Hats and Lipstick

After the 12-day road trip with my family, I especially wanted a hat and lipstick. 

Yesterday I took my kids to the dollar store, and lo and behold, they had a brand of make-up that I like, and hats!  They had two colors of shimmer lip pencil and three kinds of hats.  So I bought all five.

I ended up liking one color lip pencil better than the other (which is bluer).  So here they are.

What say you?  Which hat is the better one? (Sorry for the blurry pics!)

Or should I keep looking?


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WIW: copycat

Here's a few WIWs.

#1-2 worn today.  I felt pretty good in it,
even though my jeans got a smidgin dirty when I decided to carry a table
and several boxes of books to and from a book sale.  This was a copycat
from StyleUp, which I can't figure out how to link to.  She was wearing
white shorts, a gray sweater and a pink scarf.

#3 worn yesterday.  I think I don't like this shirt - something about the color isn't right for me. Too pastel?

worn Sunday.  I don't like the way the picture came out - I hope I
didn't look quite like that IRL :)  I do like the blue and green
necklace, and the blue and green of the outfit together.  Do the proportions and shapes work?

Suggestions always welcomed!


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White Sandals? And yeswalker?

Has anyone ordered from yeswalker.com?  Was it a good experience?

I'm eyeing these white sandals.

Cons: not leather
Pros: not expensive, white and a simple, non-frumpy style. Also the BOGO deal, which means I'd probably get a pair of nude sandals too.

But then, I could wait until the end of summer and just get sandals for next year, as is my norm, for about $3.  So I'm not sure I'll talk myself into these even if you think I should go for it :)


WIW: Plaid shorts - long or short?

Ever since Angie posted on de-bombshelling shorts, I've wanted some shorts.  Today it occurred to me that I could take some of my not-great capris and cut them off!

So I popped these on and rolled them up to see what length I liked.

My kids heartily disapproved - they only like them long.  But I'm pretty convinced I like them better short.  (Three lengths are shown here - I like the shorter two better, and I think I like the shortest best, but I'm not sure on that.).

What say you?  Which give the best proportions with this length of top (which is in the range of most of my summer tops - probably an inch longer, but it's scrunched up a bit in these pics too) ?

Or should I ditch these shorts altogether?

Thanks so much for your suggestions and help! 


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WIW: summer frumps

Here's a few WIWs from the past few days.  I've been having frumpiness issues - everything I try looks frumpy.  So I keep changing.  It's fun purging at least :)

#1 worn out on a date with my hubby.  I'm wearing the white jeans a bit higher than usual, and rolled.  I have a vacation-induced pot belly too.

#2 a shirt that came out of probation today to get worn - it was nice and easy breezy.  I think it'll stay for a little while longer.

#3 T-shirt and maxi-skirt. It may as well be pajamas....

#4 Same Tee as #3 but with culottes.  Somehow these culottes are so frumpy they're cool to me, and I like them.  Not to mention they're so comfy.  Perhaps I should just save them for working out or sleeping?


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An alteration attempt

Last night I removed a sleeve from a gray dress.  When I originally wore it, I got comments that it was too big (and the size would agree - it's 2 sizes larger than my normal).  However, I'm not convinced that it's actually too big in the shoulders.  Rather, the sleeves are weirdly shaped, making them pop up in a bubble when I move my shoulder (see pic 2, which got the original review).

And I don't like puffy sleeves anyway, so I tried removing them (well, one).  But I'm really wavering on whether it's an improvement.  What do you think?

Removing the sleeve left a pretty big armhole, which I'll take in a bit along the side seam to make it wearable if I leave it this way.

Yay=remove the other sleeve
Nay=re-attach the first sleeve, original is better.


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WIW: an attempt at de-frumping ETA: proposed shape

I have this slinky-knit ink midi tank dress.  I think it looks pretty dated ('cause it is) and frumpy.  But it's nice and cool in the summer, and my kids LOVE it.  (They like the feel of the slinky knit).

In an attempt to make it wearable, I topped it with a tank.  Or a linen shirt.  (I'm wearing the tank today - I thought it was more wearable than the linen shirt). 

Does it come anywhere close to working? What are your suggestions? I could shorten it to knee length, or turn it into just a skirt, maybe?  Is this dress de-frumpable?

ETA: I'll cut it to the shape of this orange one (#4) and see what I think.  I'm not sure it'll do the trick, but I like the idea of the hem on the orange one :)


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Copying Una - Vacation pics

After seeing Una's wonderful pics of Denali, I wanted to post some of my own.  Yeah - they're not comparable to hers, but we had a really wonderful time :)

#1 The mountains of Utah
#2 Walking up to a lookout point at 12,095 elevation
#3 water splashing into a cave at Heisner park in Laguna Beach
#4 DH carrying the youngest on his shoulders in Bryce Canyon
#5 The lovely South Laguna shoreline (we loved the tide pools)
#6 Dad introducing the kids to the ocean for the first time (Heisner park again)
#7 My older daughter (9) feeling brave after rock climbing in Colorado Springs
#8 the family in Bryce Canyon
#9 more rock climbing in Colo Springs
#10, my older daughter admiring the ocean
#11 my 3 year old "swimming all by himself" in a pool
#12 Me and my 6 year old, hiking.
#13 My 7 year old on the boogie-board.

The kids have decided that our local murky lake water tastes much better than the ocean salt water.  But otherwise, they're ready to move to the beach.  (Never mind that we all fried - the sun is stronger in LA than Nebraska, I think)


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WIW: orange, blue and red

I'm pretty sure this isn't a flattering combo, and the skirt isn't really all the comfy either (too snug in the waist).  Still, I hold on to it because the color is so vibrant :)  (And maybe I'll be thinner by the end of the summer?)

And I couldn't come up with a better shoe than red.  What do you think?  What shoes would go well with a super-bright combo like this?

Suggestions for improvement?


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WIW: linen, jean skirt and hat

From now through mid-September it's hot and muggy.  So I'm looking forward to a few months to work out my summer style!

Here's a test-start:  linen eyelet shirt with a jean skirt.  The shirt will be too warm once summer gets really hot, but for these mid-eighties to low-nineties humid days, it's not too bad.

I don't think the jean skirt makes the cut.  I like the color, but not really the shape.  To me, it emphasizes my thick middle.

Is the top too long for the skirt?

I think I need white sandals.

Extra shot of my one summer hat - I don't really like this hat due to the pink and blue polka-dot ribbon glued to the top.  However, this shape of hat is by far the most readily available and the cheapest.  How does the shape look?  (for practicality, I think it needs a chin strap.  And I like a fedora shape better, but not sure it would work with my face and hair shapes)


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