WIW: burgundy and peach formula upside-down.

Continuing my love-affair with my new colors of skinny jeans....

Yesterday, I wore the burgundy with heathered gray.  My Spiegel was sortof an indoor-outdoor jacket over it, and a giant black scarf over that.  I felt pretty good in the combo.

Today, I'm wearing peach skinnies.  These ones may not be keepers - I like the blush much better.  With a navy sweater (also from the thrifting adventure) and brown belt (which shows when my sweater is semi-tucked, but it wasn't for the pic), and shoes.  

Suggestions for improvement?  (And sorry for the dark early-morning pics from yesterday - I had to lighten them lots to get the colors to show at all).


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WIW: Thrifted sweater

You're going to be getting new-to-me posts for a while.

Today I wore my "Saturday jeans" with a new-to-me red sweater.  I've been looking for a sweater in  a dark red or burgundy with an open neck (i.e. not a crew or turtle neck) for quite a while - and while the color isn't difficult to find, it seems to have a lot of way too short lengths around here.

I finally found this one and was pleased, so it came home with me :)

What do you think?  Does it fit the "red pullover sweater" hole?

(It's pretty matchy-matchy with my red suede boots.  Maybe a bit more matchy than I'm comfortable being, now that I look at the photos....)


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WIW: More thrifting finds

In this edition of "Team Wear", I'm happy to report that I have new-to-me blush skinnies and a replacement for my black sweater that has pilled to an untimely death.

I'm a little paranoid about looking like I'm wearing no pants in blush pants.  Do they make you do a double-take?

I do like these - especially the almost-edgy pastel/black combo.  As long as it doesn't look like I'm not wearing pants...

What do you think?


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WIW: Burgundy skinnies!

Burgundy skinnies have been a thrift-store HEWI of mine for more than a year, and I finally found them!  I know that skinnies are on their way out on the forum (or at least aren't fashion forward any more), but they're still considered fashion forward in my circles, and I was thrilled to find several colored pairs shopping.

Here they are, with another thrift-store find - a replacement for my cream fisherman sweater. (The collar isn't laying right in the picture, making it look stiff - sorry.  It's not stiff). 

Do these work?  (The jeans are long enough, but I'm not convinced that they're playing nicely with my burgundy boots.  I was in a rush though, and couldn't find my black ones, which I would have preferred.  I'll probably change into them later, when I find them).


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WIW: a backlog

Part of repeating more outfits is that I feel less interested in taking pictures.  Then I wear an outfit that's not a repeat but that I know is mediocre, and skip taking a picture then too.... I'm getting lazy.

Anyway, here's a few pics that I've taken of the past week or so WIWs.  

#1 grape sweater with blue jeans.  I tried to wear earrings, but they hurt my ears and I took them out.  I think I may be developing a metal sensitivity.

#2 gray-out.  I was trying for wearing a statement necklace with a very simple backdrop.  (Too bad my undershirt is peeking out).

#3-4 Black and blue - this sweater is really much darker than it looks in the photo - almost an ink.  And I have no idea what the pants are - they're a super wide pant, with a split panel skirt overlay - kinda like swingy chaps.  Do those have a name?  Are they dated?  They fit me well, and were fun to swoosh around in, but my kids though they were silly, and I'm not sure it's a very slimming silhouette.

#5 The good ol' coral/navy/brown formula again.  The pants are navy (or ink) skinnies that I bought during an all-day Goodwill tour yesterday.  I bought lots, and you'll get to see them soon I'm sure, considering that I'm on team wear :)

All comments are welcome - especially suggestions for improvement :)


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WIW: color blocky

I've been walking (quite slowly) on a treadmill while I work for the past week and a half, and I must say - I'm quite a lot warmer that way.  (My legs are threatening to fall off, but that's another matter).

Anyway, to take advantage of the extra body heat, I'm wearing lighter weight clothes (still with long underwear and the like, of course...)

My cobalt cords were calling to me this morning, and I decided that color blocking would look cheerful.  So here's my attempt - semi-tucked to minimize my muffin top, of course :)

I'm planning to wear this out with my husband tonight - suggestions for improvement?


WIW: for bad attitudes

I'm not sure if it's the weather or the time of year, or if I'm more tired than usual -- but I know that I've been crabbier than usual, and so have my kids.  

So, while we all try to minimize our picking on each other, I've still gotten dressed, albeit with less thought and skill than usual.

Here's what I've worn. 

#1 - all black with a teal cardi - (It's lighter and brighter than in the pic).  This combo was "prettier" than I'm used to, and judging from the reactions of people around me, it was a miss.  I didn't really mind it, but didn't especially feel like it was me.

#2 is the same day - with the addition of my Navy Pea coat. I remembered that I had this a few days ago (it's from college days), and pulled it out to discover that it fits even better now than it did in college.  I liked wearing it.

#3 is an authentic 80s velour sweatshirt that I picked up at the thrift store.  I maybe should have resisted....

#4 is a new pair of fake cons from the same thrifting trip.  I have a real knack for picking up mis-matched shoes.  At least on this pair, it's just the laces.

#5-7 are my gray/white outfit with the shoes in #4.  I wore it with the scarf most of the day.

#8 is what I'm wearing today.  I was looking for something that would be a fun color combo with the camo, but I don't think I nailed it.

What are your suggestions for improvement?  


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WIW: Navy, coral and brown

I love the Navy, peach and brown ensemble from this morning, and immediately tried to think of ways to do it.  It ends up that I have several options, so I chose the warmest, rescuing this sweater out of probation for the day.

The sweater is duller and pinker than the photo shows - almost a muted coral.  and I like the way it's working with the navy and the brown.  I even switched my black and white striped bag for a slouchy brown one for the occasion :)

What do you think?  Suggestions for improvement?

Come to think of it, I wore something awfully similar a couple of weeks ago, didn't I? I think I prefer this more muted version.


WIW: departing from my norm a bit

(though not a lot...)

Yesterday (#3), warmth was more important to me than much else, so I pulled out this old hand-knit circle sweater.  My mom made it for my little sister, who is living in Spain this year and found it too bulky to take along.  So I'm housing it for the year.  I realize that it has a bit of frump to the look, but it was indeed warm.  And I never did put on shoes - just stayed inside all day.

Today (#1-2), I'm wearing a sweatshirt that I made Tuesday night.  This camel fabric had been begging to be made into a drapey sweatshirt for a while, and I finally listened to it.  I wish I'd made more drape in the front cowl, but otherwise, it turned out about like I imagined (which is kinda amazing since I barely even measured - I just cut and sewed).

What do you think?  Is it wearable?  (I'm asking both about the shape and the color, which is a departure from my reds, blues, black/gray/white rules).


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WIW: formulae and copycats

Here's a few WIWs from the last few days.  Nothing very special.

#1 - sorry for the dark pic.  It's a burgundy brocade sweatshirt with black skinny jeans and tall eyelet boots.  I added a nice black cuff that was a Christmas gift. (better pic in #5)  It's 3D printed plastic (so the geek factor is high, which makes it very cool to me).

#2 is an attempted copycat from Beth at Seersucker and saddles (inspiration pic #4).  I wish I'd worn higher contrast shoes.

#3 is a semi-white-out formula.  A new-to-me white tee with a few sequins that I'm not sure whether it'll earn it's keep, white jeans and a blue jean jacket, because I felt like wearing white with navy today.

Suggestions for improvement?


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