WIW: hum drumming

Okay, none of these seem very special to me, but it's what I wore, and I like to share so that I can get suggestins and such from you all.  So here we go.

#1 Worn to a Christmas party (yes, we even exchanged gifts) last Saturday.  Who needs to do things on time?  Jean cutoffs, navy tee and sail-boat shirt-as-a-topper

#2 Worn on a date with my husband.  Pink linen skirt, white tank top and jean jacket (pink and orange necklace to coordinate with skirt)

#3 Worn on a rainy, chilly day - Skinnies with a black top and Ceit's jacket. I was so excited to get to wear skinny jeans again! 

#4 - #5 New-to-me twirly skirt.  I was inspired by Shannon's pleated midi skirt, and I think I love it.  What do you think?  Worn with a black tee, pointy shoes (my kids said they were too pointy, and disapproved), and carrying my white bag.

#6 Another version of #3.  Worn until I decided to let the kids paint with acrylic on canvas for the rainy day, and got paint on the utility jacket.  It washed right out though.  #7 is showing off the new-to-me black and silver belt.

Suggestions for improvement?  What works?  What doesn't?


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WIW and style evolution

Here's  a few days of WIW.  My computer's been acting up - I think I'm going to have to start image editing on my husband's computer....

I've been enjoying my summer wardrobe lately!  Not that I think I'm dressing super fabulously, but my wardrobe is feeling more "me".  I actually like most of the pieces, and I want to wear them, and if anything, I feel like summer is becoming too short - I won't have time to wear all the combinations I could.

This is coupled with a new style realization - or a set of them.  I'm not sure how to put it into words - but I like to read the blog Into Mind, and she did an interview with Kali of The Nife en l'air.  Kali's descriptions of her style really resonated with me, and have, at least this week, given me a bit of a definition to my current style.  She described hers as "androgynous and gamine". Through reading her thoughts, I realized that I feel most "me" when I'm in clothes with fairly simple lines, and at least one bright color.  Kali linked to another blog, Lost in a spotless mind, who has a series on finding your style.  It doesn't say anything that you all haven't already told me, but it's making some sense to me now, and I think I'm seeing trends in what style expresses who I am well.

If you're still reading, I hope I didn't bore you to death.

Here's three recent outfits:

#1 print top with white jeans.  It finally occurred to me what's wrong with this top: The straps are too long.  I like the print though, so in to the mending box it goes.

#2 pink top with cobalt capris.  Hmm.. I think this pink is too close to my skin tone, and will find a new home.

#4 A happy outfit - spring green shorts and a chambray sleevless top.  This may be one of my favorite summer combos so far.  (Though I had no idea what shoes to wear with it).  I felt super comfy and very much like me).

Oddly enough, as much as I like bright colors, to me blue isn't bright.  It's almost a neutral.  I don't understand why.

Suggestions for improvement on my outfits?  Thoughts on my naval gazing?


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WIW: official orangesicle

It's super hot here (well, for me and here - about 97 today and humid), and I'm wearing loose baggy dresses for everything that I don't care if I look decent.

However, two such "I should look presentable" occasions occurred in the past couple days. 

#1 is what I wore to church.  I figured these pants are about as close as I have to "summer" pants - they're loose-fitting and light weight.  And they worked really nicely.  The top, however, is silk, and showed every little drop of sweat...  I'm thinking it might be more of a cool-season (with a cami underneath) top, rather than a top-of-summer-heat top.  I was told that I look very tan, and that I look "official" - like I should be wearing a badge.  I'm not sure it was a compliment.   Oh well.

#2 is a copycat of #3 - nude-ish shoes, white jeans, orange top, red lip and black bag.  I'm not sure it works on me, but it was fun to try.  I wore it out on a date to a rare treat - Indian food.  Yum.

I love all feedback - especially suggestions for improvement!


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WIW: ikat, linen, pattern mixing and leggy

#1 -  I decided after liking my linen shorts so well on my no-pics day earlier this week, to try them in a presentable outfit.  This was the result, and it was okay  nice and cool if not exactly stylish :)

#2-4 - Today my legs really need shaving, so for a day with lots of social activity, I opted for jeans.  I had forgotten how leggy they make me look.  Paired with my patterned top that now has normal-looking sleeves.  I'll probably alter them into diagonal sleeves, as has been suggested  but I felt like it worked okay even as-is.  What do you think?

#5 - When I picked up this skirt, my first thought was that it would go with this gingham top.  Imagine silver shoes rather than the black - I wasn't brave enough to wear it out...  I'm not sure I'll keep the skirt - it's a pretty big stretch for me.  Then again - I like to experiment.  What do you think?

I love all feedback - especially suggestions for improvement!


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WIW: slanty poses

My darling children removed (and lost) one of the screws in my tripod.  So, until we find a replacement, meet the new "I need some v8" Amy :)

Here's WIW on Tuesday and today - nothing special, but they felt "put together" enough to work competantly, and were still comfy and loose enough for these hot July days.  :)

#1 Tuesday - cobalt clams, aqua gingham top over a white tank.  I should have worn my silver sandals with this, but we were going to the lake, so I wanted something that could handle the sand.

#2-#3: Wednesday.  Mondrian skirt with blue top.  It's nice and simple for what feels like a really hot day after a night of very little sleep.

What do you suggest for improvements? 


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WIW pics and style evolution

Today's the first day in ages (well, a bit over six months), that I've gotten dressed knowing that I wouldn't take a WIW picture (I left my camera at my in-laws last night, and won't have it back until tomorrow).  My first thought was "Oh, cool!  I can wear those super ugly linen shorts, because I'm not going anywhere and won't take a pic!".  And I did, and have been super comfy and cool (even though it was almost 90 in the house) all day.

Now, they're not classy, they're not pretty, and I don't feel the least bit stylish in them with my tee-shirt (I didn't even have to go sleeveless!) .  But my happiness factor is high, because I'm cool, and because I feel like I'm being sly - getting away with looking like a slob.

The whole thing makes me laugh, and makes me realize that taking those WIW photos really ups my game.  Is it silly to have an "I'll be showing this outfit to my online friends at YLF, so I'd better do it right", component to my "What shall I wear" decisions?

This is actually all very good - I have learned so much in the last six months of snapping and posting very nearly everything I've worn.  Thanks for helping me grow!

What's your relationship like with WIWs?  Does knowing that you're taking a pic (and potentially putting it online) change the way you dress? 


K/R Red Teva Sandals

A couple of friends and I went to our local mall's summer clearance sales today.  Pics of my loot later, but I bought these sandals, and I'm leaning toward returning them, so I wanted to see what you think:

They are super comfy.  Maybe even moreso than my black strappy Dansko's

They would replace my red Keens, which have a split sole, and so are in the trash.

I don't really need athletic sandals, I don't think. I have my black Dansko's, my now-silver dressier ones (which are lesser on the comfort), and my congnac Borns, that have carried me through pretty well thus far.  I like the bright color of these, but wonder if they really fit the bill.

Not really dressy enough to be dressed up (or am I wrong?)

I paid nearly full price (gasp), and $70 is pretty expensive for something I don't need.

They're completely returnable, and I told the salesman right up front that I was only buying them to hold on to them while I decided whether I wanted them. (since they had exactly one pair, and it was my size and a color I like).

What do you think?  Should they go back, or should I keep them?


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WIW: blush, stripes, and orange

A quick post-n-run before bed. 

WIW the last three days:

#1 Blush tee-shirt with white jeans, leopard belt and cognac sandals.  I tried adding a white necklace or a scarf, but both were just too warm (or heavy, in the case of the necklace) for today's heat.  So I decided that I liked the combo just fine plain. 

#2 Orange crepe top with jean shorts.  I like the color combo, but the top is too big.  I think I'll put it on style exchange soon - it's actually a good brand (Ann Taylor Loft, I think) and in perfect condition.  I wore it backwards, because I liked it much better that way. (It has a keyhole button in the "front").

#3 A striped skirt with a baggy tank.  I'm going to try this combo again after Angie's blog post (I wore it the day before), with a baggy tee instead - and leave it untucked.  I don't like the way the stripes show the curve below my belly - think I'll try to cover that up!

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback - you know I love to learn!


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WIW: altered clothes

Today I wore my teal silk sleeveless button-up (sleeves removed at Kate's suggestion, and it's much better this way), with my green shorts (also Kate's suggestion) and my silver-painted shoes.

I also tried the combo with black belt and shoes. 

Which is better?

Is the combo in general okay?  I don't feel like this top fits perfectly, even without the sleeves.  But I do think it's good enough to wear again this summer, or until something better comes along :)

(ETA: the two legs really are the same length.  This photo shows me that maybe I should stop that habit of standing crooked for photos...)


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Wardrobe DIY alterations quetions (what works?)

Here's a few recent diys - do you think they work?

#1 I picked up a second pair of white jeans, finally.  And I immediately planned to taper them (they're bootcut).  But then I saw Ornella's white jeans, with a similar cut, and loved them.  So I'm debating on whether to taper them after all.  Right now these are just basted, so it can go either way.  Would they get too dirty if I left them bootcut?  Is the shape of one better than the other (the tapered will lie a bit better when they're actually cut and finished)

#2 I painted my bronze sandals silver.  Does the new color work? I can certainly paint them again :)

#3 I shortened my green capris into shorts, after putting a hole in them trying to undo the seam to taper them.  Is the length good, or should they go shorter?

#4 I was given these red cropped pants.  They're a bright tomato red, and I like them, but wonder about the length.  What's a good length for these? 

On all of these, left is original, right is altered, or proposed alteration.


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