WIW: boyfriends and vintage beatles

My boyfriend jeans are getting worn to death in this lovely fall weather!

#1-2 cream fluid sweater with the boyfriends.  It has a chevron back, which I think makes it more interesting.

#3-4 Burgundy sweater with longer jeans that I think still have the boyfriend vibe.  New plaid belt that I picked up at GoodWill.  It's super cheap quality, but I like the pattern.

#5, 8 Black/white criss cross top (with zippers on the shoulders).  Also a recent GoodWill find.  

#6-7 Vintage black suede lace-up booties.  Are they beatle-esque or witchy?  They're really comfy, and I think I'll consider them a beatle placeholder unless you tell me they're awful (are they?)  

#8-9 WIWing today: A tire-print tee with boyfriends (again) and brown accents.  I've been playing with warm and cool tones lately, and think that I generally like to wear cool tones but include warm and/or bright accents.  So this is playing with that concept.  Also, we're leaving on a little road trip in a couple of hours, and I couldn't resist wearing a "road trip" tee.  Does the mix of warm and cool tones work here?

Have a good weekend you all!  I'll be offline until next week.

Oh, and if you don't mind letting me know what works and doesn't, I'd be so grateful :)


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Styling question: statement sweater

I picked up this statement sweater, and now I'm stumped on styling it.  Also, it's shorter than I realized when I bought it - does it need to be reserved for wear with skirts?

What do you think?  Is the sweater worth keeping, and how should I style it?  Here's it's just with simple black pants, because I couldn't come up with anything else.

The colors are orange and black - the mid-tone section is kind of a heathered orange and black together.


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Super busy at work last week -- sorry for being so absent.

This week is likely to be a bit better :)

Here's the few WIWs that I did take:

#1 burgundy cowl sweater, black pants and burgundy booties (sorta beatle-like, also in #2).

#3 a definite grunge day - I loved wearing this, but realized in the pic that it's too much baggy all at once - it looks sloppy and adds weight.  It would have been better with skinny jeans.  But how's the length and size on the flannel?  Is this one a keeper?

#4-#5 Green light weight sweater with boyfriends.  New-to-me strappy sandals (are they a bit more refined than the Dansko's I wore all summer?)  and edgy belt.  Does it work?

As you know, I love suggestions for improvements!


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WIW: not beatles

But I do think that Beatle booties would be perfect with this outfit....

Anyway - simple black skinnies, broken-stripes shirt.  Non-beatle booties :)

Suggestions?  Comments?


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WIW: fall tomboy

I'm so enjoying the early fall weather (well, unless you count the ragweed allergy that's rearing it's head with a vengeance....)

Just a basic orange and dark denim combo today.  I kept the belt and shoes low contrast with black.  And I think I like it.  What do you think?


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WIW: early fall tomboy

The heat finally broke, and I'm loving breaking out some warm-fall items!

I liked both of these outfits in the mirror, but I don't really think the shoes are working with the plaid-shirt outfit.  I'm guessing that the gray espadrilles, or my mis-matched cons would have done better.  Oh well....

What are your suggestions?


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WIW: Tomboying pastels

Visited a clothing exchange the other day and this yarn-dyed 100% cotton ombre shirt called to me.  It's what I'd call light red at the top, down to white, has red stitching at the seams, and the entire ombre is done with different colored threads woven in, rather than by dying the fabric after manufacture.

But it felt a little weird to wear pink as a tomboy. 

Then I did it again, wearing all white with my olive utility jacket.

#3 finally has a dark color (and it's very much a repeat).  

Is the top in #1 a keeper?  I don't have many woven tops for summer, and this one, since it's a man's shirt, seems like it could be tomboy-ish in spite of the color.  But I'm not really sure the color does me any favors, and is the shape too blah?


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WIW: 4 wheeling in a skirt

I wore my tube skirt today.  I wonder if I'll wear anything else very soon - it's that great.  (Actually, tomorrow is scheduled to be hotter than today, which had a heat index of 118, so I'll be wearing my summer sack dress tomorrow....)

Anyway, I paired it with white, since I figure my days that I have a bit of a tan are numbered, and with silver sandals.  I intended my lips to be darker than they showed up here - I think I'll go shopping for a deeper toned lipstick (this is Burt's Bees "Fig" - I want something light weight feeling, but deeper in tone - recommendations?).  

And my husband revealed the new surprise he's been hiding the past few weeks.  A 4-wheeler that was free (using logic similar to what we call girl math).  He bought two sorta-running ones, assembled one that worked  mostly properly from the parts, and sold off enough extra parts to pay for the acquisition of them in the first place.

I don't recommend tube skirts as ideal 4-wheeling wear.

AS always comments, suggestions and recommendations more than welcome!


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Playing with Tube skirts

I finished my tube skirt and now  can't wait to wear it all the time.

Here's a few combos with it, and some questions.  (And just for fun, I'll post some out-takes of things that totally didn't work with it in the comments).

#1-#2 The two favorite (of mine) combos for this skirt.  #1 is the gap mesh-sleeved sweater that the marvelous Susie sent me.  #2 is a short-sleeved cowl neck sweater.  Does the length of the skirt work with these booties? 

#3-#5 Because my semi-annual work conference is approaching, I'll be forced to wear the short-and-boxy polo again soon.  I think it might work with this skirt better than most combos.  What do you think?  Also, do the shoeties work with it, or do I need to stick with the ballet flats if I'm going to wear this skirt in a business casual conference environment?

Thanks so much for your help!  


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WIW: Busy season

Just when I think I'm through the latest wave of produce, something else gets ripe.  Late apples are ripening now, and pears are on their heels.  Add that to a big work conference (and associated deadlines) coming up in a week, and I'm kinda scarce around here.

Here's my recent WIWs. I'd love to know your thoughts on them!

#1- #2  I finally altered this print shirt into diagonal sleeves.  Do they work?  Should I just take the sleeves the rest of the way off?

#3 Black tee and newly altered boyfriend jeans.  Does the fit look right?  Should the cuff be narrower?  I thought I'd wear this with the jacked (#5) for an outing that included frigid a/c.  But I forgot, and I lived through it.

#5 It's still hot, but I'm in the mood for cooler weather clothes, so I've started to transition despite the heat.  I like these white jeans cuffed into boyfriends.  

#6 I was much more RATE than I intended.  I wanted to try this somewhat polished top with more RATE jeans, and decided to up the 'tomboy' factor with converse.  When the day was nearly over, I noticed that my shoes don't match.  (And I was out in public, with other homeschool families all day long!).  I'm trying to pretend that it was on purpose and that I rocked the look.  But they're not even the same size, and I'm a little mortified that I spent the day in public dressed like this.

#7 is an experiment with colors.  The top is a dress that, besides being way too short for a dress, is just blah on me.  But Angie posted about combining colors, and I felt like it was immediately happier when paired with the springy green shorts.  So I wore it today.  It kinda looks like a tucked in dress though, so I'm not convinced that it's a keeper.
Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer!


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