WIW: Meetup team wear

What a fabulous time it was this weekend meeting MerWoman, MissKatieKat, Michelle, Suz, Celia, Sveta, NicoleD and Emily!  I loved meeting you all and shopping with you.  

And I bought a sweater.  I'd been convinced that blush was too close to my skin tone to be flattering on me, but these fab ladies took no time in proving me wrong :)  So when this sweater popped up at Loft, it was easy to choose the blush color.  

This morning I was dead tired getting up, and didn't want to think at all about what to wear.  But I figured there was no reason to not wear this sweater (especially since it's considerably warmer here than in Toronto, 21 C or 70 F today, making me want to wear it before it's too warm).  

So this is what my bleary brain came up with.  And I think it worked.  But feel free to tell me I'm wrong - I doubt I've had three coherent thoughts all day long.  I don't know how those of you who travel often do it.  I have a blast and wear myself out.

#1 how I wore it most of the day.  (Yes - a skirt!  And nude hose with tall boots.  It was warm enough).

#2 is with the jacket I added for a trip to a windy park with the kids.  In this pic I'm literally too tired to stand up straight and leaning against the wall for support.  

And I know it's not cool to post and run, but I'm going to bed.  Any comments are welcome.  No comments is fine too.  I'll check back in the morning!


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WIW: and corporate wear opinions

Kind of a post and run, since I have a lot to get done in the next 45 minutes before I leave for the weekend.

#1 WIW today.  Is it okay?


#2-7.  My company decided to let a woman pick what the women would wear for our upcoming conference.  So these are the three tops that arrived for me today.  We're told to wear them with "black pants or skinnies".  Do any of these work better than others?  (Three with black skinnies, three with charcoal wide legs that I think are dark enough to pass.)


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WIW for too much stress

I'm busting my backside at work, getting ready for next week in Toronto, so getting dressed has taken the definite back burner. (I even missed a couple of days taking WIW pics).

Here's what I've tossed on with little premeditation.

#1 Light-out - light gray boyfriend jeans with white (and silver sparkle striped) sweater.  I thought it worked in person, but in the pic, I feel like I need lower-contrast hair for it to work properly.  (Or a higher contrast outfit)

#2 green sweater and bf jeans.  I love these jeans so much.

#3 same sweater, this time with baby-boot cut (or maybe they're straight leg?) jeans.  I liked the bf jeans better with this sweater.

#4-5 skinnies with a fuschia sweater and a jacket.  Not sure this one worked.

All comments are welcome - I especially like to know what works and doesn't, so that I can keep improving.


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WIW: boyfriends and boots

They're not trendy boots, but Angie's post today gave me the idea of trying my white boyfriends rolled up above my brown boots.  I paired it with a more structured shirt, tucked in, and a belt that matches my shoes.

Does it work?

Side note: Am I wrong to think this teal is a good color on me? - no makeup at all, and just out of the shower.  This pic makes me think I need more of this color.

pic #2 is WIW yesterday - not a real winner, but hey - I can't win 'em all, right?


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WIW: for a heat wave!

Yesterday (Sunday), it was 94 degrees warmer than it had been a week before.  (Granted, that was taking in to account the wind chill on the week before).

Anyway, the heat wave made want to dress for Spring.  But I still run quite chilly, so my "spring" is still rather wintry.  I find that this weather is perfect for a skirt with my fleece lined tights. And I liked wearing this.  Does it look seasonally confused?  (It was a little warm with the coat, #3)

Today is warm again (high of 76!), and I wanted to wear a tee and jeans.  But I was cold.  I'm just right with this sweater over the top :)  I'm pretty convinced that it's my internal chill that makes winter my dominant season.  My kids are running around in shorts, tees and flip flops.

(ETA: Finally warmed up - he's the tee and jeans I originally wore.  I pictured a white jacket over it, but it never happened.)


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WIW and the value of pics

Well, I was going to ask you about the proportions of an outfit I'm planning.  Until I went to edit the picture and realized that I didn't like the top at all.  

So grateful for a camera and a way to see how I look before I go out looking like that!

Anyway, here's what I wore the past few days, pics notwithstanding.

#1 - just a basic white sweater and cream oxfords with camo jeans.

#2 - inspired by Emanuelle Alt's white jeans outfit (#4)

#3 the shoes worn with #2.  They're new-to-me, but very old.  Still in good shape, and I picked them up because I've been looking for black almond-toe boots.  (Well, and because they were free).  Do you think they fit the bill if I polish them up a bit?

and #5, the rejected outfit.  I didn't realize there was weird fading on the shirt until I tried brighening the pic.  Out it goes.

#6 What I might wear instead of #5?  Is it okay?  (The camera is about at hip-height, sorry for the weird angle)


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WIW: odd colors

Decided to try a new color combo this morning.  I thought until I looked at these pics that the sweater was long enough to hide the belt (with a faux-tuck).  I guess not - to my eye, this doesn't work all that well because of the short top.

But I think I like the color combo (coral and burgundy).  

What do you think?


WIW: Business casual attempt 3

Continuing my attempts at business casual today.  This one is a different silhouette (wide legs).  Does it work as well as the skinnies of last week? The jacket is the same - but button down is untucked instead of the tucked tee of last week - how do they compare.

 (Are these wide-leg trousers now too big?)  

#3 is the successful (I thought) business casual look from last week.


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Dual formulae

Channeling Angie's citron, white and gray formula (and Joy's version of it) as well as the boxy under boxy formula today with my lemon jeans, and gray sweater over white button down.  It's working for me today - a bright spot on a gray and rather cold day.

What do you think?

(Originally this pic included two sons, but then I realized that the littler son on the other side had his fly open and froggie undies hanging out.  I figured I'd save your eyes and cropped him out)


WIW: business casual attempt 2

Second attempt at business casual in skinnies. More attempts coming :)

This one worked better than the first, and I think I liked it.  What do you think?

Pic #2, WIW to a chili feed fundraiser yesterday.


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