K/R Wide Leg jeans (and style lab)

Long time no post - somehow life got busy, and I became a lurker.... perhaps this post will delurk me somewhat?

I LOVE wide-leg jeans, but so far just on everyone else.  I've also been wanting some white jeans, but not really white, just white-ish...  So two months ago, I bought the Old Navy slim wide legs in a light wash.  They arrived this week, and I immediately disliked them.  They aren't truly a solid, they have a subtle stripe, they looked huge, and well, I didn't like them...

But then I opened the package, just to try them on to confirm my dislike, and became less sure.  They're definitely widening... but I think I like the color (though maybe a little lighter would be better?), and I think they fit properly (I sized up, because my waist is quite thick, and they're high-waisted).  

#1-10 Are few of the ways I thought of to try to style them.  I'm not sure that any of them work,  what do you think?  How do you suggest styling them?  Or should I hold out to try a different pair?  I can be patient.

#1 light blue floral, navy suede "jean" jacket
#2 dark blue big shirt - this doesn't seem JFE to me.
#3 orange shirt semi-tucked
#4 light weight woven blouse, tucked in. 
#5 with black sweater.  I liked this high contrast better than I expected to.
#6 column of color (cream knit top).  I'd probably add a high-contrast topper?
#7 sideways to show fit (and, uh, my round tummy)
#8-9 with red print woven top, trying out a light sweater over it?
#10 same light blue top as in #1, different topper

#11 is WIW today - a lazy Saturday, super-casual sweatshirt and jeans.


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More specs trying on - thoughts?

Got an order of specs from Warby Parker.  I don't think I'll have time to get an eye exam and get them filled before I leave on a long trip (next week), so I'll have to just catalog which (if any) I like and try after returning.

But I thought it a useful exercise anyway.

#1 - too small (but I do kind of like the light color - it's different)
#2 - also a bit small.  Color is too warm for me, I suspect
#3 - nice 
#4  - nice 
#5 - Are the lenses are too tall (deep?) for me?  

What are your thoughts?  Please tell me if any are brilliant - I'll be sure to write down the size and style so that I can order in March after I return from my trip.

(I did find another local store that carries specs, and might even find time to visit.  We'll see).


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K/R EF Harem pants

I'm finally in town (after two weeks traveling, and before traveling next week too), so got a chance to try on the EF harem pants with a variety of tops and shoes.

Unfortunately, several of the pictures cut off my shoes :(   I'm going to show you them anyway, hoping that you can see enough to judge and I don't have to retake too many of them :)

My questions:
To winterize them,  I'd wear them with tights and boots, like in #14.  Does that work?

Where do they work and not work?  I think they're working best with hi-low hems and drapey tops, and not well with tops that leave a vertical line across my middle.  Am I right?

And I know you can't really see the shoes in the pictures, but I'm not a great judge of shoe combos - they all seem fine to me.  Are there ones that clearly work better or worse?

Do you think these work with a wide-enough variety of tops to warrant keeping them?  

Do these set me in a good direction with my fashion?

My apologies for hair that got crazier and crazier in the wind and changing of tops....


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Tempted by EF Harem pants

I just noticed that the EF Harem pants are on super clearance for a price that I think I could swing.

But can my style handle them?  I live a casual life, that sometimes needs to be business casual.  I like the idea of arty drapey pieces, and they usually flatter me, but I honestly don't wear them that often.  (Probably because I don't really have much in that style).

What are your thoughts?  Should I try them?  


New Frames test?

I chipped my glasses a couple of weeks ago, and used it as an excuse to order a new pair with frames that I'd seen in an online ad and immediately liked.  

They arrived today, and I'm not convinced that they online place got the prescription right, so I'll be taking them an optical place tomorrow to ask for them tested, and get the fit adjusted slightly.

But I thought I'd ask your thoughts on the frames.  How do they look?  If I have to return them due to an incorrect prescription, I can certainly replace them with a different frame if I choose.

They are, in case it doesn't show well on the picture, deep red (almost match my burgundy hair), with a bright light blue inside that I tried to show in #2.
Comparison to my current (chipped) glasses in #3.


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K/R Mesh sweater

I tossed in this mesh sweater the other day with a jeans-to-try-on order from Old Navy.  None of the jeans work, but perhaps the sweater does?
It's peachy-pinky, and smaller than I expected (I expected it to fit more oversized than this).   But I think it probably fits well.

What are your thoughts on the fit, the color, and the item as a Spring wardrobe item?

(Pics are taken with a pink camisole underneath)


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I may never get dressed again...

It only took two years for you all to convince me to upgrade my lounge wear.  I finally caved in for these sweatpants..   I bought two pairs of the fleece sweats (white/gray snowflake and a dark gray) and a pair of the waffleknit (blue with a fair isle snowflake pattern).  I don't think I've ever worn something cozier.  I want to spend the rest of the winter in them. 


Return? light blue sweater

Just sanity checking before I return it (and pardon the lack of glasses - I'm used to my face having more color than this now.)

If I should keep this sweater - let me know :)  


K/R Sweaters from Gap, part 2

Got my sized-down versions of the sweaters from this thread.  What do you think?

#1 - #2 They were sold out of the v-neck in the light blue that originally caught my eye, so this one is a different style.  I still like the color (I think it's quite similar to the color of the other sweater).  I bought the tall, because I like that tunic length - and the extra long sleeves are also a "plus" for me (I'm likely to wear them scrunched up further - but left them down for this pic).  The shoulder fit is good, I think - but is the length swamping?  I'll likely wear is as shown (minus the just-unpacked wrinkles) - untucked or semi-tucked with bootcuts, boyfriends or skinnies.

#3 - A different size of the colorblock that I tried.  I still don't really think it works.  Do you agree?  It gives me pause, because it's the exact same sweater (same size too) as #1-#2, just a different colorway.  Which makes me think that I'm not seeing some inherent flaw in the way #1 fits.

#4 is the same sweater again - but a shorter size (L, rather than LTall).  It's a pale blush with pale tan (oatmeal? beige? heather?) colorblocking for the arms and back.  I think I like it - but is the color okay on me?

What are your thoughts on these?  Any worth keeping?  

ETA: Sweater from #1, untucked with skinnies, for abc :)


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K/R two sweaters from Gap

Two sweaters arrived today, and I need an opinion on them.
The first is a light blue - a color I've been trying to find for more than a year.
The second, I bought thinking that it might be a good 'statement' sweater.

Both are quite a big larger than I was expecting (I think my idea of sizing is still stuck on last year's size, not this year's roominess, so I tend to size up, when I shouldn't)

My question is: Are they nicely oversized, or swamping me?  A size down isn't available in the light blue, but is in the colorblock (which is the bigger of the two - and the light pink colorway in that one is interesting me too..)

I'm showing them about how I'll wear them (except, I hope, for the wrinkles from packing).  Do the proportions work at all?  Is it worth trying a size down in the colorblock, or should I go for something entirely different?

Another note - they'll probably shrink a big in the wash, right?


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