(What I'm wearing is a Work In Progress)

I cleaned out my closet yesterday, moving everything that I had any complaint about into "probation", even if I liked it.  So out are the tops that just don't set right, and the jeans that never stay zipped, or muffin top me, etc.

So this morning I looked, expecting to be thrilled with my now emptier closet, and instead felt bored.  Go figure.  Not enough color staring me back.  (I was left with eight tops - three white, two black/light print, this floral, one coral and one teal shell).  Most of my pants are now blue jeans or black, and most of my toppers are now black (with a bit of navy thrown in).  I think I'll be adding back in items out of probation soon.

Now I still have a full drawer of tees and another of sweaters.  Don't think I purged down to a minimal closet.  And even what I purged is still nearby and accessible.  This is more of an experiment to find out if I'm happy wearing only what I deem perfect or nearly there.

I decided I needed some pattern and color this morning, and went for this floral shirt, which I do have a complaint about (it's too short), but I kept anyway.  (I'm weak).  I paired it with my gray cashmere, and like the pairing.  But the bottoms are tougher to figure out.  I tried white, and liked the color pairing, but didn't like how the slouchiness of the white and the shortness of the top interacted.  So I tried some blue jeans that aren't at all slouchy, (and they're too long for the white shoes).  But I'm not sure this works either.  

I'd tuck the top, but looking down and seeing the little strip of flowers makes me happy.  I like it while I'm working.

What are your suggestions?

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  • Marmee replied 6 years ago

    Darn, I submitted my response and then it disappeared!

    I like that floral top, and agree that the strip at the bottom adds happiness points!  My preference is for the darker jeans, I think because the shape works better with the shape of the sweater.  What would happen if you roll them?

  • Liz A. replied 6 years ago

    very cute with the slimmer, darker jeans.  the lighter jeans could use an ironing ;)

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    I like it with the darker jeans as well. The little flouncy edge of the blouse makes me want a fitted bottom.

  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    What Carter said.  And I think rolling them would be worth trying.

    Interesting experiment, keep us posted on how it goes!

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Second to a more fitted bottom (like the dark jeans).  I like the idea of rolling both the jeans AND scrunching the sleeves, unless that leaves you too cold.

  • shedev replied 6 years ago

    I really want to try that experiment.

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    I like it with the dark jeans, especially with the white shoes. I'm with you on the white slouchy jeans, more length on top would be better (or a long top with cropped top/jacket). That said, it does look a bit dressier with white jeans versus blue jeans. One thing you could try with your experiment, is leave the colorful non-so-great items and note what it is you reach for that's not there... the types of colors, types of prints etc. That will help you focus on where to apply those things in future purchases.

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