WTW: Lion King

Sorry for forum hogging.  I'll post all my WIWs to these great events in a single thread after they're past :)

A good friend of ours is taking my husband and me to "The Lion King" (musical) in an upscale theater tonight.  I was told "wear a dress or a skirt, but not super formal".

Here's my ideas. 

What do you think?

#1 Orange with floral blazer
#2 Navy with floral blazer
#3 Black with houndstooth
#4 Snake print
#5 Inspired by Angie's 'Happy Skirt'
#6 Inspired by Diana's rendition of Angie's Happy skirt
#7 Dark floral


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How to wear a floral blazer? (Easter, and long)

I bought this floral blazer at the thrift store last weekend, thinking it would be so much fun to wear for Easter.

But I'm having a hard time styling it.  Googling "how to wear a floral blazer", and "floral blazer site:youlookfab.com" gave me some ideas, which I've copied in the pics below.  Do any of these work?  How should I wear this?

(Considerations:  I'll be up and down from a stage a lot, so I need to move easily.  I'll also be sitting on the stage with my knees facing the audience, but behind a row of singers, so nearly invisible there.  Still, it make shirt skirts pretty precarious).  The room will be well lit, but there won't be spotlights on me.

#1 A bright column of color (too glaring, impractical, but sure does pop)
#2 - #3 A column of dark (navy, in this case, and I could sub slacks for the dark jeans, but actually think the dark jeans look dressier)
#4 Dark bottoms, light top.  This one is lace, and probably a bit distracting with the blazer.
#5 Mid-tone (olive) bottoms, light top.
#6 Was intended to be mid-tones, but the peacock is a bit bright - olive bottoms.
#7 light bottoms, dark top.  I feel like the white bottoms are too bright for the blazer and make it look dirty.
#8 column of white - see how the blazer is more pearly - almost gray, next to my bleached whites?
 #9 White jeans, gray sweater.  This one almost works to me - does the gray keep the blazer from looking dirty?
#10 White jeans, peacock shirt.  Or maybe separating the two whites is better?

Other options that come to mind: An olive top under the blazer.  Hot pink (but I don't have any - still, I'll probably visit the thrift store today, and maybe I'll find something?

What are your suggestions?  Feel free to tell me to ditch the blazer if I need to.  I have plenty of other clothes and can wear something else for Easter if the blazer just doesn't cut it.


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WIMW: Good Friday church

I'm helping out with music for our Good Friday service, and when I asked what was appropriate to wear, they said "just dress normal church, but dark".  "Normal church" is quite casual - dressed up jeans, I'd say, though I usually go a step above that.

I thought it might be a good opportunity to wear my black lace top, but I'm having troubles making it work.  Suggestions?

#1 - #5 Black lace top over a variety of bottoms, with either a black shell underneath or a white long-sleeved tee underneath.  Black trousers would also be an option, but #3 and #4 felt so dark that I was reluctant to make it even more black by taking away the white legs (which will have nude hose if I wear a skirt).  My husbands comment was "It's not a funeral". on #3 and #4.  He felt #2 was a bit more casual than I wanted, and preferred #1 to #5, but wouldn't say whether he actually liked anything (and usually he'll admit to liking something, so that means that he doesn't...)

#6-#7 A black dress with houndstooth jacket.  I'm kinda thinking this is a better choice, but then I'd miss the opportunity to wear the lace top.

Fair warning:  I have three events this weekend, and will probably be obsessing about what to wear to the other two also.  Apologies in advance!


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WIW: mini FFBO

Today I hit on a mini FFBO (at least for me): colored jeans, stripes and blue.  I've worn it a few times now, and I like the way it works.

Today's rendition is green jeans, black/white stripes and a faded blue jean oversized vest.

I like it.  Do you?  What should be improved?


WIW: Gray to blue

This morning was cold and still and very gray.  So I cozied it up and wore my snuggly ombre gray sweater with gray jeans and booties.  I added in blue-gray beaded hoop earrings so that I wouldn't be wearing my silver studs (props to my kids)

But this afternoon it got so nice and warm - up to 40F with perfectly clear light blue skies!  So I walked the dog in a jacket (with a scarf) rather than my huge puffer coat.  The birds are singing and the trees are budding.  Spring is going to come after all!

I realize this outfit isn't very exciting, but it served well for keeping me warm and comfy.  Suggestions for improvement?

WIW: light neutral florals

I'm not sure what to call the colors of this top - it's a floral, in light sandy camouflage colors.  I have a hard time figuring out how to wear it, but I love the shape (not sure what the neckline is called - a sort of a cowl drape?).

So here it is with an olive utility jacket, jeans and rate short-ish boots.

I originally styled this with gray jeans and bray booties, but the grays had too blue undertones, and didn't work with the yellow undertones of the top and jacket.  I think this works a bit better (because the boots are a yellow undertoned brown, I guess).  I liked the more saturated look of the slightly darker jeans too.

#1 how I wore it
#2 the first attempt.

Suggestions more than welcome!  :)

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WIB: spring/summer wardrobe fresheners

My favorite thrift store just opened anew with Spring/Summer merchandise, so of course I paid them a visit. 

Here's most of what I bought (a silk floral blouse isn't pictured, because I'm going to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 before I consider it wearable).  None are returnable but they were all cheap, so tell me which ones shouldn't stay long in my wardrobe.  (I bought all this plus Easter outfits for all five kids for under $35).

#1-#2 A water-color-like floral jacket.  Am I crazy to think I'm in love?  I'm considering wearing this on Easter with my white jeans. Do you think it'd work?  (Or is it better over this navy midi?)
#3-4 a sailboat print eyelet top - it's too short, so I think it'll be more of a summer jacket.
#5  shiny silver sandals. 
#6 bronze alligator-type sandals
#7 business-like peep toes with a really nice cork base.
#8-9 not from this thrift-store trip, but something I'd been considering as an Easter contender - a lavender Ann Taylor jacket.  Are the colors too soft for me?  (Do I look washed out in it?)

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WIW bomber over a dress, houndstooth and lotsa green

I had the thought of trying to reduce forum-hogginess by posting several outfits at once.  But just realized that means that in order to find an outfit again, (for example, in masonry view of my posts) I have to remember what I posted with it.  I'm not sure I like that....  Perhaps I'll return to daily WIWs....

Anyway, here's a few from the past few days.

#1  The closest I have to a bomber over a dress - it's a black midi-lengh sheath dress (is that's what it's called? basically a long straight tube of fabric with arms and a head hold cut out).  Ceit's asking about finding a dress like the one in the post made me realize that I had that dress, and could wear a bomber over it.  I'm not totally sure it worked, but I felt sassy in it.
#2 when I saw the pic of this one, I almost changed, but my husband told me that it actually looked good in person, just didn't photo well, so I left it on.  It's green jeans, a blue sweater, and lime cardigan.  The green jeans are super comfy!
#3 white jeans, red shell and houndstooth jacket.  I liked this one pretty well.

I love suggestions and feedback, so fire away :)


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WIW: meh

Not feeling as fab in these outfits as I did in my new green jeans a few days ago.  What should I do to improve them (as a reference for next time)?

#1 Felt okay, but not great

#2 I liked it this way, but the pants wouldn't stay up, so I had to add a belt (#3)
#3 with the belt - I think it makes the shirt line compete with the vest a bit?

#4 felt kinda frumpy - I'm guessing the length of the red vest and the length of the blue top is competing?  And I need to paint these shoes bright red, no?

I'm debating whether the white floral in #1, the denim vest and brown cowl neck sweater in #2 and #3, and the red vest in #4 should stay.  What do you think?

Feedback and suggestions invited!  Thanks you all!

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WIW: Wishing Spring in

Catching up on WIWs from the past week or so (might have to look back to see what I last posted...)  I think I missed photoing one, but it was a repeat that you've seen before.

#1 Black and cognac.  Not very spring-like, but I thought the combo worked.
#2 Poppies and black.  Worn to church.  I liked it, but the shoes ended up not-so-comfy.  worn with earrings in #7.
#3, Green jeans! with blue denim top and striped cardigan (same as #9)
#4 blue jeans with brown crew-neck sweater and big red cardigan.  I'm not sure this cardi works - it's  strange shape for me.
#5 white jeans with green sweater, cognac jacket and shoes
#9, same as #3, without the cardigan (and sleeves unrolled - I wore it like #3 though).

My girls decided on Saturday that my wearing just my silver-toned studs in my ears all the time was boring, and I needed to wear my earrings.  So I challenged them to pick out earrings for me to wear each day and I would wear them.  Saturday they picked out the leather "feather" earrings in #7, and I wore them with outfit #4.  Sunday, they picked out #6 for St. Patrick's day, and I wore them with #2, and this morning, they picked out #8, and I'm wearing them with #3.

#6-#8 homemade earrings, chosen for me to wear by my daughters.  

Please leave suggestions and feedback.  I love learning what works and doesn't!

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