WIW: casual skirt option

The casual skirt I wore yesterday was wrinkly, and not the perfect shape for me, I thought.

So I tried a different casual skirt today.  How does this one work?  It's gray, which for some reason I find hard to pair with other colors - maybe because most of my tops are blue, and this gray plus blue looks like a police uniform to me....

It feels just fine - it's cool enough on a pretty warm day.  I'm just not sure how many things I have to wear it with.


WIW: new combos

I've been enjoying repeats lately. I have summer casual and smart casual capsules working pretty well for me, and am enjoying that.  Here's a few combinations from the first half of July that weren't repeats.  You've seen most of the pieces, I think, but this was the first time I wore them in these combinations.

#1 - #2 red drapey top with striped tube skirt.  Added a jacket for frigid A/C at church. This was the first outing of these nude sandals, and may be the last - the straps weren't comfortable on me.

#3 striped top with boyfriend jeans.

#4 - #5 apple green shorts with button-down top - one chambray, the other woven.  This has become a pretty favorite combo.

#6 - worn for indoor A/C - white jeans with buttondown.

#7 - worn for a July 4th bbq wedding.  I was actually on the dressy side of appropriate, believe it or not! (The bridesmaids were a bit less formal than this outfit)  These white sandals here served me well that day. Do they look current?  


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WIW: olive, white, denim... upside down

Based on this ensemble, I decided to wear olive and denim together.  It turns out that I like the combination - never mind that the skirt is rumpled.  (Hmm... may have to change that before venturing out this evening).

#1 is how I'm wearing it (birks rather than espadrilles, no topper for a warmish day - mid-90s, F)

#2 is more literal to the ensemble, but the parts don't actually work well here, I see.  (Changed to espadrilles, added a while leather jacket, and tucked the top).

This skirt is new to me - filling the "casual skirt" hole.  I'm thinking that even with it ironed, it might not be flattering enough to really earn a spot in my wardrobe.  What do you think? 


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June conclusions, part 2 (moderate weather capsules)

I know, June is over, but I'm still working through my June challenge.  The challenge was to photograph every outfit, rate outfits and items, purge what doesn't work, and make capsules of what does.

My hot-weather casual capsule is here, and I'm happy with it.  Of course, since posting that, our weather has been definitely moderate, not too hot.  I need a moderate temps capsule.

Here's my favorite moderate-temp outfits from June and vicinity.

Some observations:

  • I have more variety in moderate temp outfits than in hot-temp outfits
  • Moderate temp outfits tend to be less casual for me (partly because church is the most air-conditioned place I go)
  • Moderate temp outfits can contain one hot-temp piece with one slightly warmer piece and usually still suit me well.
  • Skirts and dresses are generally not warm enough for me in moderate temps, so there's less silhouette variety (I'm fine with that).
  • My style in the moderate temps is less well defined.  

As far as a capsule - I think this really goes in to two.  Smart casual in #1-3 and just plan casual in #4+ (veering to very casual in #8-#9).

My favorite is #1, and I felt the most "like me" in 6, 8 and 9.  

I think I'll call my moderate weather casual capsule this:

  • boyfriend jeans (#8-9)
  • skinny jeans (#4, #7)
  • mesh sweaters (I have three, but the only one shown is #6)
  • all my hot weather rolled sleeve tops (#1-3, #7-9), but with longer bottoms
  • Striped top (#4)

And my moderate weather smart casual capsule this:

  • capris (#1, #2, and I also have a black pair and a bright pink pair)
  • all my hot weather rolled sleeved tops  (#1-3, #7-9)
  • black moto vest topper (I have two other vest toppers to try)
  • occasionally a jacket topper (#1, or black moto jacket or jean jacket)

My moderate weather capsules mix nicely with my hot weather capsule to account for just about the whole range of summer temps.

Still to be analyzed/shown:  Hot weather smart-casual wear.

What are your thoughts?  What will make my summer style more coherent and more "me"?  Do you see holes in this moderate-weather capsule?  (My hot weather capsule still has a couple of holes - those are on the previous post)


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