WIW: sawdust

I'm scarce on the forum these days, and that's likely to continue for a while. We're putting most of our energy into finishing our house so we can move in!

I'm still mostly following Ingunn's February calendar, but interpreting the themes rather loosely. I enjoy having the prompt to get me inspired to get dressed.  In March, I'm likely to repeat January's, or make another calendar for myself (unless you make a March one, Ingunn.  In that case, please share :)  )

Here's a few outfits that I managed to snap pics of.

#1 skirted leggings and turtleneck with a long sweater.
#2 statement shoes
#3 gray-scale (I think it was on the day that "all black" was on the calendar, ha).
#4 gingham, white and silver with what currently fit me like wide-leg jeans (they say "skinny straight", but look wide-leg to me).  And a pink coat.
#5 Sunday's outfit without the coat.
#6 Wore the same thing Saturday to a baby shower
Yep - my favorites are on repeat, I guess :)
#7 Pop of color (gray with a "pop" of teal) worn in the new house.  Floors are done!  This pic shows the pale maple of the second story floors
#8 the living room floor - hickory, stained and finished.  We are going for the "old bar" type floor - trying to add character back in to the 1890's house we gutted.

All feedback and suggestions welcome :)

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  • Dimity replied 7 years ago

    I love your pink coat especially! What nice outfits. The floor looks terrific too, what an achievement.

  • Nebraskim replied 7 years ago

    I love that knit shirt with the gray body and dark sleeves. It is a sweatshirt or sweater? Did you get it here? I've been eyeing a similar at Eddie Bauer. The floors in your house are divine. You guys are making such good progress on such a long-term project.

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Thanks Nebraskim - That shirt is a sweater - Old Navy Cashmere that I picked up from Goodwill (so I'm sure it's not from a recent season).  I've been wearing it super often - it's soft and warm!.

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    The pink and gingham is a big springtime wow :)

    Great floor. Do y'all have a decor scheme in mind yet?

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Decor Schemes: (at least what we have thought of so far)

    2nd floor: theme is light and airy.  Floors are light maple, walls are likely to end up light turquoises and greens.  I want the tree-tops and sky feeling up there.  It's a tall house, and the second story really is in the tree tops.  The second story will house my office, a guest room, a library and a bathroom.

    1st floor: Theme is creating character, preferably in a calm way (no busy patterns).  Hubby is installing craftsman-style trim. Colors are going to be a mix of pale neutrals for everything but the dark-ish floor (and probably dark-ish countertops too). Kitchen cabinets are creamy white - and there's going to be color-matched cabinets on one wall in living room too, for our homeschool stuff. Trim will be white, I think, and walls will be gray if I can figure out a gray that goes with cream cabinets and white trim.  It may have a smidge of blue in it to counteract the warmth of the cream - I'm not sure, but need to get sure soon, because we paint Saturday.  Floors are gray/brown mix - the wood you see in the pic in the living room, and a stone-look linoleum with nearly identical tones in kitchen and bathroom.

    The couch is blue (almost navy), and I'm thinking that blue will turn into the accent color - it's likely that everything will be neutrals (mix of warm and cool, and pale wherever practical) except for what's blue.

    Basement: All our bedrooms will be in the basement.  (It'll be cool in the summer, and warm in the winter due to the heated floor we installed).  Kids have each picked a color for their walls, and common space is, I hope, going to be home to a giant mural or two.  I haven't figured out what in the world to do the the master bedroom, except that I think I want teal as a color in it - maybe for the doors, or an accent wall?

    We're leaving a large attic unfinished - whew, no decor decisions to make there :)

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Beautiful floors. 

    Don't you look fab in #4 - one of your very best, and k-word worthy. 

  • Daria replied 7 years ago

    amiable - I agree with everybody that #4 is great. You look so put together. Will also look great with a cardi or blazer of the same color, instead of a coat.
    Floors are beautiful. :)

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    The house sounds amazing and the floors look great! Love you especially in that incredibly fun pink coat. That definitely qualifies as pop of colour. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 7 years ago

    Ooh, 4 and 7 are my favorites here! I love your intentional "pop of color" outfit and the pink is also a nice pop of color on you. The floor is gorgeous, and the house project sounds so neat.

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