WIW: Joining in Bootcut boot camp

I hadn't intended to join Rae's bootcut boot camp, but this morning in the dark when I grabbed something to wear for walking the dog, it was my bootcuts. So when getting dressed, I decided to stick with them. I was inspired by J's everyday fashion's post to wear my military-inspired jacket over stripes.

This feels to me like it works, and the happiness factor is high. I'm kind of surprised by that - I'll have to set and figure out why it works (or if I'm deluding myself ) :)


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  • CK replied 9 years ago

    No suggestions - looks good!

  • MsMary replied 9 years ago

    I suggest you wear this more often! ;)

    And because I am a maximal girl, I would love to see a pendant or maybe a scarf to jazz it up even more!

  • Tina.b replied 9 years ago

    I really like this look and I'm very into the whole military style jacket. I am always wary of stripes for myself, but I may attempt a similar pairing. Great outfit!

  • replied 9 years ago

    This looks great on you!

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    Awesome! I am jealous that you have a great military jacket...had my eye out for probably ten years and never loved one on me. I think pairing it with stripes was very current - j crew just did a military jacket with great striped lining.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Thanks Rae - This jacket was a linen olive shirt-dress that I happened across. I liked the military-jacket-esque details, so I lopped it off and gave it a new hem. It's not quite warm enough for winter most days, but I know it'll be a spring/fall workhorse.

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    This is a great look for you - your instincts are spot on!

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