WIW: easy dressing

After reading Astrid's thread where she mentioned giving herself permission to "just get dressed", I was inspired to do the same.  So most of this week I've done just that.  Here's the results of grabbing the shirt in the front of the drawer and picking some bottom that's appropriate to the shirt and the day's activities and weather).

#1 A woven tee with jean whatever-you-call-this-length-shorts.
#2 The Beth Ann copycat tee for a church ladies gathering.
#3 Camo shirt and black shorts for Saturday yard and housework.  Pardon the clunky shoes - I'm trying out wearing Birkenstocks all day long before springing for Birkenstock sandals.
#4-6 additional ways I tried styling the Beth Ann tee.  #4 is how she styled it, #5 with pink rather than my falling-apart black ones, and #6 with white jeans.  Somehow I feel like my dark hair demanded the darker pants - the white felt off somehow.

All comments (especially suggestions for improvement) are welcome!


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WIW: to join the crowd

On Sunday, I wore black and white stripes with neon pink pants (#1).  It was kind of like driving a newly purchased used car - suddenly, I saw others, everywhere, wearing the same basic formula.  High contrast stripes with a bright.  It was everywhere.
But I still liked it anyway.  And it made me want to keep wearing that formula.

So I did - just in less constrasty variations.   Monday I wore gray and black stripes over lime green (#2) (but changed to black later to play in the yard, #3). Today I'm wearing light and mid gray stripes over yellow (#4-5).  But the proportions don't work - the top is too short for pants, I think.
What are your suggestions for improvement? 

Also - do the pink sandals qualify as "nude", and can I wear them as a neutral?


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WIW: mish mash of trials

In my quest for new sandals, I've now realized that I may want two pair - a nude, comfy pair for every day, and a more hard-edge black pair (such as were featured in today's ensemble, and for similar outfits).

And then I remembered that I have a pair of pink Danskos hidden somewhere, so I dug them out - thinking that I can buy leather paint and make them a nude that works for my skin.  So I'm trying them out for comfort today.  I realize they don't especially work in this outfit.  (And I must admit, they're not as comfy as my other Danskos either - maybe I need to break them in to my foot)

Inspired by the color of Shannon's sweater, I decided to wear my teal shirt.  I have a nude cami underneath - does it work?  I was reaching for my white jeans to wear with it, when I came across these flares.  I liked Aida's flares the past couple of days, so decided to try them out too.  I like the way the fit (and they do brush the floor when they're not caught on my shoe, like in the pic).  Do these look at all current?  (I doubt they are - I got them at Goodwill).

Yesterday was a "just throw on something" day, so I ended up with blue and olive.  I liked it okay, but my feet were really tired of those sandals by the end of the day.

All comments are welcome :)


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Help me Satisfice

My black strappy Dansko sandals have started to shred.  I bought them used, and wore them nonstop last summer and on our vacation.  I'm really not looking forward to living without them, and would like a replacement.

MaryK's thread made me realize that I've been "maximizing" over something that I should really "satisfice".  I need to wear these sandals this summer, not wait years for the perfect pair for $3.

My requirements are:

- under $100 (I'd like under $50, but I'm trying to be realistic)
- comfortable enough to walk all day long in (a tall order, and the most important)
- a back heel strap.  My toes complain if they have to work to keep a shoe on.
- able to dress up or down.  They need to be okay with shorts or jeans and a dress or skirt.  My 'dressed up' is about on the lines of smart casual, so they don't need to dress up to 'evening' status or anything.  I'd like them to elevate a pair of boyfriend jeans, and not really dress down a summer dress significantly (if I ever wear one).  I think I want something more refined than my Dansko's were.

I think I want black, but I'm open to looking at a metallic neutral or nude also, if the color will be versatile.  I also think I want them to be slightly edgy without being overly casual. 

I'm also not sure about a heel - I know I can't handle much of one (my big toe must have a touch of arthritis or something - it complains if my weight is up on my toes).  But I do like the looks of a small heel.

I'm attaching my obsessive finds from the past few days.  All of these have a chance to be passable, I think - depending on how they fit and feel.

What do you suggest?  Should I just close my eyes and pick one?  Have you tried any of these and found them supremely comfortable?  Currently my only pair of all-day-walking shoes are Danskos - I know my foot likes that shape. 

And thoughts on whether a metallic or nude would be as versatile as black?  I'm kind of looking for the one summer shoe to rule them all, I guess.

What are your suggestions for stopping the obsessing and getting to actually finding a wearable shoe?


WIW: recovering from vacation (and K/T)

Back from our family road trip (from Nebraska to the Virginia coast), and had a wonderful time.

Now it's time to recover :)

I did have a packing post, but at the last minute before leaving, it got hot, so I added a bunch of warm-weather clothing, and was glad that I did - it was most of what I wore.

Since returning, I've realized that most of my clothes from last summer aren't things that I want to wear this year, so I have a shopping list!

Here's what I've worn since returning, and some Keep/Toss questions:

#1 wearing today: silky track pants that aren't at all slouchy. Keep or Toss these? They have cargo pockets, and drawstring bottoms. Do they look current?  Should I keep or toss?  How to style them?  (Worn with black and white woven tee that was a vacation workhorse, but will likely only last this season).  These sandals are needing to be replaced quite badly.

#2 blue and studs with black jeans, rolled.  I would have liked this better with baggy jeans, I think.  And I kind of think the studs make this top dated.  Do they?

#3 boyfriend jeans with chevron striped top.  I liked this combo.  These boyfriends are wearing out though.  I'll miss them.  The top, too, is starting to pill already, so will probably only last this season.

#4 burgundy jeans with slouchy light weight sweater (cream with rose-metallic stripes).  I noticed a tiny hole in this sweater while wearing it, so unless I can repair it without making it visible, it's out too.

On the one hand, it's good to wear my clothes until they wear out.  On the other hand, I wish they lasted longer.  

All thoughts and comments are welcome!


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K/R Beth Ann's Tee

Beth Ann posted a tee from Kohl's the other day, and I loved it, so I went out and bought it.

The pattern is placed a little differently on mine than on hers, but it was the only one left at the store.

Here it is with a variety of bottoms (I'm working out packing for a trip). What do you think?  I'll be near the store tomorrow, so can easily return it, but I like the idea of it for a summer print.


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