Help with proportions? Black Ankle pants and black booties

Trying out Angie's suggestion to wear Black ankle pants with black booties.

And I'm not convinced it's working for me.  Perhaps it's my black ankle pants - are they a bad length? Or too wide?

Shown here with three pairs of what I think almost qualify (maybe) as black booties (and one pair of burgundy booties, and a pair of black sneakers).

#1 suede oxfords  - pointy toe and a slight heel.  Is the top too low to go with these?

#2 leather boots - almond toe, but I think the shaft is too tall - and don't find the silhouette flattering here - it looks.... top heavy?

#3 higher heeled oxfords - also pointy toed, but still more shoes than boots, right?

#4 burgundy beetle booties - maybe the only honest booties, and probably the best of the lot - but not black?

#5 Trying it with sneakers too.  Just for fun.

Is it the pants?  Do any of these work?  I think I'm gonna go change to bf jeans.


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Ask Angie and all: Choosing glasses (part 2)

Thanks for your help and feedback last weekend.  After reading and measuring some more, and taking lots more pictures, I've eliminated most of the possibilities that I originally showed you.  

I'm currently favoring these three.  They are wide enough (I think), not too deep (I think), oval shaped and half-rimmed, and not too heavy.  They all have adjustable nose pads for my overly-wide bridge.

#1 is dark red
#2 is shown in purple, but I think I'd order the blue version - their photo of the blue just had a lot of white and made it look weird
#3 is blue

What are your thoughts?  What am I missing?  Is there a clear winner or loser?

ETA: Found a wider set in brown and black (#4-5).  They're a bit heavier than the others, but probably not un-doable.  Everything wider than this and also oval half-rimmed is wire frame.


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Help choose glasses frames? ETA: New Head shot, lotsa pics

I'm armed with an updated prescription, and have narrowed down my frame choices.....  But I'm having troubles with the final decision.  Would you mind weighing in?

I can get two pair - so feel free to vote for two.  I'm thinking that one red and one not-red would be a good mix.

#1 and #2 are dark red, #1 a bit thicker, and #2 has plaid arms.

#3 is blue (but I wonder if it's a bit too angular for my face?)

#4 is my favorite shape, but these are black.  They also come in very bright red, that I fear will accentuate the redness my face gets when I'm flushed (which is rather frequent).

And apologies for the non-clear lenses on #1-3.  I wish they online pics were better....  

And as always, feel free to tell me to go back to the drawing board too (but be prepared to offer concrete suggestions if you do :) )

ETA: New Head Shot, (with same four frames, and new frames under consideration) added.  

#5 - same frame as #1, new head shot.  

#6 same frame as #2. 

#7 same frame as #3

#8 same frame as #4

#9 same as in my first comment after showing my old glasses

#10 the wider red ones (from my comment)

#11 the wider black ones (from same comment)

#12 a blue semi-rimless (I think these are probably too tall)

#13 a lighter blue

#14 black with gold (for Jenava)

#15 brown


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Sneaker feedback?

I love the sneaker look - especially the converse and slip-on sneaker versions of it.  I think they fit with my tomboy style.

But now I have too many.  Six pair (as well as one around-the-house slip-on style sneaker, and way too many more espadrilles and canvas loafer type shoes).

Would you mind telling me which ones are the best to keep?

#1 red plaid converse style
#2 light and dark blue slip on sneakers
#3 gray camo converse style (that don't require laces)
#4 cream converse style with a flat-form.  These are the preppiest of them all, but also the most comfortable due to the thick sole.
#5 black keds with a white sole
#6 black and white converse (that don't actually match, but you can't tell from the pic)

I'm really not sure which ones, if any, should stay or go.   #2 is so far unworn - but I just added  them last week - making me notice that I have so many.  #6 and #1 haven't been worn recently, but numbers 3-5 have, and I suspect I could wear and enjoy #1 a lot this fall...?


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WIW: for fall weather

Fall is definitely in the air.  It was down to 38 F here last weekend (and less than an hour away got frost).  I love this season and this weather - warm in the day, cooler in the morning and evening, and chilly at night.

I think I have my fall/winter tops sorted - I've chosen several sweaters to bring up from the basement thrift store, and am excited about wearing them.  I'm still working out which bottoms will start off in my closet.

Here's what I've worn for fall weather the past few days.  I'm finding that my summer clothes transition nicely with warmer supporting acts too - at least until it's honestly chilly.

#1  My summer EF black drapey dress with a brown almost-bomber leather jacket and cognac loafers.  This looks frumpy in the pic - it didn't feel frumpy when I wore it, but then, I don't think I looked in a mirror.  Oh well.

#2 My summer tube skirt and fuschia (I think) mesh sweater.  These are all summer pieces, but I reserved them for A/C.  Our house is still at least that warm.

#3 A cream short-sleeved sweater with a big cable, and my target slouchy skinnies.

I also wore a black/brown/navy combo that I didn't get a picture of, but will have to recreate for feedback.  I think I liked it - but I never can tell until I see a pic.

All feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome!


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WIW: denim skirt repeat

Today's denim skirt ensemble reminded me of one of my favorite outfits from last spring.  So I resurrected it.

It's a denim skirt, with a welted pullover.  (dark tank underneath to minimize grinning).  Tall boots will, I hope, make it warm enough to wear in today's chill :)  

#2 is yesterday's outfit - a workhorse pullover from last year resurrected.  Is it still current enough?  

All comments and suggestions are welcome :)


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WIW: coming in to autumn

Autumn has always been my favorite season, and as much as I enjoyed summer dressing this year, I've still been looking forward to dressing in the fall.

The weather is significantly cooler this week, and I've brought up a few fall items from the basement thrift store.  I'm trying to be very choosy about what gets added.  And finding it hard to choose,so expect more "help me choose the best" posts - I hope you don't mind. 

Anyway, for these first couple days of cooler weather, here's what I've worn.

#1 the "best" plaid shirt, with buttons all sewn on now.  Does it still work?  With black boot-cut jeans that are too high-waisted for a semi-tuck to work and burgundy beetle booties.  The shirt is a bit snug on my middle - causing the gaping at the bottom.  Is that a problem?  (Should I only wear it tucked or semi-tucked?)

#2 Chambray shirt from summer with dark wash denim skinnies.  I bought these at Target on clearance, intending to K/R them.  Then I forgot them, and just found them yesterday.  It's far past the return date, so I figured I may as well wear them.  I think cognac accents (rather than the white and gray shown) would also work for this outfit.

All comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome :)


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WIW: out of sync

A couple of weeks ago I posted an outfit I'd worn, and thought looked fine, but got in-person feedback that it was not flattering. (ETA: Now shown as pic #2)  

Last Sunday I wore an outfit that I thought looked kinda frumpy, and got lots of compliments on it. (pic #1)

This has caused me some thinking.  Both outfits were a bit experimental for me - outside my normal tomboyish style by a bit.  Neither are my very best colors either (though neither were that bad either).  

What are your thoughts?  Am I just out of touch?  :)

Added Analysis:  Like Suz said - both of these outfits surrender my waist - a silhouette I love.  The blue is very straight, but the white/tan houndstooth skirt is flared from the lower hip level.  Both show enough skin to add structure, right?  

The blue is more sporty than my norm, the white/tan is more lady-like.  Right?

I do think the people I'm mostly around favor figure flattery and lady-like looks :)


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The Check shirt-off (please vote)

After seeing such great plaid (checked) shirt looks, I was inspired by that and the cool weather the past two days to get mine out.

As I expected, I have too many.  I've already purged a few.  These are the 'finalists'.  I'd like to keep two, maybe?  

Would you mind telling me which ones are the best?  (I have an opinion on it too, but will reserve that for now :) )

#1 brown and dark red plaid.  It's a loose and drapey flannel.

#2 red/white/blue plaid flannel.  Also loose, not as drapey as #1, and the plaid is printed on, not woven in.

#3 gray/blue/dark red plaid.  not quite as loose as #1.  Very soft flannel.

#4 Black and white buffalo check - not flannel - it's a lighter weight cotton shirt - suitable for not terribly hot summer days even.

#5 teal and gold plaid.  Also not flannel, and shorter sleeves.  

#6 Navy and white gingham - the shirt is just a bit stiffer than the others (also not flannel - just plain cotton).

Thanks so much for your input and help on this :)


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WIW: mostly rumpled

I was just cropping these photos for posting and noting that I've spent most of the last week taking RATE a bit too far.  I'm dressing for summer weather still, but really wanting to bring a bit of fall colors in.  So here are my attempts.

#1 chambray and a striped tube skirt for a really hot day.

#2 my Beth-Ann Tee, starting to look a little worse for the wear, with replacement boyfriend jeans.  Does these jeans work for BF jeans?

#3 dark red with black and white.  I'm looking forward to wearing dark red a lot this fall.

#4 black dress with boots.  The boots are too big (Dr. Martens), and will be resold on ebay :(  I ended up wearing this with black sneakers instead.

#5 a new-to-me outfit: black ankle pants and a cream/brown/charcoal top.  I like this as a business-casual ensemble for the fall (or air-conditioned late summer, which is where I was that day).  I also styled my hair, for a change :)

#6  The only cool day in the mix - I'm celebrating by wearing full-length jeans (faded flares) with dark red for a dark-red light blue ensemble.  I even dug out my burgundy beetle booties - still love them (but wish they were a little comfier). They'll be half-day shoes for me, but I think they'll stay around for fall.

I like most of these outfits just fine, but I realize that I'm veering into not just RATE, but rumpled.  I'd go for a haircut, but I'm really wanting to try out shoulder-length.  I suppose that means I should try styling it while I wait for it to grow.  Suggestions?

And all suggestions and feedback on outfits are welcome too.  


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