Winter 30x30, and selfie attempts.

In my head, I've been doing an approximate 30x30 since summer.  But I haven't documented nor counted anything.

In the spirit of having fun, and needing a tad bit of a diversion, I'm challenging myself to document my favorite 30ish pieces for winter, and to consider purging the rest.

The limitation to a smaller number of pieces that I've discovered so far is laundry.  There's times I wear something I don't love simply because what I do love isn't clean yet.  Today, though, what I love is clean, so I decided to try for a photo of my current favorite FFB outfit: perfect jeans (the lemming ones from WHBM), navy sweater and interesting scarf. 

I'm comfortable in this casual outfit - it feels just pulled together enough.  I'd eventually like a different navy sweater for this sort of combo, but haven't found the right one yet.

Honest feedback is invited - and suggestions for improvements (including selfie-taking with a phone improvements).  Thanks you all!

30x30 pieces:
WHBM blue jeans
Navy sweater
Burgundy shoes (these are my at-home around-the-house comfortable-for-working-at-my-standing-desk-all-day shoes.  They're not all that pretty, but I like the color and wear them almost every day)
blue water lilies scarf (I think I'll end up lumping every scarf I wear into one piece.  But for now I'll document it like an article of clothing)


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