WIW: Celebrations edition (with skinnies formulae)

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that most of my celebrations are casual.  but here's what I've worn to various celebrations the past week (or since I last posted...)

#1 Worn to Christmas Eve celebrations - it doesn't show in the pic, but the underlayer is quite sparkly - this was my version of the sparkly tank (but with a sparkly cardigan all buttoned up, since I don't have a sparkly tank).  I liked it.

#2 Worn Christmas Eve during the day - I never did put shoes on with this, but I liked the outfit anyway.

#3-4 Angies formula from this morning - worn yesterday.  I liked this one too.

#5-6 Deborah-inspired drapey tank under a drapey cardigan with a narrow skirt.  I felt like it added lots of visual pounds, but I did like the draping.

#7-8 worn Christmas morning.  (Started in boots, changed to red plaid cons), to open gifts and the like.

#9 A attempt at skinny jeans with chunky knit - cobalt and sage.  The sweater, though, was too big (it's my hubby's), and I felt a bit swimming in it all day.  I did like the color combo though.

What do you think?  What should be improved here?

Hope you all had really special Christmases!


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WIW: skinnines and chunky knit

With today's blog post on the same topic, how could I resist?

And I must say, that it's probably my highest happiness-factor all week, despite it's lack of color - it feels warm (silk under everything), and just a tad edgy, and, well, I like it. 

Just plain blue jean skinnies with black chunky knit sweater and black lace-up boots.  A blue scarf matches the skinnies, and was a gift from a friend - so it's not only cozy but sentimental. 

What do you think?


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WIW: cobalt and orange

Here's my new cobalt skinny cords :)  I'm loving them today.

On Angie's recommendation, I'm pairing them with orange.  This top shifts color rather dramatically based on the lighting - in my bedroom, I'd call it pumpkin.  In the bathroom, I'd call it coral.  It's heathered with just a tough of charcoal in the knit, and is nice and warm.  But I suspect it's a bit too short - I thought it covered my belt until I saw these pics.

I paired them with a white belt because I liked the look in the mirror, and I chose the cons so that the toes would bookend the white belt.

Does it work?  You'll be seeing lots more of these pants, I promise.


WIW: skinnies and boots

I'm taking cues from Angie's post and from MaryK's color scheme today.

Red skinnies with black boots, black chunky knit sweater and red lumberjack vest.

With silk long underwear and two undershirts under the sweater (and the vest is very thick and warm), I'm rather toasty - just perfect for the day.  I feel happy being nice and warm.  

What do you think?  (I know, I look like a lumberjack.  This is actually contributing to my happiness - I like the woodsiness feel)


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K/R Cobalt cords

And looking at the pics, I think these are returns too.  They're not as bad as the burgundy ones, but they don't seem totally fab either - instead, a bit frumpy. I'm running errands tonight, and these two cords will be going back.  (If they have a size down, I might try them on, because I do like the warmth of cords an awful lot...)

But since I took the pics, I'll show them to you anyway :)  


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WIW: green, and a cowlneck over a buttondown

WIW from the last three days:

#1 I felt like wearing green on Saturday.  So I did.  Lots of invisible layers kept me in the at-least-not-freezing range.

#2 I wish this pic had turned out better.  The top is a cropped jacket that's navy and black brocade.  The bottom is a black eyelet flared skirt.  I'm wearing dark sparkly necklace and bracelet.  I got a lot of compliments on it.
(#3 is with the coat).

#4 is an attempt at Angie's formula from this morning.  I know it's not really working, so chuckle with me.  I'll probably change before I leave the house, unless I run out of time.

I love feedback and especially suggestions!


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WIW: the start of winter blahs

Wow - it's been a long time since I posted a WIW (thus, apologies for a whole week of pics in one post).  

Thistle's post resonated with me - I, too, am feeling blah, and not fitting into my clothes the way I did before I started working out about nine months ago (so far, the work outs have resulted in weight gain - especially in the butt).  And it's cold. I'm over-busy with work, and not getting anywhere near enough sleep and the combo is keeping me from enjoying the season, or even really caring - except that I don't like being so cold :)

Enough whining.  This is what I wore the past week.  I didn't feel like it was special, but looking back, I kind of like some of them (#2, 5 and 7).  Only #6 seems extremely frumpy to me from this point.

#1 the cream fisherman sweater is too short to be worn with my pants slung this low.
#2 Is my version of Angie's Thanksgiving outfit, and I liked it.  The wide-leg pants are new to me (and a larger size that I would like to need), but the better fit was much better than the pairs I had been wearing.
#3 is gray over teal snake-print jeans, with a chunky teal scarf.
#4 is a cranberry sweatshirt over black boot-cut jeans (burgundy boots and red/black/blue scarf)
#5 is a navy sweater with white jeans and black belt and boots.  
#6 is dark jeans with an oatmeal sweater and red scarf and shoes.  I'd like to think it didn't look as frumpy in person, but I'm probably fooling myself.
#7 is gray jeans, a raspberry sweater and black boots and belt.

Comments?  How do you combat the winters-not-even-started-yet-and-I'm-tired-of-it blues?  I feel like I need more heavy sweaters (The sweaters in #1, 2 and 5 are my two heavy sweaters - the others are medium weight and seem to require more than just a long-sleeved tee under them).


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WIW: Angie Formula Layers

I decided that Angies casual formula from today could easily do for the Bruce Springsteen Picture Perfect challenge too - after all, it starts with jeans and a tee, and Bruce is wearing jeans, a tee and an interesting belt.

So I went with dark gray jeans (black would have been better, now that I see the pics), a white tee, a denim shirt, and brown jacket and boots.  I didn't have any big scarves that worked color-wise - they're all muted, brownish shades and didn't contrast enough with the jacket. But I needed a scarf for warmth, so I decided to add my red scarf, as an ode to the album cover.

I'm not entirely pleased with this outfit, but not entirely displeased either.  What do you think?  


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WIW: Cheery Brights (update better shoes)

I knew that Santana today demanded my red skinny jeans, and probably with purple or deep blue on top.  But it wasn't until I looked at the thread this morning that I realized that what it really needed was some hectic pattern.

The perfect hectic pattern for today was in my probation bin.  But I thought it was worth digging out just for today - and I'm glad I did, because I actually like this look.

(looking at the photo, I realize the shoes are wrong - my burgundy boots would be better - I'll change before I go out tonight on a date).

What do you think?  To me, it's a hectic look for a hectic day, but it makes me feel happy to be in such bright cheery colors.

(Oh, and I decided to upstage my photo bomber by making my own faces...)

EDIT: I just took a break to take a quick shower and decided to hop outside for pics before the daylight is gone.  So here's the outfit as I'll wear it on our date tonight - with the burgundy boots.  Looking at the photo makes me think I'd better swipe on a hint of lipstick before departing.


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WIW: rainbow socks

Today for Pink Floyd, it seemed obvious to me to wear black, with a little gray and a bright rainbow of color somewhere as an accent.  So I wore black sweater and gray jeans.  

I originally thought that a bright belt might be perfect, but couldn't make it work.  So, after realizing that I was likely to spend all day at home in socks anyway, I decided to just wear bright socks and enjoy them.  It didn't work. It feels dreary and drab and a little depressing.  Could just be the day outside, (and my kids attitudes...) but the socks aren't enough cheer for me today.  

So now I've added boots.  They take away the flash of color, but add a little bit of sass and spunk that I was missing.  So now I'm pretty devoid of color, but my happiness level has risen a little.  Can't win them all, right?

Please make suggestions - I know this outfit isn't really so great, but I'm not sure how to improve it.  (And again,  it might just be the drab day and my bad attitude, not the outfit.  I don't know :) )


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