you tailored them and styled them in #1 gets a 10 out of 10.

    Were these also the same pants you wore with the work uniform polo top?  Sorry I just didn't like them as much with the polo top -- that was a tricky polo top and they picked it in SSB = soul sucking beige.  But it worked with most of the other pants styles, there's just something very trendy about these pants that if you don't style them modern and intentional, it could look like a mistake.
  • sarah replied 7 years ago
    I think they're awesome! Way to go!!!! I'm not very expert at styling this sort of trouser, but I think #1 is great - a crisp white button down shirt would also look fab with this combination. Well done.
  • amiable replied 7 years ago
    Thanks all!  

    Denise - good eye - they are the same as with the polo.  But they sooo didn't work there.  It makes me aware that I need to be careful how I style these - so that it looks intentional.

    I tried pinning them shorter, but the extra weight of even doubling the fabric really causes bunchiness and drape issues.  Perhaps I'll baste them and take some comparison pics - but it'll have to wait a week or two :)  

    I almost thing they're too trendy for me.  But I like them, and they're comfy enough to sleep in.  So I'm guessing they'll get plenty of wear.
  • Diana replied 7 years ago
    These are fab!  I would totally wear them, esp. since the elastic waist is the dealbreaker for me on the Leith pants.
  • kkards replied 7 years ago

    That blue is an incredible color on you!
    As for the pants, I think they look good as well, but this is a look I have been struggling with...keep trying in pants and thinking they look "funny", but not able to pinpoint why.

  • Jenava replied 7 years ago
    Yes, I love them!  I think these are worthy of wearing out of the house.  How about a blazer with them?  I like them with the oxfords and I'd also like to see them with a bootie?
  • Marley replied 7 years ago
    OMG Amiable!  I die!  To watch the progression of your style has been pure joy.  The outfit in #1 is a 10 in my book.  The only thing I might try (to improve it) would be to semi tuck the sweater in the front and scrunch up the sleeves to give it a bit more structure.  I like the length of the pants - I don't think they need to be shortened - perhaps just narrowed a bit more around the ankle, so that they actually stay pooled at your ankles, rather than fall down and cover your heels?  I think that the more you wear these, the more comfortable you will get in this style.  I'd try wearing them (when it gets warm) with a sleeveless or shortsleeved hi-low top - or a cropped top that you can semi-tuck in the front.  As long as (like Denise said) that you pair them with something that is current, you're going to look stylish, rather than like a "frumpy-dumpy."  Also, you could pair them with booties/shooties/sandals.  A very cool outfit Amiable!
  • shevia replied 7 years ago
    Excellent! I love the shoes with them and the blue is a great color on you. You've got it!
  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    Absolutely fantastic!!! Wear them out of the house!
  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago
    I was playing with mine tonight, too, Amy, and I'm finding that "intentional" styling requires learning new proportions.  I feel like I'm fumbling around a bit, but I like the way trying a new silhouette pushes me to hone my eye and think of new combinations in my closet. 

    Your shoes really help this look, and I'm in favor of a little shortening!
  • bj1111 replied 7 years ago

    OMG OMG OMG...this my fave of yours evah!

    Love the slouch without overwheming you. You look so sassy in #1.


    And FYI, LOVE!!!?

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    I think you have done an excellent job and really created a true slouchy pant. This do deserve to be worn out of the house, and soon:)

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