WIW: windy busy days

I'm still lurking around here most days - just not taking time to take, crop and upload photos :(

I have a free moment this evening, and I thought I'd drop by and wish you all a Happy Holidays, and share a few of the things I've been wearing, since I actually copied the contents of my camera on to my hard drive today :)

So here's a whole bunch.

#1 cape and printed jeans
#2 pleated skirt with biker jacket
#3-4 lumberjack vest with two pants styles and new Danskos!
#5 citron and gray sweater that is a very happy sweater for me this winter.
#6-7 cozy sweaterdress with coat (coat is purple, but looks black in photo).  I tried to make it more festive with a sparkly scarf and jewelry.
#8 tunic sweater and leggings - felt great when sick.
#9 trying out the turtleneck under a plaid shirt ensemble - I think I need a turtleneck with a tighter cowl.
#10 sparkly sweater and floaty split skirt (in the wind) dressed down with a jean jacket.
#11 shiny silver/taupe vest over black (vest is reversible - I wore the taupe side out)
#12 eggplant, burgundy and grey.  
#13 burgundy with citron - didn't realize that the sweater stuck to my underlayer so badly until I saw this photo.  Wonder if I was like this all day.  This color combo was inspired by merwoman, and really made me happy.
#14 mixed blues and greens (teal cardigan over huntergreen sweater and paisley print blue/greens jeans)

Many of these photos feature my new Dansko books.  They have a cutout, and I'm finding it way too fun to wear wild socks with them.  Sometimes I even coordinate my socks to my outfit.  They are almost as comfy as my Dansko clogs, and I can wear and walk in them for a full 16 hour day, so they are winners!  I'm hoping that the not-so-fuddy-duddy shoes up my style a bit :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

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  • bonnie replied 5 years ago

    Great outfits - #2, #7, #11 are my favorites.

  • Joyce B replied 5 years ago

    Those are all great outfits! My favorite is the last picture but as I said, they are all great.

  • Nebraskim replied 5 years ago

    Merry Christmas to you Amy! You look so happy, chic and stunning. I love the buffalo check vest on you. Glad your new boots are working for you. I have a pair of Dansko booties that I got a couple years ago on sale and they are workhorses for winter. 

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    Wow. Strong day after day! Merry Christmas :)

  • Aquamarine replied 5 years ago

    Amy, you look super! I can't pick a favorite, although the first outfit with the poncho might edge out the others. You definitely can rock a poncho! And how fun are those boots??

    Merry Christmas to you!

  • replied 5 years ago

    Wow, you are looking so good in all of these looks Amy! The clogs are fab! I can see how you coordinated them with socks. It looks like a fancy coloured detail on the boots..brilliant. I'm going to give a special shout out to my favourite outfits which are #1, #2, #6/7, #10, #11 and #12.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    You are finding your style and it looks wonderful. My favorites are 1, 6/7, 11 and 14.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Good to see you again, Amy. #6 is killer and the cape in #1 is very fun. Also loving the lumberjack plaid in #3 and the palette of #13. Rock on.

  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago

    Good to see you!  These are great outfits!  Those boots are super fun with the funky socks showing.  I agree with you that the black, grey and citron sweater is perfect for this winter season. 

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Love #6/7 with the contrasty shoes, #1, #2 and #11 are also standouts!

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    Hi Amy! 

    Those new Dansko boots are fabulous --- perfect choice!

    I love the paisley and red pants -- such fun, and the dark dress outfit is elegant and lovely!  Happy Holidays!

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