WIW Catchup

Life is particularly busy right now, so not only is my participation minimal, but I've missed photographing several outfits.  One of the non-photo ones has become a favorite and been worn twice in the past week - but neither time did I get a photo.

Here's the photos I did get though.  Nothing super special.

#1 is my gray drapey eShakti tunic with black skinnies and my new moto vest.  Does it work?

#2 is new-to me ankle pants (navy), and a new-to-me shirt too (went Good willing last week!).  Oh, and the new-to-me watermelon bag too.  I'm on team wear.  The jacket is the one Kate sent me a couple of years ago.  I still completely love it.

#3 is white and carmelly cognac.  I liked this color combo quite a lot.

#4 was white and brown with blue jeans.  This one didn't really work for me, and I suspect the white lace shell, and maybe also the brown leather bomber, need to move on.  We'll see.

Anything stand out to you that I'm missing?


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WIW: for wind and rain

Yesterday was windy all day (see my hair in pic #2?), and it turned into a stormy night (6 tornadoes were spawned by the storm, though our local sirens were just a warning.  We did get 7 inches of rain though).  Due to extremely muddy conditions, I'm back to indoor shots.  But I do like my outfit today - it's a version of Angie's Lilac, Toffee and White ensemble from last fall.  Mine is lilac, cognac and cream.

Yesterday, I wore gingham checks with jean culottes (at least, I consider them culottes - perhaps they're actually long bermuda shorts).  My feet were so so happy in my birkenstocks.  Made me resolve to find a way to wear them more of the year.

What are your suggestions to improve either of these?


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K/R Moto Vest

Angie's posts this spring convinced me that I should really consider a moto vest.  Following her link led me to this vest at Maurices, and on clearance!

It arrived today, and I think I like it - what do you think?

The fabric is woven and mid-weight.  I would use it as a third piece, though I rarely wear them - I like the idea of them for business casual type purposes.  I would also use it to bring a bit of structure over a sack dress, or similar situations.

I don't think it's terrific zipped - but I'm not sure I'd ever want to zip it either.  Does it otherwise look like it fits properly?  And does it seem like it would be a versatile piece?

It's just slapped on here, over a shirt from the laundry pile, because I had been wearing a dark sweater and didn't think it would show up well over that.  To be honest, I'll probably look about this rumpled wearing it anyway :)  Pictures are lightened a bit so that you can see detail, and vest is unzipped in all except #4.


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WIW: varied silhouettes

A few less-in-my-comfort zone silhouettes over the past couple of days for me.

Today - cropped pants (with a higher-than-normal rise for me, right at my belly button) with a cropped top.  I think it might actually work?

Yesterday - pleated midi skirt with sweater - not a great success, unfortunately.  

Saturday - culottes with a sweatshirt.  A new silhouette that was comfy for the weekend.  But I'm not sure it looks all that fab....

Friday - business casual in black, white and light blue.  Unfortunately, the business I visited was very warm, and I ended up with the jacket off and sleeves rolled.  I think it still looked okay.  (Everyone there was in jeans and tees)

Thursday - Slouchy sweater over white jeans.  I was cold and tossed on a scarf, which didn't end up helping the outfit any....

I'm off to run errands with my kids - I'll check back in a few hours - feel free to comment or add suggestions!


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