Sweater and Bootcut proportions

I like this post, because it shows several length and shapes of sweaters with bootcuts.  So I tried on a variety of sweater lengths in my wardrobe with my current favorite pair of bootcuts - black bootcut jeans.

I'm posting them from shortest to longest.

#1 cropped sweater with bootcuts.  I wore this last week.  I'm not sure that I'm quite comfortable with a short top and long bottom proportions - does it look weird, or does my eye just need to adjust? (#2 is front view, tried on today)  This one has a welted hem.

#3 brocade sweatshirt - no welt on hem.
#4 welted sweater
#5 drapey sweater (semi-tucked)
#6 chunky, long sweater (semi-tucked)

Which of these work (or don't work) proportionally with the bootcuts?
I need an asymmetrical pullover, don't you think?


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WIW: Plaid Lovin'

This plaid trend is about my favorite thing ever.  Here's a couple of recent outfits showcasing some of the plaid in my closet.

#1 black and red buffalo check (over faded black or dark gray skinnies) - the vest is a bit warm for our not-yet-cold weather, but I was eager to wear it, and enjoyed it.  It's almost like a sleeveless bomber jacket (but very thick and puffy)

#2 brown plaid with white jeans.  Black belt and shoes because I wanted to wear boots rather than my cognac loafers.  I also felt like this one worked pretty well.

Suggestions for improvement?  Are there things that don't work about these two outfits that I'm missing?


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WIW: Shell over shirt

I finally got around to trying this ensemble - it's a bit different for me, but I think it's mostly okay.  What would be better if it were different?

chambray shirt
lace sweater-type shell
dark wash skinny jeans

Happiness factor is only just above 'okay'.  I don't feel like it's really me, but I like experimenting to try new things, and this was a reasonably successful experiment in spite of not really feeling 'me' in it.


WIW: Shirt under knit

I just had to try this out today - and I'm not convinced that it's working - I think I probably need boyfriend jeans rather than flares. (And pardon the around-the-house shoes)

Still, does this shirt and pullover work together, or does it end up with too much going on?

I like the almost-RATE integrity of this look a lot, and suspect I'll be playing with ways to make it not look preppy for a while.


WIW: Copying others

I'm joining the long line of people copying Greg and Inge with white on bottom, black on top.  

I'm thinking of this as perhaps another business casual option for my conference next week.  I'd definitely have to iron the jeans, but if you can imagine them not rumpled, would this read as business casual?  (I'm thinking of 'casual Friday', when everyone will have stayed up too late imbibing and be barely awake)  I do have other options, so if this is just too casual, or sloppy, let me know.  :)  (I do know that white jeans are considered acceptable attire by my company).

#3 is trying the concept with a navy shirt rather than the black.  I like the fit of the black (more drapey, larger), but the blue may be more professional?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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The bag lady (and not in a good way) - extra long

Due to a familial bout with the stomach flu, I have more free time this evening than I anticipated.  So I put that time to use photoing bags.

So here's the inventory - good, bad and ugly...

#1 a gray, shiny, very structured bag.  Too formal for every day use.
#2 a white hobo type bag.  Probably to boho for me.
#3 a black nylon travel bag.  Very light weight, and pretty boring.
#4 another black nylon bag.  Also light weight, with a crinkly flap.
#5 a snake-skin bag.  Cheap feeling and a bit small for me to use well.
#6 Black/white striped.
#7 Handknit bag with fibonacci stripes
#8 a Brown boring bag
#9 Fabric bag from Africa.  I love this one when I'm wearing no other patterns, and want to add brightness. It's very casual, of course.
#10 a Brown slouchy bag
#11 a Green slouchy bag.  The handle is adjustable length (too short in pic), and the bag is big.
#12 a huge gray vinyl bag.
#13 A small red bag
#14 a white bag with a shape that I like
#15 a black bag with gold zipper details that I like.  I'd forgotten I had this, and think I'll make this my bag for fall.
#16 red structured Kate Spade bag.
#17 white small bag.  I like that it's cross-body.
#18 silver foil bag.  Love the bag, but feel silly with it.
#19 gorgeous ostrich aqua wallet.  Too small to sub for a clutch.
#20 The black/brown striped bag I've been carrying the past few weeks.

Now, for the questions.  Clearly I don't need or use this many bags.  I'm really more of a 1-3 bags per season girl.  Which, if any, are worth keeping?

(I had my 5 year old take bag shots of me, for scale.  He loved it.  And he picks the black and white striped bag as his favorite)


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WIW: black and blue

Thanks for thinking through and discussing updates to my style with me the other day.  It's very helpful to my thinking.

I'm coming up to my semi-annual conference dates, where I start obsessing about how to look business casual, polished and professional, very competent (I'm speaking three times this fall at this conference) and still like myself.  This outfit is an audition for that occasion.  Do you think it works?

Since the photo doesn't make it obvious, it's navy trousers with a black sweater and shoes - then a white belt and white pleather jacket.  

I wore this a couple of days ago, and the column of color made me feel tall.  I think I want a couple more light colored toppers so that I can wear a column of dark color more often. 


Updating my style

I've been trying to work my way (slowly) toward a more minimal, and somewhat more edgy style for a while now.

Toward this end, I have a few updates to show you.

First: hair.  I'd hoped that the inverted bob I asked for would be more inverted - next time I'll ask for it more severe.  Still, what I have is approaching what I want, I think. (#1)

Second: Specs.  They finally arrived today, and the red (#2) are comfy and light. The black (#3) are obviously higher quality and sturdier, but the red are more comfortable right out of the box, so I'm wearing them for now.

Third: Footwear.  My long-sought-for Doc Martens (#4) also arrived today.  These are the third pair I've tried, and I like them. They're 8-hole, so I think will qualify as booties to wear with skirts too.  (I may try that tomorrow if the weather permits a skirt). 

Forth: Handbag.  This isn't an update, and might need to be updated.  But I figure I'll show you the handbag (#5) I'm currently carrying anyway.  I'm not thrilled with it, but also not dissatisfied enough to look for a replacement.  It's nicely structured, real leather and good quality.  I like the mix of brown and black.   But I'm pretty sure it's dated. 

Putting it together into What I'm Wearing (#6-7).

Comments?  Suggestions for improvement?

(btw: the top in #4 is also new - it's a gray sparkly sweatshirt.  Cropped in the front, a bit longer in the back. Is it worth keeping?)

ETA: Unfortunately, I'm not altogether thrilled with any of these updates.  I'm thinking I'll have the hair trimmed to more inverted (I hope) next time, but I figure I'm stuck with the glasses for a while and will just accept them.  As far as the Docs, I love the way they look, but they're putting my right small toes to sleep.  I may need to experiment with lacing them more loosely....  Still, I'm hoping they're a step in the right direction, and that I can continue to take steps in the right direction.

And apologies for no make-up.  


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WIW: tweaked repeat (style lab)

Today I'm wearing a tweaked version of the lace shell and boyfriend jeans outfit I posted yesterday.  This time, with shorter (and sadly, slightly less faded and distressed) boyfriend jeans.

I tried it with three rolls (#1), two rolls (#2) and one large roll (#3) 
#4 is the original, your comments on it inspired me to try it with shorter bf jeans.

Which do you prefer?  (and why?)


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WIW: with high happiness factor

I'm trying on various combinations of fall/summer clothes for the current season with still warm weather.  My goal is to figure out which of my too-many clothes work the best for fall/winter, so that my closet can be small enough to serve me well (i.e., make getting dressed easy and leave me feeling fabulous)

Here's two outfits that had a higher than usual happiness factor.

#1 is trying out a new-to-me plaid flannel.  It's brown, dark red, gold and white, and I think I like it well enough to keep it in rotation.  What do you think?  Am I missing some flaw?  Worn with white shorts, because it's too warm to wear flannel and long jeans.

#2 is last year's boyfriend jeans (full length rolled) with a cream lace sweater-shell.  This was a top that I had up in my drawers for summer, but was too warm to wear in summer.  It's perfect in this warm early-autumn weather, and I was surprised how much I liked this outfit.

Do these two outfits work proportions wise?  They were perfect for the weather of the past few days, and make me look forward to more fall dressing.
All feedback and suggestions are more than welcome :)


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