Overloading the Forum: Body Shape pics

After reading in the past week from two women that they thought they were one shape and learned after joining the forum that they were different, I figured I may as well take some body-shape photos and upload them.

What I learned:
1) Body-shape photos can be really unflattering!
2) I have bad posture. I should work on that.

I've labeled myself an apple/IT for a good while - because on those "what size are you based on measurements" charts, my tummy measurements put me in much larger sizes than my bust or hips measurements. And my shoulder measurement puts me in a smaller size than my bust measurement.....

I think this means that I'll never be able to close a jacket that fits me nicely in the shoulders. And I'm okay with that.

Here's my measurements (not sure if they're helpful) Bust:40 (at widest point), ribs (below bust) 34 (my narrowest point), waist 36 (at belly button - I'm a bit bigger just below it), hips 39 (at widest point).

In the mirror, if I hold up a tape measure in front of me, my shoulders are about 15.5", wide, and my waist and hips are both about 14" wide. Obviously, my tummy sticks out in the front. It's also my most frequently varying measurement.

After look at these pics, I think that walking the dog in the morning is not an adequate workout. :)


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