WIW: Orphan Challenge pink/purple

It's still October, so I figured now is the perfect time to get in those pink and purple orphans, right?

I'm not sure whether today's orphan is pink or purple.  What do we call the color that's in between the two?  I've been thinking of this cardigan as a pinkish purple.  I like it's color - it's out of the norm for me.  But I don't like the gathered shoulders, and the entire shape seems kinda blah to me.

What do you think?  Does it earn it's keep?  (pic #3 is my pinspiration for this color.  The cardi is almost exactly the color as the inspiration shot - even though it doesn't show that way in my pics.)

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  • El Cee replied 10 years ago

    I like your idea of a pop of color over the "column of denim", but I agree with you that something is a bit off about the shape and length of the sweater. If you decide to toss it, I hope you will look for something else with this orchid color, as it is very flattering on you. BTW -- I am enjoying watching your "orphan challenge". Makes me realize that I probably have both unnoticed gems and duds in my closet. I am in need of a sorting/sifting.

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    Ahh - Orchid! Perfect name for the color.  Thank you!

    And yes - I like the color, and even like it on me - but don't think this cardi is all that fab...

  • El Cee replied 10 years ago

    Hey... just a thought... could you, instead of tossing, repurpose the sweater and make a handbag or infinity scarf? Having an orchid accessory might be nice.

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    Hmm - it might make a terrific scarf - I'll play with that. Thanks! :)

  • Glory replied 10 years ago

    Hi Amy - day 4 you are doing great! I hear you on the gathering. For me, I find it too sweet - but that is for me. I love the idea of this colour for you but perhaps not this particular cardigan.

  • Vickie KY replied 10 years ago

    The color is great on you. The shape is a bit off.

  • Emily replied 10 years ago

    Hello - I am following your challenge with interest!
    I like how you interpreted your pinspiration, but agree that the shape of the cardigan is not quite right with the outfit.  I don't think the cardigan is bad, though, maybe just not right here.  Does the chambray shirt have a shaped hem, like in your inspiration?  What about the shirt untucked + cardigan, possibly with the sleeves rolled up + slim black pants?

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Emily - the Chambray does have a curved him, but at it's longest point (front and back), it's just the same length as the cardi, and I thought the two hems competed that way.  

    I'm down with a bad cold today, or I'd whip out the camera and try your suggestion right now.  But I will soon :)

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