WIW: Tuesday already?

I was just writing this post, about what I wore Sunday and Today, and realized that today isn't Monday.  It's Tuesday.  This week has been packed, and is going way too quickly.

Sunday was my final birthday party, combined with Thanksgiving at my in-laws (we celebrated all three November birthdays together).  I wanted to look sophisticated and comfy enough to overeat, as well as warm enough for their house, which is often rather chilly (they heat with wood, so places in it are really warm, but the house on a whole is kinda chilly most of the time).

Anyway, I felt like this outfit fit the bill.  It wasn't super exciting, but it was functional.  You can't see my shoes - they're my pointy-toed suede oxford booties.

Today I started off copying a madewell look - red buffalo check over white. It was okay, but I don't think I nailed it or anything.  Then my kids went to their cousins for the day leaving me with unscheduled time.  So I made a hair appointment.  More on that in another thread.  I changed for the hair appointment because that vest is really puffy and I thought it might be in the way of the cape and haircut.  So I ended up in gray jeans, white sweater and a navy suede jacket.

How should I change any of these to improve?

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  • AviaMariah replied 7 years ago

    1/2 is by far my favorite.  You look so tall and lean!  I also love 5 with the sneaks.  It seems like 4 could use something darker in it it; maybe a darker shirt?  I'm not sure.

  • replied 7 years ago

    I really like 5! I agree 1/2 makes your legs look so long!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    You had me with the tartan in #4. Great look. Love it for your casual MOTG lifestyle. #5 is fab too. 

  • DonnaF replied 7 years ago

    The pants in #1 - 3 are so flattering on you -- makes your legs look a mile long and seem to be a great width at the bottom.  Not sure whether I favor these even over your red jeans.  Love that top on you, too.

  • Sarah A replied 7 years ago

    I love the idea in 1-2 but the shirt looks like it is catching on your baselayer? Maybe it is just the camera angle but I think a silky baselayer might allow for better draping? The look is one to repeat, agree the these pant are super flattering. Also, absolutely adore #5!

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Good eye Sarah - it did catch on the base layer just a tad.  (It also sticks to my skin just a tad - perhaps it's just a clingy fabric?)  It was a silky base layer though - so it was minimized as much as I could...

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    The pants in #1-3 are black jeans from my recent GoodWill trip.  I bought them intending to taper the legs, but haven't gotten to it.  Now I'm thinking I should leave the width.  Should I?

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Love #5 & like Sarah A's suggestion for #1.

  • replied 7 years ago

    Okay, I agree with everyone who's saying the black pants or jeans in 1/2 are extra super califragilexpealidociously flattering on you! Times about 10. Love the checks and Cons outfits too, they really gel with your style. 

  • Sarah A replied 7 years ago

    I vote not to taper more. [unless youve purged them all... I think] You have a fair number of skinnies and these look great and add variety!

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Sarah - you're right that I have a lot of skinnies - but ALL my black pants are wide leg - two dress pair, and these jeans.  That's why I'd intended to taper them.  But something about their drape (they're pretty stretchy for denim) makes me wonder whether they would even do the tapered shape very well.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    I really like all of these Amy but am especially fond of the high contrast outfit with the white and tartan .

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    These all look good to me - the first jeans are very flattering and the white and red plaid are fab!

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    You're having a great week, Amy!  I like all of these.  I wonder about tucking the shirt in #4.  The structure of a belt might reign in some of the fullness.  I love it, though, as is!

  • Alexandra replied 7 years ago

    I like #1-3: those pants are great!

  • replied 7 years ago

    You look so darn cute in 1,2,3 :) I like the fun tartan too. 5 is a great casual easy breezy, hairdresser visit look.

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