K/R two sweaters from Gap

Two sweaters arrived today, and I need an opinion on them.
The first is a light blue - a color I've been trying to find for more than a year.
The second, I bought thinking that it might be a good 'statement' sweater.

Both are quite a big larger than I was expecting (I think my idea of sizing is still stuck on last year's size, not this year's roominess, so I tend to size up, when I shouldn't)

My question is: Are they nicely oversized, or swamping me?  A size down isn't available in the light blue, but is in the colorblock (which is the bigger of the two - and the light pink colorway in that one is interesting me too..)

I'm showing them about how I'll wear them (except, I hope, for the wrinkles from packing).  Do the proportions work at all?  Is it worth trying a size down in the colorblock, or should I go for something entirely different?

Another note - they'll probably shrink a big in the wash, right?


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WIW: Silhouette challenge week 1

I originally didn't think I'd join Una's silhouette challenge, because I couldn't come up with anything other than sweaters with slim jeans (not quite skinny) that I wear.

But I decided to try it, just to see.

And it pushed me, but in a good way.  I needed this workout.  

But in the end, I came up with more than 5 silhouettes, and am happy wearing most of them.  (You might have to teach me how to wear a dress in winter).

Here they are (with apologies for terrible pictures):

#1 Statement pants (cobalt corduroys) with slouchy sweater.  Sweater is probably about to get purged - it's pilling.  And I'm on the fence about these cobalt corduroys... not sure they have a place in my wardrobe either.
#2 dress with a cardi and tights.  I changed to moto boots before going out, but that pic didn't turn out.  This felt off to me - too juvenile, too chilly, and just weird.  What do I need to do to fix it?  
#3 sweater over shirt, with slim brown corduroys - I liked the idea of a brown/black mix, but in the pic, I think it's too dark.
#4 same sweater as #3, but under a vest, wish faded black slim jeans.
#5 white slim jeans with navy sweater (not quite as slouchy as #1, and pardon the peek of my undershirt covering my black belt).  

I can think of at least a few more silhouettes (I have some bootcut jeans and some wide-legged trousers that I haven't worn yet, and I may try some skirts too), and the only one here that I think really didn't work was #2.  Are these all different enough to be considered different silhouettes?

What should I do to improve them?


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PMWIW#3 Equestrian lite

I'm not pretending that these are successful attempts at equestrian.  But they are what I wore when I was trying to see what pieces would give a slight equestrian vibe.

For #1, I decided that equestrian would best be met by my pointy toed brown boots.  I haven't worn them in forever, and decided it may as well be time to decide whether they stay or go.  They were comfy enough to stay.  White jeans and a brown plaid shirt are either a brown and white ensemble, or a not terribly successful attempt at equestrian.

#2 is a copy of Suz's Urban Equestrian look.  Black boots (It's not cold enough for my moto boots yet, so I went with my Doc Martens), jeans (mine are boyfriend), gingham checked shirt with a black blazer.  After this untucked photo, I wore the shirt tucked about half of the day.  Then later untucked again.  

This is one of my two blazer style jackets.  Both are black, but the other one is longer and more of a 'boyfriend' style.  This is the first time wearing this short one - I've had a hard time coming up with ways to style it.  Does this work?  (Do you have other suggestions?)



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PMWIW Challenge 2: Better photos

In thinking through what to change for better photos, I was caught up in finding something that I could actually sustain (rather than put a lot of effort one day and return to old ways the next).

My main struggle with taking pics in the winter is the light.  I've been in the habit of snapping a quick pic right after breakfast.  As you can see (in pic #2), this results in pretty harsh lighting, and I have to lighten the pics.  Rather than find a new place, I decided to try a new time of day - right after lunch.  At that time, the sun is overhead, and direct light isn't shining in the windows.  I think it worked!

Neither pic was adjusted for brightness - just cropped.

(And WIW:  pic #1 black and white buffalo check under a black swingy cardigan with dark gray skinny jeans and red plaid shoes.  Pic #2 black shirt under blush sweater with black bootcuts)


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WIW: a few days of keeping it real

I try to take a daily pic, even if I don't post it.  In reality, I probably succeed in taking a pic about half of the days.
Here's some from the past week (and today)
#1 today: the first jeans I found, gray heathered short-sleeved sweater with teal cocoon cardigan.
#2 yesterday: white jeans with white shirt under an oatmeal pullover.  I think I looked this loopy all day long - many people asked me if I was okay (I spent Saturday working in too much dust and fiberglass insulation, so it took a bit to recover).
#3 last week sometime - a peacock sheer blouse and black bootcuts.
#4 also last week - gray jeans and a vintage statement top.  I think if this top is going to stay I have to make the neck bigger.  That crew neck is annoyingly small.
#5 last Sunday - pleated skirt and black blouse - partially tucked.  Later in the day I changed to #6 (jeans with the same top).

None of these strike me as very special - but they're what I'm wearing these days, I guess :)
All comments and suggestions are welcome!

Off to see what you all area wearing for real :)


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