WIW with rainbow hair

Like many of you, I grew out my hair during the pandemic. I don’t mind the grey most days, but I got tired of the length. However, I went to see my stylist, and she loved the length and didn’t want to cut it! So in an attempt to feel sassy, I asked for a blue stripe “peekaboo style” instead and she agreed.

I don’t normally plan my outfit around my hair, but during my closet edit, I loved the way this white and blue floral looked with my blue hair, and had to try wearing it! Here’s the results - I think the outfit turned out kinda meh (should I have tucked the shirt?). But I do still like the stripe in my hair

And umm, I must have tried a dozen times to get a picture of the side of my face! They all look weird to me! I suspect my own impression of how my face looks is rather far off...!


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WIW: Randomly generated outfits

I had fun this week asking the Random Outfit Generator to pick my outfits. I don’t have shoes in finds yet, but since I rarely wear sites working from home, it didn’t matter much.

I managed to get pics three days. And in general, I liked the outfits. I would have never paired the marled grey swing tee with the cinnamon cardigan without the suggestion, and it was fun to play with the new combination of shapes.

Pic 1: jeans, marled grey knit swing top, cinnamon cardigan

Pic 2: crazy pants, navy cashmere sweater (the ROG added a cardigan, but I was too warm with it and left it off)

Pic 3: burgundy skinny jeans, same navy cashmere sweater as in pic 2, and burgundy/grey/blue plaid jacket.

All comments and suggestions are welcome, of course


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WIW and wardrobe edit

Hi everyone! Long time no post, I know!

I spent the day yesterday doing a much needed wardrobe edit, and for the first time catalogued my wardrobe in finds too. It was fun, and I’m delighted at the current state of my wardrobe, and plan to play with the random outfit generator!

By the end of the day, I was left with 110 pieces across four seasons (not counting accessories, shoes, underwear or sleepwear). I actually like all 110 pieces and they fit properly (I think).

I don’t have a great outfit photo setup, but wore today a top and jacket that I was on the fence on for for and comfort. The top is one that I wonder if the shoulders are a bit wide. But I still like it. And the jacket is one I visually like but squeaks with certain movements and is heavy.

So today was a trial for both. In the end, the squeaking didn’t bother me at church, but at home I swapped it out for a cardigan, and I liked the floral top enough to keep.

I’d love your feedback, positive or negative, and thanks for letting me pop in to say hello! I hope to post now and then again :)


K/R Wide Leg jeans (and style lab)

Long time no post - somehow life got busy, and I became a lurker.... perhaps this post will delurk me somewhat?

I LOVE wide-leg jeans, but so far just on everyone else.  I've also been wanting some white jeans, but not really white, just white-ish...  So two months ago, I bought the Old Navy slim wide legs in a light wash.  They arrived this week, and I immediately disliked them.  They aren't truly a solid, they have a subtle stripe, they looked huge, and well, I didn't like them...

But then I opened the package, just to try them on to confirm my dislike, and became less sure.  They're definitely widening... but I think I like the color (though maybe a little lighter would be better?), and I think they fit properly (I sized up, because my waist is quite thick, and they're high-waisted).  

#1-10 Are few of the ways I thought of to try to style them.  I'm not sure that any of them work,  what do you think?  How do you suggest styling them?  Or should I hold out to try a different pair?  I can be patient.

#1 light blue floral, navy suede "jean" jacket
#2 dark blue big shirt - this doesn't seem JFE to me.
#3 orange shirt semi-tucked
#4 light weight woven blouse, tucked in. 
#5 with black sweater.  I liked this high contrast better than I expected to.
#6 column of color (cream knit top).  I'd probably add a high-contrast topper?
#7 sideways to show fit (and, uh, my round tummy)
#8-9 with red print woven top, trying out a light sweater over it?
#10 same light blue top as in #1, different topper

#11 is WIW today - a lazy Saturday, super-casual sweatshirt and jeans.


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More specs trying on - thoughts?

Got an order of specs from Warby Parker.  I don't think I'll have time to get an eye exam and get them filled before I leave on a long trip (next week), so I'll have to just catalog which (if any) I like and try after returning.

But I thought it a useful exercise anyway.

#1 - too small (but I do kind of like the light color - it's different)
#2 - also a bit small.  Color is too warm for me, I suspect
#3 - nice 
#4  - nice 
#5 - Are the lenses are too tall (deep?) for me?  

What are your thoughts?  Please tell me if any are brilliant - I'll be sure to write down the size and style so that I can order in March after I return from my trip.

(I did find another local store that carries specs, and might even find time to visit.  We'll see).


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30x30 favorites continued

Just a couple more outfits showing my current favorites.

Pic #1-2:  I wore a denim dress over black ponte cropped pants.  It was a little chilly to wear bear ankles, so I wore my chelsea boots.  These boots have been favorites for a couple of years, but are on their last legs.  I'm debating taking them to a shop to see what a re-sole would cost, but have also bought a potential replacement (that wasn't tall enough for this outfit, go figure).  I wore them with a two-sided scarf - and showed both sides for print mixing, and a strand of black pearls.

Pic #3-4 I wore the usual WHBM jeans with a mottled dark gray sweater.  I love the shape of the sweater - dolman sleeves, a cowl neck and a circle hem.  I've already traced it off to copy it, someday when I have the time.  (Pardon the lack of make-up and combed hair - I forgot to take another one after I'd finished getting ready).  The gray brogues shown are my newest new-to-me acquisition.  I've decided that brogues are part of my signature style:  I currently have them in black suede, burgundy suede and now these in gray leather.  These are the best of the bunch and the most comfortable.

Both of these outfits are a little too colorless and too close to black to really delight me.  I want to add some warm color to them, I'm just not sure how.  I do like these (or I wouldn't have taken their pictures) - I'm just preferring more color in these gray winter days.

I welcome all of your feedback, suggestions and comments.

30 favorite pieces so far:

1. WHBM jeans
2. navy sweater 
3. blue waterlillies scarf 
4. grey sweatshirt 
5. burgundy jeans
6. red sweater 
7. plaid scarf 
9. cream fuzzy scarf
10. black boots 
11. cognac boots 
12. Gold jacket 

13. denim dress
14. black ponte pants
15. black short boots (either these or their replacement?)
16. black and white two-sided scarf
17. dark gray sweater
18. gray brogues


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30x30, days 2 and 3

My challenge is to wear and document my favorite 30 winter pieces.  I haven't completely decided whether scarves count as individual pieces, nor footwear.  

Today I'm wearing a red version of my favorite tonal blue outfit that I showed a couple of days ago.  Burgundy jeans, dark red sweater, big plaid scarf.  I decided to wear my cognac boots (it matches the gold in the scarf) because I want to get plenty of wear out of my boots while it's cold. For going out, I add my gold jacket (it's actually a bit too chilly for it today, and I should wear my boring coat instead), and a super-casual dark floral cross-body bag.  The plaid and bag are print-mixing :)

Yesterday I wore my "perfect jeans" again (the WHBM ones that Angie started the lemming trend for), and paired it with a super-casual sweatshirt, that has an interesting shape and texture. I added more texture through the fuzzy cowl-scarf (to keep my neck warm) and black leather boots. 

30 favorite pieces so far:

1. WHBM jeans (pic #5)
2. navy sweater (shown earlier)
3. blue waterlillies scarf (shown earlier)
4. grey sweatshirt (pic #5)
5. burgundy jeans (pic #1-4)
6. red sweater (pic #1-4)
7. plaid scarf (pic #1-4)
9. burgundy shoes for around the house (shown earlier, not usually worn out)
10. black boots (they're knee-high, pic #5)
11. cognac boots (pic #1-4)
12. Gold jacket (pic #3-4)

I'm gonna get to 30 way too soon.  

Comments, feedback, suggestions, and anything welcome :)


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Winter 30x30, and selfie attempts.

In my head, I've been doing an approximate 30x30 since summer.  But I haven't documented nor counted anything.

In the spirit of having fun, and needing a tad bit of a diversion, I'm challenging myself to document my favorite 30ish pieces for winter, and to consider purging the rest.

The limitation to a smaller number of pieces that I've discovered so far is laundry.  There's times I wear something I don't love simply because what I do love isn't clean yet.  Today, though, what I love is clean, so I decided to try for a photo of my current favorite FFB outfit: perfect jeans (the lemming ones from WHBM), navy sweater and interesting scarf. 

I'm comfortable in this casual outfit - it feels just pulled together enough.  I'd eventually like a different navy sweater for this sort of combo, but haven't found the right one yet.

Honest feedback is invited - and suggestions for improvements (including selfie-taking with a phone improvements).  Thanks you all!

30x30 pieces:
WHBM blue jeans
Navy sweater
Burgundy shoes (these are my at-home around-the-house comfortable-for-working-at-my-standing-desk-all-day shoes.  They're not all that pretty, but I like the color and wear them almost every day)
blue water lilies scarf (I think I'll end up lumping every scarf I wear into one piece.  But for now I'll document it like an article of clothing)


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Specs shopping

I'm shopping for new specs, though not sure that I'm really going to buy soon.  I need an update to my prescription, but it's not super urgent.  Still, I'm starting to look.

I went shopping a few days ago, and tried on a few.  It turned out that I was limited to men's specs, because my head and the bridge of my nose are quite large.  So all of these pictured are men's.

These are ones that I liked.  Are any of these terrific, or should I keep looking?

#1 Coach.  I like the shape, but the big logo on the arm kinda turns me off.  They're brown.
#2 Izod.  These were probably my favorite pair in the store upon first trying them on.  They're dark red.
#3 Carter.  I'm surprised by how well I like the tortoise shell in the picture, usually I prefer solids, but I like it here.
#4 Another Carter - these are brown.
#5 - #6 And a third Carter (I liked how this brand followed my eyebrows).  These look black in the picture, but I think they were actually a dark brown.  I don't think I want black specs, so they're probably out.


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WIW: Bright pink and soft? red

When I first saw this ensemble, I thought "Too bad I don't have those colors - they're so pretty together".  Then I was trying to decide what to wear this morning, and my neon pink pants jumped out at me.  I decided to try out pairing them with this brick-red (almost rust) mesh sweater, and liked the result.  I paired it with a bronze necklace and bronze-toned sandals, and carried my cognac back pack.  Thanks Angie for the idea!

All feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome :)


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