WIW: Blues (ETA: and yellow)

I don't know about you, but I'm sure tired of waiting for spring.... I know I have plenty more winter possible outfits, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas....

Anyway, I've been waiting for a warm enough day to copycat this look. I finally decided that I'd just quit waiting and do it. Of course I forgot about the leopard touches, and think that the outfit would have been much better with it. Oh well. Maybe next time.

And today I thought I'd try Angie's denim-on-denim formula. But I don't like the way it worked either - it's too bulky with this jacket, and too blah without it, and my pants look weird with these shoes.... *sigh*. I'll probably change before I go out running errands this evening.

What do you suggest? Just start over? Add yesterday's yellow jacket? What would improve yesterdays blue/black/yellow combo too?

ETA: Now with yellow jacket and boots. i don't think I like loafers (at least not mine), and it's too cold for rolled jeans. I'm not sure about this version either (probably will change again when I get a chance...)



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WIW, and a mini-epiphany (ETA: another pic)

Yesterday, I debuted my red jeans to church (they've been worn everywhere else, just not there). I tried to polish them (really myself) up by keeping everything else classic. Does the combo work? (#1)

Today, I saw Ceit's brown/blue look first thing, and loved it. So I paired brown and blue today too. I'm thinking the blue denim top is maybe a tad shorter than I want, but overall, I think it's okay - what should be improved?

Last night I read up a little on the Kibbe styles after krish's thread, and learned that I'm most likely a "natural". So I read some about naturals (and plan to read more). But my take-away from the initial reading was that I dislike anything that feels or looks contrived. this is useful to me in understanding why and I'm RATE, and why I don't do matchy-matchy and things like that. It also explains why I don't really do stiff fabrics (at least in shirts). I'm a soft fabrics girl.

In light of being a "natural", I almost think that yesterday's red-jeans outfit is too contrived looking. What do you think? I suppose this question could also be phrased as "how does a RATE girl polish up while staying true to herself?"

ETA: Today's outfit - tucked. How do you like it?
ETA2: And semi-tucked :)


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K/T: White boyfriend jeans? (posting and running)

Picked up these bleached white jeans at Clothing exchange. They're very distressed (I'm thinking probably bleach-damaged), and I'll put white patches behind the holes if I keep them. Here they are over white long underwear.

They're quite big on me - I was going for the "boyfriend jeans" look, but I don't think I nailed it. They just barely stay up.

Is this how the fit is supposed to be for boyfriend jeans? I think they're probably actually mens jeans, but I was attracted to them for being white and looking rate (especially with the uneven rolling in the pics - sorry!)

What do you think? What needs to change fit-wise to achieve the proper baggy/slouchy/boyfriend jeans look?

I like them because thy make me think of an olden-days painter. Like Mr. Popper of Mr. Popper's Penguins (the book, not the movie). But that's a silly reason to like an item of clothing, and I won't keep them if you don't think they work.


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WIW: Bootcut bootcamp - two days

Got a new-to-me pair of bootcuts - they're long enough for my 2 inch heels.

I wore them yesterday and today - with navy polkadots and a gray sweater yesterday, and with green and white today.

Looking at the pics, neither work that well - they're too long with the saddle shoes, and the green-white is off somehow.

Also, I'm still looking for the perfect heels to wear with them.... Someday I'll find them.

Bonus pic of the necklace I wore today - my five peas in a pod Mom necklace. It's made from aviation safety wire (my husband works in aviation). One of my few sentimental pieces - it makes me happy!

More suggestions?


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WIW: Layered button-downs

From a thread a while back, I got the idea of wearing more than one button-down at a time. I tried it out today in the cold, using two silk button-downs to keep warm. (A red silk under a turquoise silk). So far, it's working reasonably well (of course, I put a space heater right next to me too....)

Does the combo work? I feel sort of like something is off, but I'm not sure what. I also wonder if black shoes and belt would have been a better choice than leopard - I think probably so.



WIW: Joining in Bootcut boot camp

I hadn't intended to join Rae's bootcut boot camp, but this morning in the dark when I grabbed something to wear for walking the dog, it was my bootcuts. So when getting dressed, I decided to stick with them. I was inspired by J's everyday fashion's post to wear my military-inspired jacket over stripes.

This feels to me like it works, and the happiness factor is high. I'm kind of surprised by that - I'll have to set and figure out why it works (or if I'm deluding myself ) :)



How do you choose a hair style?

Rae's "to pixie or not to pixie" thread, and Suz's older thread have me thinking about my hairstyle this evening.

I've had almost everything from very long hair to a very short pixie, and I like them all reasonably well, but have no idea which ones look best on me. When I got my current pixie (about a year and a half ago), I decided that for me to "do" short hair meant that I'd have to learn to cut it myself - I simply don't make the time to go have it cut every month (and my hair grows fast - at it shortest, I cut it every two weeks). I've gone in two or three times since to get my overall shape fixed, but for the most part just cut it myself.

But lately I've been missing my shoulder-length layers from a few years ago. I wonder if they suited my face better. Or maybe I wonder if it's easier (I never did anything to it, so yes, it was). I'm not sure I have the right face for a pixie... Maybe I'm just wanting variety?

How do you decide what hairstyle to choose? Here's a bunch of pics of me with various hair lengths. (Also varying over about 20 pounds as I gained and lost weight of carrying five babies). Does anything in particular work better than anything else?

#1-6 are all in the past three years. #7-8 are way back in college (My hair at it's longest, and my first pixie cut), and #9-10 are now.

Thanks for humoring me by looking at these (a trip through memory lane for me) :)

I'd love your thoughts and opinions!


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WIW: warmth

My priority in getting dressed this morning was warmth. So my whole outfit is under-layered with thermal underwear. I chose my green cashmere turtleneck for it's cuddly warmth, and decided to try breaking up the expanse of the upper chest with a chunky black necklace. I think it worked reasonably well - did it?

On the bottom, I'm trying out my new-to-me PPL (with 2" heels) black trousers. These, I think are keepers. But the top is awfully short with them. Reminding myself again to separate my knit tops into "okay with pants", and "not so much".

The pending project makes me a little sad. Since I can never figure out how to wear skirts, denoting a top "not for pants", basically means it needs to be purged, but so many of my favorites are in that category :( By next winter, though, I'm hoping to have all tops of the proper lengths.... Perhaps I should just invest some time in figuring out how to make skirts work... But pants are so easy.

Oh, and I tossed this jacket over the cashmere sweater. But I don't like it. I picked it up at clothing exchange because the color is cool - but it's too bulky-shouldered for me, and the collar is weird and stiff. I don't see any reason to keep it - do you?

Suggestions for improvement on this less-than-perfect outfit?

Stay warm everyone!


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WIW: pick-me-up and earrings

Extra tired today after an overwhelming weekend, so I decided to wear visual coffee, and went with bright colors. It worked!

Since it's "earring day" on InsideOutStyle's FABruary challenge, I wore earrings too.

Yesterday, I wore the ombre sweater and black skinnies to church. I liked the combo. For a meeting later in the day, I changed to my black boots, and felt tough in them.

Pic #5 has my new-to-me leather jacket, that was a mistake purchase. In the mirror the fit seemed good, but I'm not sure now that I see the picture. And I wish it had more interesting details. I'll keep looking, then purge this one.

Suggestions for improvements?


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WIW: red and olive, Blogger inspired.

Inspired to try red jeans with an olive jacket by BeverlyLikeHills.

Does it work? Suggestions for improvement?

This is the one remaining striped top that I haven't photo'd with these jeans. But it also is too short to stay tucked in well, so it's not making the regular rotation cut, and will be tossed in the probation bin after today.


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