K/T: White boyfriend jeans? (posting and running)

Picked up these bleached white jeans at Clothing exchange. They're very distressed (I'm thinking probably bleach-damaged), and I'll put white patches behind the holes if I keep them. Here they are over white long underwear.

They're quite big on me - I was going for the "boyfriend jeans" look, but I don't think I nailed it. They just barely stay up.

Is this how the fit is supposed to be for boyfriend jeans? I think they're probably actually mens jeans, but I was attracted to them for being white and looking rate (especially with the uneven rolling in the pics - sorry!)

What do you think? What needs to change fit-wise to achieve the proper baggy/slouchy/boyfriend jeans look?

I like them because thy make me think of an olden-days painter. Like Mr. Popper of Mr. Popper's Penguins (the book, not the movie). But that's a silly reason to like an item of clothing, and I won't keep them if you don't think they work.

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  • Thistle replied 9 years ago

    I vote pass on them. They don't have the crispness of true white jeans, and I am not liking the fit. Could just be me, though, as I reconcile the look of BFs.

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    I really love the color and the distressing AND the falling-down fit! The bagginess would be awesome with a fitted jacket. However, they don't work as BFs to my eye. I think they could work if you could taper the legs to give a slimmer ankle or hem them for high heels and wear as wide-legs. Depends on whether you want to put the energy into that, though.

  • Janet replied 9 years ago

    I am not a fan, but my preference is for a less extreme BF look. I don't love the way the rolled hems seem a bit long and bulky or wide.

  • Marley replied 9 years ago

    I'd like to see you try wearing them hanging down lower - either right at your hips or just off of your hips. The way that you are wearing them in the pics, it looks like you've got them pulled up too high - you need a *dropped* crotch - I mean really *dropped! Also, I agree with the others that the legs need to be tapered at the ankles - and of course, they need to be hemmed up. So, I'm not sure if they are worth all that work?

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    I've been looking at blogs today and have seen a few looks with rolled, wider legged bf jeans. Maybe they could be called straight-legged bf jeans. It's more of a fringe look. I've also seen just one big fold, especially with selvedge denim looks. Couldn't find an example easily, but when I do I will PM you.

    If you're going to keep these, you have to style them quite intentionally. You might also need to shorten them. I know that wearing long underwear is comfortable and makes sense with these, but if you want to be trendy, you wear these with bare skin underneath. Yes, even if it's freezing.

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    No contest here - I don't love them enough to work on them, I don't think. To me, they're too distressed and too baggy. Out they go. It was fun to give them a chance - thanks for humoring me! :)

  • krishnidoux replied 9 years ago

    They are not tapered enough at the ankle. The only way I could see these as "cool" are like this: imagine a very far-out outfit composed of very nice, completely loud cotton opaque striped tights (with colours such as orange and fushia or violet and green), these pants rolled, a wide belt, a chambray shirt, wide tie worn loose in a colour matching the tights OR a vest OR both, flat lace-up ankle boots and a fedora. Kinda Raggedie Ann meets Annie Hall in a 80's nostalgia spirit.

  • sarah replied 9 years ago

    Well, you could taper and shorten them to reduce the amount of roll and bring them in at the ankle. It's not an impossible job if you're a sewer (similar to what I did here: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....alteration).

    But, it may not be worth it.

  • replied 9 years ago

    I am not loving them. They look a bit sloppy and out of context.

  • Karie replied 9 years ago

    To me, they don't look like BF jeans - they look like old jeans that are too baggy - and if you ask me what's the difference between the two, I have absolutely no idea :)

    If you tapered the hem in, it might look better, but I vote pass.

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    I used to wear my jeans like this - I think they only work in a young, scrawny, insouciant kind of way and can't pull that off anymore. But I always have a fond spot for this uber-baggy look, like a skate punk boy style.

  • Atlantia replied 9 years ago

    Glad you decided to pass on them. Although I love the RATE-ness and white color. Makes me realize that's what I've been wanting in a pair or white jeans. They feel too prim to me, otherwise. Good luck as your search continues!

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Thanks for all your comments!

    Yes, it was the RATE-ness, and the 90s skateboarder vibe (my first boyfriend was a skateboarder, way back when) that made me give them a chance. But I don't need a high-maintenance article of clothing. If they don't go with practically everything I own, they won't pull their weight :)

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Sarah - your tutorial rocks - favoriting it now, as I'm hoping to do this really soon with some trousers. (I already have one failed attempt, maybe this will make the second attempt a success!)

  • Jenava replied 9 years ago

    Well, I kind of like them and can see why you are attracted to them. But they could be hard to style intentionally, so if you're not up for that then pass. (-:

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