Kiwi and blueberry (and more jackets)

I love this color palette!  Thanks for a treat of eye candy.

In an attempt to sport a similar palette, I'm wearing today a lime and white striped weirdly drapey top with deep blue (#1 and #2).

I've also been continuing to wear jackets.

#3-#4 is a batik-print style jacket.  #3 is in good light, but when I left the house, I changed from my house shoes and added pearls (#4).

#5-6 is a white and green plaid, with jeans and my suede "jean" jacket.

#7-8-9 is a striped cropped sweater, and experiments with white jackets (I went with #9 that day)

Thanks for humoring my sporadic posts and jacket experiments.  Any of these jackets that should just go?  (I think I like them all, but you know better than me....)


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WIW: Jacket weather

With the arrival of spring weather, this post made me realize that now is my perfect window for wearing jackets.  I have several, but usually prefer simpler, un-layered looks, so the jackets take a back seat most of the year.  But right now, it's too warm for cozy sweaters, and too cool for summer shirts.  But jackets are perfect.

So I pulled out my leather almost-bomber jacket that reminds me of Amelia Earhart and thus makes me smile and earns it's keep.    I tried it three days in a row.

#1 over white and blue (just reversed from the post)
#2 with blue jeans and stripes 
#3 over a print-mixed black stripe tube skirt and ditsy floral.  I liked this one the best laid out on the bed, but the picture is correcting my notion that it was really great :(


Today a different jacket came out to play - a sunny orange that was asking to be combined with dark red.  Before I left home, I subbed out the clunky home-shoes for retro summer shoes in an almost-nude tan.  I'll take a picture next time I wear them, I promise.  

All feedback is welcome - I'm excited to be giving my jackets some love - thanks for the inspiration, Angie!


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WIW: Neutral drapey topper (mostly failed) experiments

I love the Neutral Spring Drape ensemble, and realized that I had enough drapey topper items in my wardrobe to try it several ways and try to get back in to taking daily pictures.

So, while many of these didn't really work well, it's good for me to see that, and I figure I may as well share.

#1 skinny black jeans (rolled to show ankle), gray tunic, lemming leather jacket, ankle-strap ballet flats.  I think this one is a success.

#2 drapey stripes under drapey vest, skinny jeans and flat oxfords.  I'm not sure whether this one works.

#3 same as #2, but without vest.  Better?

#4 cream poncho over long sleeved stripes and skinny jeans.  Not working for me - not sure if I need to style the poncho differently or toss it - suggestions?

#5 I realized that a drapey topper could be a scarf, so I wore it with a cream sweater, skinny jeans and boots.  I think this one works too.

#6 black sweater with drapey gray ruffled vest.  I don't think this is my style - it felt off all day.  I think the vest needs to be purged.

#7 drapey tan vest over grey and flared jeans.  Silver shoes.  I think the shoes are too light to go well, and though I like the color mix, I don't really feel like this was a success.

Looks like it's time to step up my getting-dressed game again.  Which is perfect, because my closet needs editing :)

Which of these drapey toppers deserve a place in my closet?  I think the lemming jacket still does, and maybe the black vest in #2.  

What do you think of the stripey top?  Are any other toppers keepers? 


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