WIW: sweet and sour (and stars)

Today I wanted to wear blush with lime green, as suggested in this post.  Such a springy combination.

It sort of worked for me, but I'm not sold on it.  It seemed a little too sweet just as-is, so I tossed on a black leather jacket when I went out.  (And ended up cold - it's not shorts weather for me yet).

What do you think?  How should it be improved?

Bonus: a team wear moment - I wore my newly-purchased star shirt (It's sheer navy with white stars.  I wore a tank underneath) with white jeans and a white pleather jacket yesterday (and lime shoes, for fun).  I liked it a lot, but should have worn a belt as the jeans kept creeping down, then the shirt coming untucked....


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K/R - shopping damage

I've been waiting for a chance to hit some of the winter clearance sales, since I know what were holes for me this winter (a navy sweater!).

Today the chance came.  Here's the damage.  Which of these are keepers?  

#1 Star shirt - it's sheer, and I'll wear it with the cami underneath pictured, I'm thinking.
#2 Drapey shirt

#4-5 A trench coat from a garage sale.  It has a zip-out lining, and no brand information.  Made in USA though, and seems well made.  Does it fit properly?

I bought a navy sweater too, without pics, because it was perfect and $2.

And I didn't buy the camo shirt in #3 because it was #1 or #3 in my mind, and I decided on #1.  I'm kinda waffling on that decision though - should I exchange them?  (I thought #3 was a bit too big).


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WIW: RATE Ornella inspired

I love Ornella's Style, and she directly inspired this outfit with her recent concert outfit - that was a white shirt, jeans and pearls - with a jacket.

My version is pretty RATE, but the same basic idea.  White shirt, skinny jeans (for a change of pace from my boyfriends), converse sneakers.  I got chilly so I added in my navy suede "jean" jacket.  It's been getting a lot of wear this spring.

I feel like this outfit is probably a bit overly casual and RATE.  But I like it anyway - it's very me.

Suggestions for improvement?


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WIW: April Showers

So grateful for the spring weather (which is including rain!)

Here's my outfits for the beautiful spring weather of the past two days.

#1 Today - burgundy short-sleeved sweater with gray jeans, white belt and plaid sneakers (in gray, burgundy and white).

#2-3 Yesterday - navy short sleeved button-down with white boyfriend jeans.  I tried them rolled and unrolled - wore them rolled at home, but unrolled them in the evening when we went out for a little date.  My daughter especially liked the strappy denim-blue sandals.

What do you think?  What should be improved?


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WIW: Easter and Spring!

So thrilled that Spring is here weather-wise!  It's warm, and even raining the last two Sundays (it's been way too dry here recently).

Thanks to all your help, here's what I ended up wearing for Easter.  It felt just right.

And bonus of what I'm wearing today.  These green loafers are past their prime (square toes, ack!), but the color is so cheery, that they're staying until I find a replacement.  I'm also wearing a white belt, and my shirt is semi-tucked.  It just wasn't yet when I took the pic I guess...


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WWW: JFE for Easter? (Edit: more options)

Ignore the hair - I played with curling it this morning, but I don't think I will tomorrow for Easter.

I'm playing with the idea of wearing booties with this skirt for Easter, and a black top seems to be the right choice, but I'm not sure this specific black top is - is it flattering enough?  I feel like it's a lot of volume going on....

I have other tees that I could try with this - should I?

Other suggestions?

This is a post-n-run - I'll be back in a few hours.

Edit:  Here's a few more options and combos, per suggestions.

#2 with a pink sweater (from the purge bag) and white sandals.

#3 blush sweater and white sandals

#4 tighter shirt, daintier shoes.

#5 White sparkle shirt, nude shoes

#6 White silver-stripe sweater, nude shoes

#7 Black narrower shirt (same as #4), different black shoes

#8 Black shirt (same as #4 and #7), but with the nude (they're actually a cream with gold sparkles) shoes.

What do you think?


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Thanks for the ensemble this morning Angie!  I love the inspiration.

My version isn't as super duper as yours, but I'm happy in it anyway for a day of hanging out at home with my kids, prepping for a birthday party (my DD turns 10 tomorrow!)

I'm wearing black skinnies, a gray and white striped shirt, jean jacket and black/white all-stars on my feet. 

And very RATE hair (I'm waiting until the kids' naptime for a shower, since we'll be out in the woods this morning collecting mildweed pods for fairy beds)

What are your suggestions for improvement?



(What I'm wearing is a Work In Progress)

I cleaned out my closet yesterday, moving everything that I had any complaint about into "probation", even if I liked it.  So out are the tops that just don't set right, and the jeans that never stay zipped, or muffin top me, etc.

So this morning I looked, expecting to be thrilled with my now emptier closet, and instead felt bored.  Go figure.  Not enough color staring me back.  (I was left with eight tops - three white, two black/light print, this floral, one coral and one teal shell).  Most of my pants are now blue jeans or black, and most of my toppers are now black (with a bit of navy thrown in).  I think I'll be adding back in items out of probation soon.

Now I still have a full drawer of tees and another of sweaters.  Don't think I purged down to a minimal closet.  And even what I purged is still nearby and accessible.  This is more of an experiment to find out if I'm happy wearing only what I deem perfect or nearly there.

I decided I needed some pattern and color this morning, and went for this floral shirt, which I do have a complaint about (it's too short), but I kept anyway.  (I'm weak).  I paired it with my gray cashmere, and like the pairing.  But the bottoms are tougher to figure out.  I tried white, and liked the color pairing, but didn't like how the slouchiness of the white and the shortness of the top interacted.  So I tried some blue jeans that aren't at all slouchy, (and they're too long for the white shoes).  But I'm not sure this works either.  

I'd tuck the top, but looking down and seeing the little strip of flowers makes me happy.  I like it while I'm working.

What are your suggestions?


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White Shirt Show-down (lots of pics)

For a while now, I've been watching for the perfect white button down shirt.  It just seemed like a good thing to have.  Never mind that I so rarely wear one (mostly under sweaters?).

It seems that someone who donates where I pick up clothes recently did a white shirt purge... now I have six white shirts.

They all seem (to me) to fit, and they're all different.  So I'm going to show you all of them.  Please let me know which one(s) are worth keeping.  They came to a whopping total of about $5 (for all six, not each), so I can keep or toss any of these without worrying about it.

All are shown with a nude bra.  Some of them need more than that - I know.

#1-2 has a subtle box pattern.  I like the length and the cool vibe.  The sleeves are a bit short, and it's a bit sheer. It's linen, and could be super cool in the summer.  It's very soft and feels to me like the perfect 'boyfriend' summer shirt.  I also like the length.  I may need to replace the buttons (which are mother-of-pearl)

#3,4,5 is crisp, and needing ironed.  The sleeves are perfect length, and the top is opaque.  It's cotton and seems good quality to me.

#6-7 is more formal, it has a cummerbund type waist and french cuffs that require cuff links (I'm wearing gold cuff links with it).  It's also crisp, but in a different way than the first crisp one.  And the fabric is less breathable.  It's a bit shorter than #1-2 and #3-5.

#8-9 is medium - not really crisp, but not not super soft either.  I like the shorter sleeves, but the body is also short - at least for pants.  It's probably a good skirt length (but I didn't try it on with skirts).

#10 is my knit white shirt that I wore last weekend (which led to the realization that I have so many of these now.  I like it's softness and relaxed vibe, but the collar is a little sloppy, and I wonder if the first one (#1-2) fills the same spot.

#11-12 is sleeveless with a mandarin collar and very very sheer (see the grinning?)  I like the length and the almost-nothing-there feel of it.  It's polyester, so wouldn't be breathable if it weren't so light, and it's really only useful under or over something else.

What do you think?  


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WIW: psychadelic and riffing off merwoman

Yesterday I wore this print top (#2).  My brother-in-law called it a major psychadelic trip.  I liked it until then, ha :)

Today I decided to pair blush with white (#1).  To ground it with my coloring I took a cue from merwoman and added brown.  I like the combination better with a little brown, but I should have worn a shirt under the sweater like she did - next time :)


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