WIWing in the fall

As I slowly get settled in the new house (it feels like a palace!), and work toward getting some semblance of a life back, I'm still getting dressed most days (unbelievable, I know).  

And in my busy absence I missed signing up for the Secret Santa :(

I've mostly given myself permission to get dressed without much planning or forethought, but my wardrobe is in a happy place where most things that don't fit or flatter have been purged, and I have lots of clothes that I like.

Still, that doesn't make for great outfits every time or anything.  

Nevertheless, here's a few that I've liked this fall.

#1 - caramel sweater, white jeans, cognac accents.  I love this sweater but have a hard time styling it.  I think this combo works okay, right?

#2 post-apocalyptic attempt.  I don't have many drapey black items, but I did manage to pair black skinnies with moto boots, a multimedia black tee and a drapey black sweater.  I was suprised how much I liked it.  

I lightened the picture to show texture.

#3 A denim "dress" over leggins.  I think this is too short to be a dress on me, and am not sure the proportions worked even with the boots.  I did get compliments on it.

#4 My current favorite flares, with a sweater that I didn't straighten out before the picture.

#5 poncho with jeans.  I lightened the picture to show texture.

#6 a summer top brought in to fall with an undershirt and jeans.  It continues to be a workhorse for me.

#7 another poncho outfit - this time with moto skinnies rather than flares.

#8 Black, white and cognac (the jeans are black).  This was an ensemble a while back now, and I still love wearing it.

#9 Sub the jacket in #8 for a beige vest that I don't think it terribly unflattering on me.

#10 Cobalt and olive.  I had forgotten this combo until assembling pics tonight.  I need to repeat this outfit.

#11 Another one I need to repeat - flares with a gray/green sweatshirt.  

#12 A different pair of flares - these ones dark with studs down the leg.  Paired with a blush and burgundy striped sweater that might be too big to be flattering?

#13 A way to wear a warm sweater when it's not really cold yet: with rolled boyfriend jeans and sandals.  It worked well with our current mild fall weather.

#14 An attempt at a new silhouette for chilly weather - a long drapey sweater over skinnies.  It's comfy, but I'm not convinced that it's at all flattering.  (I have this sweater in both cobalt and purple, and they are very warm and cozy, but I feel like they're a bit too big. I may pass them on).

I'm enjoying trying out a variety of silhouettes this fall, but feel like I'm mostly staying true to myself with how I dress too.  So that makes me happy :)

All comments, especially suggestions for improvement, are very welcome.


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