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How has your style evolved?


WWW: bright and shiny?

Considering wearing this to the Christmas Eve service tonight.  (But with light socks!)

Should I?  (Too shiny and bright? Does the silver leave me washed out?  I guess I'm likely to add makeup anyway)

Also, WIW yesterday - trying out the sweaterdress silhouette.  It took lots of underlayers to get warm - I'm not sure it was worth the struggle.  I ended up changing out the red boots for my Doc Martens, but it felt rather black....
(sweaterdress has two shirts under, plus tights leggings, and shorts under the bottom half.  The boots are hiding wool socks....


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WIW: Red and shiny

Angie was right - I'm wearing more red in my feeling festive.  Two of the last three days I've worn it, and even though the pics aren't that great, I figured I'd share.

Also, I'm trying out today some shoes that I bought last summer and were a bronzy-brown.  I finally decided that I would like them better and wear them more if they were dark silver, and bought some Tarrago leather dye.  They turned out brighter than I anticipated, but I think I like them.  (Though I may try tonight them down with some black polish...)

All comments and suggestions are invited :)


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Worth fixing? Elie Tahari jacket

I picked up this jacket at GoodWill last month.  It had three holes in the sleeve, but I thought it might be worth trying to repair because of the brand.

I've now started the repair, and think that with some careful attention, it'll be a success.  But before I put in the time to finish, I thought I'd ask - is it worth the effort?

It's an immaculately-made jacket, but not young.  It's silk-lined polyester (why?!), and black with pin stripes.  Is the shape outdated?  The length? The style?  Does it fit me properly? Are the sleeves a current width?  (Didn't really get a good shot of them though...)

Worn here over a shirt and a shell.  I'd most likely wear it over something of similar weight and thickness.

I lightened all the pictures to try to make it so you can see detail

#1 from the side, buttoned.  The three (partially repaired) holes are on this sleeve.
#2 open
#3 close up of collar shape
#4 from back, open
#5 from back, buttoned
#6, buttoned

Thanks for your help and thoughts on this potential project!


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I may never get dressed again...

It only took two years for you all to convince me to upgrade my lounge wear.  I finally caved in for these sweatpants..   I bought two pairs of the fleece sweats (white/gray snowflake and a dark gray) and a pair of the waffleknit (blue with a fair isle snowflake pattern).  I don't think I've ever worn something cozier.  I want to spend the rest of the winter in them. 


Return? light blue sweater

Just sanity checking before I return it (and pardon the lack of glasses - I'm used to my face having more color than this now.)

If I should keep this sweater - let me know :)  


WIW: Snow boots and top silhouette variety

Playing with silhouette both on top and bottom the past couple of days - and in the process, liking it.  I really do need the top variety to feel like it's variety.  And I hadn't noticed until recently that so many of my sweaters are the same.

Here, though, is two different ones.
#1 - High-fiving Shannon and wearing a summer top in winter.  There's a thermal top beneath it and a circle sweater over the top :)  I like the splash of color though.  Worn over slim boyfriend jeans that I usually roll for summer wear.  This is the first try unrolled (so full length), and I liked them pretty well.

#2 Pulled my burgundy skinnies out of probation to pair with my gray snowboots this morning.  Also brought back the semi-tuck with a drapey sweater.  Hoping it's warm enough with a thermal tank under it :)  At least my feet are nice and warm.  And yes, I intend to wear this indoors all day.  

Since I'm showing winter-wear though, I figure I may as well show off my new-to-me coat.  My white puffer is lovely, but not washing clean like my white coat did last year.  So I've added another bright coat, and will likely either purge or dye the white one.  With the burgundy skinnies, the pink is a bit much - but I do like it quite a lot over black and gray and blue jeans :)

Suggestions?  Comments?


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Recommendations for long, warm tights?

I bought a couple of pairs of fleece lined tights a couple of years ago, when I first joined ylf.  They were a bit short, so I was always hiking them up, but they were wonderfully warm.

This year, I cannot find my black pair, and have decided that's all the reason I need to look for a better replacement.

I'm just barely on the brink of "tall" at 5'9", but I want tights that stay up (and probably have a high-ish rise.  I want feet on them - leggings are less versatile in my mind.  And I want them genuinely warm.

Any recommendations?


WIW and thoughts on silhouettes

I'm still trying Una's silhouette challenge, though I'm finding that I have definite FFBOs that sneak in more and more often.

My bottoms shapes are skinnies, boot-cuts, boyfriends and wide-legs for pants.  I have a couple of skirts and dresses, but haven't yet found a warm-enough way to sport them very frequently.  I'll keep trying (looking for long-enough fleece lined tights now...)

My tops, though, are basically a sweater - usually with a shirt or two under for warmth.  Sometimes those under layers show, sometimes not.  I'm not sure whether this is enough variety for me or not.  For now, it feels easy, which is great with me because I'm busy :)

Here's a set from the last week or so.

#1 this outfit is one an almost-every-week repeat - I like the variety the vest adds.
#2 Another frequent outfit, and one of my favorites - column of navy with a cheery green scarf.
#3 The color is off - this is my blush sweater over black (with a black under-layer too that shows in person)
#4 brown and red - and a shell over a shirt.  It was warm enough to roll my sleeves.
#5 brown and red and blue.
#6 huge flannel over skinnies.  I purged the flannel after trying it out that day.  It's too big.
#7 tan and black.  I tried light shoes too, but they weren't comfy, and got purged.  Otherwise, I like this color combo, and intend to repeat it.

I'm not sure I see a big variance in these silhouettes in spite of their including three of my four shapes of bottoms.  I suspect I'm going to have to find variety in top shapes too.  What do you think?


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Red and Brown two ways

Two different version of red and brown inspired by the ensemble on Friday.  

#1 Wide legged pants, with a flannel shirt and a dark red shell over it.  Sorry for the dark pic.
#2 I tried to go for the blue-jeans combo without jeans - instead I wore a chambray shirt and a big red sweater over brown cords.

I liked both color combos - and the variety in silhouette too.

All comments and suggestions are welcome :)


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